These are my first working games, so sorry if they might suck. For the tributes post whatever you think is needed. I will not do lunaiis in these games. I will be doing reapings training scores and the games. Hope you join! Maximum of 4 tributes. There is one twist. Just to make sure there will only be one district 12 tribute so they dont make a rebellion. Each person will get $500 for their tribute.You get $50 per kill. Everyone knows the items so i won't put that up. If you want to send some thing tell me what it is and I will think of a price. Everytime you comment an item say how much money you have left. I will not be cussing so please don't cuss in the comments. Some tributes death won't be mentioned but it happened . Don't get mad at me if your tribute dies. Thank you in advance!

Tribute Name Gender Age Weapon Appearence Strength Fear/weakness

D1 Philomena




15 Spear blonde hair, blue eyes, peach skin Meanness, fierce making friends The Hunger Games Girl
D1 Pheonix Junder



18 Anything Blonde hair, cyan eyes, muscular strong and fast not the smartest FinnickIsThe AwesomeOne
D2 Tarelia Anderson



17 Bow and arrows and knifes Blonde hair,blue eyes, thin Can run very fast Thinks all boys are in love with her Robin040197
D2 Navy Wonders



16 spear ,axe, sword stocky, 62, green eyes, perfect teeth, short black styled hair muscular, fast, smart

nose bleeds,

falls for girls


D3 Alice Williams



16 coil blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin making technology

easily distracted Zakel

D3 Dexter Bolts



14 Wire in electric trap, taser, stun gun Black hair, brown eyes, ashen skin sleuth

being alone


D4 Kayetta Grettie



12 Trident and nets, throwingknives blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin hiding, swimming, climbing, plants, healing, hunting, escaping and lying

doesnt like killing

people HNKHungerGames

D4 Thomas Quince



15 Trident and net Black hair, short, brown eyes spear afraid of lightning and doesn't like insects Robin040197
D5 Kelsey Parker



16 axe, sword Blonde hair blue eyes, thin strength and hand to hand combat slow and can't sneak around well Asfbn

D5 Ezekiel Anderson



17 bow and arrows and spear Blonde hair, green eyes, tall, tan fast runner and resourceful bad at hand to hand combat and afraid of the dark Asfbn
D6 Marleen Danford



16 wire black hair, black eyes, freckles, pale skin working with wires, swimming

strength,climbing,hand to hand combat

The Hunger

Games Girl

D6 Amazon Parfum






brown shaggy hair, orange eyes, skinny camoflauge plant identification ~PoundtheAlarm~
D7 Nina Maxwell



14 bow and arrow blonde hair, one green eye, one purple eye running, aim

losing a friend, lizards and snakes


D7 Pamline Falcone



17 Axe and Mace brown hair, blue eyes tall, pale strong and great tree climber

isnt the fastest and swimming FinnickIsThe AwesomeOne

D8 Lyn Alexander



13 blowgun blonde hair with flowers, freckles, peach skin, blue eyes hiding, climbing, swimming

not strong, careers


D8 Palmer Cershaw



18 bare hands axe and sword very tall, very pale, rosy cheeks buzzcut with brownish stubble, green to blue eyes tall which makes people fear him, can break a nose or cheek easily with one punch, knows how to make an axe using tree or bark

considered creepy because he is huge, loves his mom alot, socially akward


D9 Clarabelle Fruitose



14 Throwing knives, throwing axe, bow and arrows reddish curly hair, pale skin, green eyes lying, hiding, plants, healing, swimming, climbing and being hungry

