Welcome to my first Hunger Games! I would prefer only original characters, but I will use reused ones! You can submit up to six tributes. There will be interviews, and training scores.

Tribute Information










District: Name: Strengths: Weaknesses:
District 1 Female: Rye Leaf, 17 She is very fast and stealthy. She was the fastest in her school and the 3rd fastest in district 1. She is very good with a Scythe and kama as she grew up using them. She is a great climber despite not ever getting proper training.

She isnt the strongest tribute and prefers to keep to weapons wrather than dip to hand on hand combat. Her accuracy is nothing to sing and dance about and is rather terrible. She has never had the chance to swim so is unable to do so.

District 1 Male: Jasper Cypress He is fast, very fast. He isnt your typical strength career but is more fast and tactical. He is a great climber. He is very skilled with weapons such as an axe and spear. He is very intelligent an strategic, when he joins the careers he plans to be the strategist rather than the leader. He is a great climber of both trees and cliffs and could also keep pace with any chase he makes. He isnt the strongest career. He prefers strategy to brawn. He also is unable to swim, due to never wanting to learn. He prefers to use close range weapons due to his terrible accuracy. His worst weapon is a bow, and is closely followed by Throwing knives.
District 2 Female: Lily Smith, 13 Good hider isn't strong
District 2 Male: Rocky Weston, 18 Excellent Climber, Super Strong, And Great At Hand-To-Hand Combat. Can Not Swim Fast And Not A Good Hunter.
District 3 Female: Alice Williams, 13 Making technology, super fast Easily distracted
District 3 Male: Dexter Bolts, 14 Sleuth Being alone
District 4 Female: Brooke Ariana, 15 An Excellent Swimmer And Super Quick, And Is A Great Hider. She Doesn't Know A Lot About Plants, And She's Not A Good Climber.
District 4 Male: James Will, 16

Spear and Slingshot aim, camouflage, hiding

Scared of the dark, too trusting with allies
District 5 Female: Cassidy O'Hara, 15 Blowgun With Poison Darts, Smart, Fast, Good Climber And Hider. Swimming And Strength.
District 5 Male: Callam Delaney, 15 Running, Accuracy, Polearms and Tactics Trust Issues
District 6 Female: Vanessa Trails, 15 Fast, Climbing, Swimming, Making Friends. Strength, Heat, Small Spaces, Killing.
District 6 Male: Raven Emerald,16 Fast, strong, smart Blind in left eye
District 7 Female: Thalia Woods, 17 If someone angers her about her family, she will go insane and kill someone Her family dying
District 7 Male: Frasier Daniels, 17 Extremely Strong, Great Aim, Fast, Good Climber. Weakness: Swimming, Death, Small Spaces.
District 8 Female: Galina Kiltova, 15 Very clever, sly, and manipulative. She knows how to kill, but only uses that ability when in danger. Very clumsy, and not very agile
District 8 Male: Simeon Drew, 15 Agile, good reactions Weak body
District 9 Female: Veronica Moon, 15 Great Aim, Fast, Climbing, Hiding. Strength, Swimming, Gets Scared Easily.
District 10 Male: Brann Clatch, 16 Strength and good with all kind of swords. And he is very smart. Bad swimmer, scared of dark
District 11 Female: Asuka Onat, 16 Flexible, tactical mind Rushes to quick into battle, prefers negotiations by fighting over diplomacy
District 11 Male: Mondi Bakerman,18 Swimming and holding his breath Fighting, running, climbing,
District 12 Female: Candy Coalman, 14 Speed, Smart, Climbing, And Survival Skills She Is Really Weak And Can't Fight
District 12 Male:

Nick Lovizio, 12

Hiding and very fast Small
District 13 Female: Suki Sakura, 17 Courageous, long-distance weapons Her connection to her brother
District 13 Male: Haru Sakura, 15 Long range weapons His connection to his sister

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Rye Leaf 9
Jasper Cypress 10
Lily Smith 6
Rocky Weston 6
Alice Williams 7
Dexter Bolts 5
Brooke Ariana 8
James Will 9
Cassidy O'Hara 7
Callam Delaney 10
Vanessa Trails 9
Raven Emerald 11
Thalia Woods 8
Frasier Daniels 7
Galina Kiltova 6
Simeon Drew 5
Veronica Moon 6
Brann Clatch 10
Asuka Onat 9
Mondi Bakerman 4
Candy Coalman 6
Nick Lovizio 7
Suki Sakura 11
Haru Sakura 9

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