I have finished the 124th and 123rd Hunger Games and this is my next ones. .Yes I know I have The First Sponsor Games and 125th Hunger Games - Mutts at Home but I have another great idea. OK here are the rules. No cussing, I hate that. 3 tributes per person. I would like it if the tribute was new. For the tributes post whatever you think is needed. No reservations. I will do the battles and the twisted games part. There will be 1 male and 1 female from each district. You need to be active. Thats about all so please join! :) Its going to be good.

Name District Gender Age User
Carson Faegan 1 Male 18 Cloveismywife
Silk Houme 1 Female 18 IHeartHungerGames
Arc Moore 2 Male 16 DearBear123
Dannielle Anners 2 Female 15 Polinarose
Max Seeber 3 Male 13 Baileymurphy76
Gabi Veal 3 Female 17 Baileymurphy76
Flint Hoffman 4 Male 16 Grimreaper8080
Abby Mae Finn 4 Female 14 District12-Tributes
Perry Reid 5 Male 12 Cloveismywife
Allison Wood 5 Female 15 Dedejacob
Atlas Dunnin 6 Male 17 Tothedoom
Luna Moon 6 Female 13 AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
Bailey Murphy 7 Male 14 Baileymurphy76
Zanna Vinland 7 Female 15 District12-Tributes
Logan Waterson 8 Male 18 IHeartHungerGames
Carla Kelso 8 Female 16 Cloveismywife
Patrick Sweden 9 Male 12 VDA1999
Cecelia Lewis 9 Female 12 Cloveygal
Robin Slide 10 Male 18 VDA1999
Marriah Rebeccah 10 Female 18 VDA1999
Court Morgan 11 Male 17 District12-Tributes
Narezza Wood 11 Female 16 Grimreaper8080
Bing Ying 12 Male 18 Masterire
Jasmine Ferry 12 Female 16 Jsm13athome

The 1 on 1 Battles

Bing Ying (12M) vs. Carson Faegan (1M)

The countdown begins. 10...9...8... Bing Ying looks ready to fight against a career. 3...2...1... GONG! Carson jumps off his platform and grabs an axe. He charges at Bing. Bing sidesteps then gets a sword. He lunges forward and stabs Carson in the leg. It doesn't phase Carson at all. He keeps running and stabs Bing in the stomach. Bing falls down, and he tries to stop his intestines from falling out by holding his stomach. Bing keeps hobbling when he finds a tree. Carson chases him and gets a spear on the ground. He throws the spear. It lands right in Bing's mouth. BOOM! Bing falls from the tree and blood comes pouring. Carson holds his hands up in victory!

Jasmine Ferry (D12F) vs. Silk Houme (D1F)

The tube rises up with Jasmine on it. The female voice begins. 10...9...8...7...6... Silk looks around and sees a spear. She will fight for that. 2...1...GONG! Jasmine runs off and gets an axe. Silk gets the spear and throws it at Jasmine. It lands in Jasmine's cheek. Jasmine pulls it out and runs. She tears off part of her shirt to stop the blood from falling. It gets soaked quickly. Jasmine heads straight for Silk and with an axe in her hand slices Silk's arm off. The spear is in Silk's other arm. Silk keeps on chasing and stabs Jasmine in the stomach. Jasmine makes one last move and throws tthe axe. It lodges in Silk's skull. BOOM! Jasmine manages to smile. She hopes she wil be ready for the next round.

Arc Moore (D2M) vs. Court Morgan (D11M)

Arc Moore is closing his eyes hoping he will win. The female robotic voice begins. 10...9...8... Court is staring at the axe. It is near the middle. 4...3...2...1... GONG! Arc runs and crabs a machete. He runs to Court who has an axe. Arc slices but it misses. Court swings his axe and cuts off Arc's left arm. The blood is spewing out. arc is running away with his machete. He finds a tree and hides. Court can't find him. Court goes in the forest. Right when Court passes Arc's tree Arc comes out and slices Court's head off. BOOM! Arc jumps up and down. He won!

1 on 1 Deaths

Name Killer
Bing Ying Carson Faegan
Silk Houme Jasmine Ferry
Court Morgan Arc Moore

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