Deathly afraid of

spiders and snakes


D9 Blake Flare



18 sword, bow and arrow tan, dark brown eyes, light brown hair strength, speed, hiding

swimming, lazy when in 1 spot for a while

Clove the best

D10 Myristal Haze



14 halberd blonde hair, brown eyes, tan, thin speed and quickness



D10 Gunner Pann



15 sword or knife 511, muscular but kind of small,short black messy hair, hazel eyes, regular skin can camoflauge, never gives up, strong for his size, smart, fast

is crazy and will kill d1 male no matter what


D11 Lauren Hill



12 knives and spears Long brown hair, green eyes tan skin

plant identification,climbing and camoflauge

Swimming and hand to hand combat Rueforever
D11 Jaxon Keller



17 knife, sword, spear blue eyes, regular skin, black hair swept to side strong has fighting experience, friendly

shy, doesn't have the best aim, sleeps alot


D12 Heather Breeze



15 knife milk chocolate brown hair,pale skin, green eyes, tall strong and smart poisonous berries, not fast Flowers10


District 1 Pheonix Junder's POV:

I woke and immedietly knew it was reaping day. I knew I was going to volunteer. Doesn't everyone in the Career districts? I got dressed, ate breakfeast, and headed to the town center. I knew anyone in district 1 could win but i really thought I could do alot better than anyone else. I got my blood taken and went to the section of 12-18 boys. Our escort, Leedy, came on the stage. She started talking about the Hunger Games and how great it was that she was the escort. Finally she stared to draw the names out. " As usual ladies first!" She picked out a name that I didn't hear. A girl immedietly said " I volunteer!" She confidentally walked up to the stage. " Now what is your name?" the escort asked. "Philomena Goldburg! Our female tribute from district 1!" Oh no. I knew that girl. She was the meanest, most competetive girl in district 1. I was seriously considering not volunteering. And I didn't have because The next thing I knew Leedy was saying, " Pheonix Junder our male tribute from district 1!" And I knew that nobody would volunteer. The next thing I know we are shaking hands and she whisperes to me, " You are going down." We headed into the train.

District 2 Tarelia Anderson's POV:

I knew I could sleep in. Everybody in district 2 does. But I wanted to be ready and awake when I volunteered. There were always alot of volunteers. And anyway I could get get all the boys to protect me and kill themselves. It would be that easy to win. I practiced and practiced until it was time to go to the town center. I got my finger pricked and went to the girls section marked 12-18. Our escort, David, was talking about the usual stuff whhich was really boring. Then he picked out a paper from the girls bowl and before he read it about 10 girls shouted out "I volunteer!" But I knew I was the first one. Before David could choose I walked onto the stage. I grabbed the microphone and screamed into it, " Tarelia Anderson!" David looked a little shaken but continued on with the boys. And again before het could read the name 10 boys shouted, " I volunteer!" David chose one that was okay looking. Then asked him what his name was. " Navy Wonders, our boy tribute from district 2!" We shook hands and went into the train.

District 3 Dexter Bolts' POV:

I woke up to the sound of my brother screaming. He was just 12 and I knew he couldn't be reaped. We got dressed and ate breakfast. We started a conversation that we knew nobody in our family couldn't afford anyone to be reaped. We drove to the town center. I got my blood taken and went to the 12-18 year old boys section with my brother. Our escort looked crazy as usual. She started talking about the rules of The Hunger Games and stuff. She put her hand in the girls bowl and read " Alice Williams, our girl tribute from district 3!" She was a kind girl from school. " Next is the boys!" She said. She put her hand in the bowl and read " Dexter Bolts, Our male tribute from 3!" I slowly walked up to the stage. She said our names one more time. We shook hands and got onto the train. The last thing I saw before getting on the train was my brother and parents weeping.

District 4 Kayetta Grettie's POV:

When I'm 18 I know I'm going to volunteer. The reapings in district 4 are usually fun to watch because a big wave comes every reaping and soaks our escort. We ate breakfast and went to the stage at the beach. I got my finger pricked like always and headed to my section. Our escort started talking about the usual boring stuff. The rules, the tessarae which no one took and stuff like that. Somebody must have shouted at her to get the reapings started because the next thing I know she is pulling a name out of the girls bowl. " Kayetta Grettie!" No! It couldn't be! Not yet! I was waiting for a volunteer before I realized nobody would because I told everybody I would volunteer sometime. I forgot to mention that I would volunteer when I was 18. So I slowly walked up to the stage. Then a huge wave soaked me and the escort. She looked really mad but she pulled a name out of the boys bowl and read, " Thomas Quince, our boy from district 4!" Me and Thomas shook hands and went on the train. The whole time I was thinking how I would ever win.

