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  • I live in A place not so far away
  • My occupation is Sports and Computers
  • I am an Animal!!!!!!!!
  • AsherMizzou

    The Super Games

    March 24, 2013 by AsherMizzou

    So  I never finished some of my games because I was gone. But I  will tell you that I will try to be good with these.   Please join them.

    • There will be 90 tributes.(the reason I did this is because 100 is overated)
    • Only 6 tributes per person.
    • There will be no cussing.
    • You  can get into MILD arguments with other users.
    • You can spam as long as you have a tribute in these games.
    • I am only doing the games. I am good at reapings but because there are so many tributes I won't.
    • If you don't post advice your tribute will more likely die.
    • There is no sponsering.
    • Reservations last 5  days.
    • If I mess up on something, tell me in a kind way.
    • Don't get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.
    • I am not doing a tribute gallery in these because there are so many tributes. …

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  • AsherMizzou

    I'm Back!

    March 21, 2013 by AsherMizzou

    So i have been gone a LONG time. I haven't been here since september. Some of my games were never finished. I still have a lot of ideas but i will not make my own. I will let you guys use my ideas. i will constantly be coming up with ideas. i will post them here. if you use an idea of mine please comment which one you are using. when you use it i will cross it off and write your name next to it. I will be joining games though. anyways here are my ideas.

    Quarter Quell: Reaping the Dead- 2 girls and 2 boys will be reaped. when they get up there, there name will be entered in a new reaping ball how ever many times there name was in. the person who gets reaped in that will be killed on the spot in a weird capitol way.

    Mythological Games- The god…

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  • AsherMizzou

    I have finished the 124th and 123rd Hunger Games and this is my next ones. .Yes I know I have The First Sponsor Games and 125th Hunger Games - Mutts at Home but I have another great idea. OK here are the rules. No cussing, I hate that. 3 tributes per person. I would like it if the tribute was new. For the tributes post whatever you think is needed. No reservations. I will do the battles and the twisted games part. There will be 1 male and 1 female from each district. You need to be active. Thats about all so please join! :) Its going to be good.

    Name District Gender Age User
    Carson Faegan 1 Male 18 Cloveismywife
    Silk Houme 1 Female 18 IHeartHungerGames
    Arc Moore 2 Male 16 DearBear123
    Dannielle Anners 2 Female 15 Polinarose
    Max Seeber 3 Male 13 B…

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  • AsherMizzou

    I am currently writing the 125th hunger games. But while that is going on i will do this. These are a sponsor games. I got inspired by Dedejacob to do this. I will make the tributes and you will sponsor them. Give them notes, advice, gifts, etc. Everthing is Anonymous.

    District Name Age User
    1 Male Cory Siji 17 VDA1999
    1 Female Aelieta Sput 14 HKTLovesGlimmer
    2 Male Chase Delty 18 Clove is the best
    2 Female Freno Galio 18 ShimmeringFire
    3 Male Noah Luod 16 HKTLovesGlimmer
    3 Female Ally Yure 13 Annamisasa
    4 Male Wave Doffle 17 Dedejacob
    4 Female Yvonne Saing 15 Dedejacob
    5 Male Owen Ertok 14 ColourfulRain
    5 Female Anna Wilsen 17 Annamisasa
    6 Male Brycen Sefry 12 Capitol Citizen
    6 Female Emma Astuer 18 HKTLovesGlimmer
    7 Male Liam Ghort 15 HKTLovesGlimmer

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  • AsherMizzou

    These are the 125th hunger games. Because the last two did so well I am making the next in the series. Most of the rules are the same. For the tributes post whatever you think is needed. I will be doing reapings, training scores, and the games. Maximum of 7 tributes. I am not doing lunaiis. Everyone will get $500 to start with. They will tell me the item they want to send and I will think of a price. The twists are: There are twice the number of tributes and they will fight at the reaping against mutts. Make sure you post advice.











    Charlotte Dunfrey


    knife, bow and arrow

    red hair, purple eyes, regular skin

    aim, fast, smart

    fires, close combat






    axe and mmachete …

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