District 5 Ezekiel Anderson's POV:

I knew I was going to volunteer. I needed to do it for my 8 year old sister. She can't know what its like to lose someone close to her. I went down to the kitchen to eat breakfast.We went to the town center for the reapings. I got my finger pricked and headed to my section. The escort looked like he didn't want to waste time so he went straight to the reapings." It is time for the female tribute for district 5." He went to the girls bowl and picked one up from the bottom. " Kelsey Parker!" I remember that name from school. She was kind of a strong girl. " Time for the boys!" the escort said. He drew out one and I immedietly said" I volunteer!" I walked up to the stage. I saw my sister crying like a maniac. Now I was starting to regret doing this. But I had to live in Victor's Village with my family. " What's your name?"he asked me. " Ezekiel Anderson!" i replied. " Ezekiel Anderson, our male tribute from district 5!" Kelsey and I shook hands. I headed into the train. We started off to the Capitol.

District 6 Marleen Danford's POV:

I woke up when I heard my brother crying in his bedroom. There were two things he could've been crying about. Either he was crying about reaping day or he was crying because our grandparents died a week before. I went to his room to calm him down. We went down to eat breakfast and head to the town center. When we got there me and my brother got our blood taken and split up. I was going to volunteer. We needed a better life than we have right now. I had to win. Our escort came onto the stage and explained the rules of this year's hunger games. " Ladies first." she said. Before she could pull the slip out I screamed, " I volunteer!" " Wow. We have a volunteer for district 6." the escort said. I walked up to the stage and introduced my self. My brother was shocked. " Now time for the male tribute for district 6!" the escort said while she was picking a name out of the boys bowl. " Amazon Parfum!" Oh no! He was the most unpredictable guy at school. He looked a little nervous but walked up. The escort said our names again. We shook hands and went onto the train.

District 7 Pamline Falcone's POV:

I didn't want to get reaped. No one in district 7 did. But I knew if I did I would whip everyone. Iv'e got the strength and the skills. I woke up my parents and told them to get ready. They did just that. And I knew that I would have no allies. I went to the town center for the reapings. I got my finger pricked and went to my section. The escort talked about the boring things he usually does. Then he went on with the reapings. For some reason he started with the boys.He put his hand in the bowl and pulled out a slip. " Pamline Falcone!" Wow! I know I can win anyway. I walked up to the stage. Then the escort started talking about my accomplishments in life. After that he wanted to get on with the girls. He stuck his hand in the bowl and drew out a slip. " Nina Maxwell!" She looked nervous and frail. The escort started saying alot about her and made Nina and I shake hands. A family was crying hysterically. Probably Nina's. We got onto the train and headed to the Capitol to meet the other tributes.

District 8 Lyn Alexander's POV:

I woke up really early for some reason. Then I remembered it was reaping day. It would be a bad experience for my 12 year old sister. It was last year for me when I was 12. But she couldn't get reaped. Could she? Anyway we got dressed and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. When we were done we headed to the town square. I got my finger pricked and headed to my section with my sister. The escort was explaining the rules of this year's hunger games. My sister was sobbing in the middle of it. Then the escort got right to the reapings. It was boys first apparently." Palmer Cershaw!" Oh no. Seriously. He was the creepiest, strongest kid in the 12th grade. And he loved his mom so much it wasnt even funny. Then it was time for the girls. He pulled a slip out and read " Lily Alexander!" My sister was shocked. " I volunteer!" I screamed. I walked up nervously. My sister was flailing. Me and Palmer shook hands and went on the train.

District 9 Blake Flare's POV:

I woke up really early but stayed in my bed. I was thinking about who our tributes for the hunger games would be this year. We haven't had a victor in ages. Anyway after two hours of lying in my bed, I got up dressed myself. I walked straight out the door for the reapings. In the line to get my blood taken took forever. Finally I got up to the front. I got my finger pricked and went to my marked section with some other boys. Our escort walked onto the stage and was talking about the rules. He stuck his hand in the bowl and read, " Clarabelle Fruitose!" She looked very shy. If I got reaped she would be an easy kill. The next part was a blur. He pulled a slip out and read it, "Blake Flare!" I didn't realize I had been reaped until the kid next to me told me. I walked up to the stage with a blank stare. I didn't want people in other districts to think I was a weak tribute in the games. I finally got up there. The escort said our names again. Clarabelle and I shook hands and got in the train to get to the Capitol.

District 10 Myristal Haze's POV:

I woke up early. Then I remembered. I forgot to turn off my alarm clock! It was reaping day and I did not want to get reaped. I knew my chances of getting reaped were very slim but I was still extra cautious. I got dressed and ate breakfast. I was going to be 15 in a couple of days. I was so happy I could be one slip down from getting reaped. I headed to the town center for the reapings. I got my blood taken and went to the 12-18 girls section. Our escort was really cheery for some reason. He started talking about evrything. The rules, district 13 being destroyed...! He put his hand in the bowl and put the slip in his mouth...? Then he pulled out a hammer and cracked open the bowl so that all the slips fell out. He put the slip that was in his mouth in the pile. He grabbed a slip and read, "Myristal Haze!" No! Was this a trick?! I walked up to the stage nervously. He patted my back. He went over to the boys bowl and before he even pulled a slip out, a boy maybe a year older than me shouted out, "I volunteer!" Wow! He said his name to the escort. "Gunner Pann!" I recognized that name. His brothers had been in previous games. No wonder he is mad. All his brothers have been killed. Anyway, the escort made us shake hands and get on the train.

District 11 Jaxon Keller's POV:

Ahhhhhh! The district 2 male is about to slice me! I hide behind a rock. The district 2 male sniffs me out. He grabs me bye the collar and stabs a knife through my eye... AHHH! I woke up and realized it was all a dream. It wasn't very likely I would get reaped. I got dressed and went to my chores for the day: weeding the garden. No! My least favorite chore! Luckily it would end early because today was reaping day. I headed over to the town center after I was done. I got my finger pricked and went to my section. The escort started talking about nothing for an hour... blah...blah...blah. Finally he stuck his hand in the girls bowl and read," Lauren Hill!" A tiny, adorable 12 year old walked up to the stage. The whole crow said, "Awww..." because she was so adorable. The escort put his hand in the boys bowl and pulled a slip out." Jaxon Keller!" No, this couldn't be happening. I walked up to the stage. Lauren had this evil grinand was staring at me with it. We shook hands and went on the train, for the Capitol to meet the other tributes.

District 12 Heather Breeze's POV:

Ring! Ring! Ring! I slapped the snooze button on my alarm clock. I got dressed and ate breakfast with my family. I did not want to get reaped. For some reason I was even more nervous this year because there will only be one tribute from district 12. I know that I have a less likely chance of getting reaped when boys and girls are put together, but there will be no one to ally with if there is one tribute. Anyway I headed over to the town center. Everyday when I picked berries there I was extra cautious. I saw a replay of the 74th hunger games and got freaked out by the nightlock berries. So that's why I'm extra cautious. I got my finger pricked and went to the girls section. Our dumb escort came on the stage and she started talking about rubber duckies for no reason. Then a random peacekeeper shoved her off the stage and did the reapings himself. He pulled a name out of the bowl and read,"Heather Breeze, our only tribute from 12 and its a female!" Everyonewas shouting encouragement at me. I was the only tribute. I would probably lose but I had to try. I walked up to the stage. There was nobody to shake hands with so I just got on the train.

Name Gender/District Training Score
Philomena Goldburg

Female D1

Pheonix Junder Male D1 9
Tarelia Anderson Female D2 8
Navy Wonders Male D2 10
Alice Williams Female D3 6
Dexter Bolts Male D3 7
Kayetta Grettie Female D4 7
Thomas Quince Male D4 9
Kelsey Parker Female D5 7
Ezekiel Anderson Male D5 7
Marleen Danford Female D6 6
Amazon Parfum Male D6 8
Nina Maxwell Female D7 6
Pamline Falcone Male D7 8
Lyn Alexander Female D8 6
Palmer Cershaw Male D8 7
Clarabelle Fruitose Female D9 6
Blake Flare Male D9 6
Myristal Haze Female D10 6
Gunner Pann Male D10 8
Lauren Hill Female D11 4
Jaxon Keller Male D11 7
Heather Breeze Female D12 6

Arena for the 100th Hunger Games

The arena has the cornucopia in the middle. Forest on the top right, Rainforest on the top left, an island on the bottom left, And snowy mountains on the bottom right.

​The 123rd Annual Hunger Games Begin!

Day 1

---- Bloodbath

Palmer Cershaw's D8M POV:

60...59...58... I knew I had to win this for my mom. If I didn't... well things would be bad. 34...33...32... That female robotic voice was so annoying. I almost jumped off my pad but didn't because I didn't want to be blown up. 10..9...8...7

Navy Wonders' D2M POV:

6...5...4... I already knew I was going to be with the careers. My goal for the bloodbath was to kill 3 tributes or more. 2...1... GONG!

Gunner Pann's D10M POV:

I ran off my plate and grabbed a sword. Thomas (4) threw a trdent at me but I dodged. I ran straight for Pheonix (1). I sliced off his foot and he fell down in pain. I was about to stab his heart when I felt my arm stabbed. Philomena (1) pulled her knife out of my arm and sliced up my face. She dug into my eyes. BOOM!

Philomena Goldburg's D1F POV:

I just killed Gunner (10). All around me I saw dead tributes. I walked over to Kayetta (4) to help her. I stabbed Clarabelle (9) in the chest. BOOM! Just then I saw Thomas getting tortured by Pamline and Palmer. I ran over to help him but I was to late. BOOM!

Marleen Danford's D6F POV:

No! I just saw Tarelia (2) stab Amazon (6) in the leg. I went over to help him but when I turned around to look out for him I felt a sharp pain in my neck. It was Amazon! BOOM!

Heather Breeze's D12F POV:

I just heard the trumpet of the end of the blood bath. I ran away to a forest.


23: Gunner Pann Stabbed in eyes by Philomena

22: Clarabelle Fruitose Stabbed in chest by Philomena

21: Thomas Quince Sliced head by Pamline

20: Marleen Danford Cut neck by Amazon

19: Myristal Haze Hit with taser by Dexter

18: Jaxon Keller Stabbed in face by Navy

17: Lyn Alexander Hit with knive in eye by Tarelia


Day 1

Nina Maxwell's D7F POV:

I ran around trying to find out where I was. It was a huge snowy mountain. I saw something moving from a distance. I ran over to it and realized it was a hurt tribute. This was the Hunger Games. I grabbed my knife and dug into his throat. BOOM! I realized it was Ezekiel (5). I fled as quickly as I could and climbed up a tree to spend the night.

Lauren Hill's D11F POV:

All I had was a dagger and a bottle of water. I ran into a rainforest and saw a squirrell. I ran over to it and stabbed the dagger through its eye. I didn't know if it was poisoned so I left it there to see if other tributes would eat it. I saw a tiny cave and crawled into it. All I needed was a blanket and I would be set for the night.

Alice Williams' D3F POV:

Me and Dexter (3) had formed an alliance. I ran away into the forest during the bloodbath while he killed tributes and got supplies. We ended up with a can of soup, a blanket, a spile, and some fruit. We did have a trident but Dexter used that to kill a tribute in the bloodbath. We stumbled upon Palmer (8). He immedietly asked for an alliance and we accepted. We kept walking until we heard the third cannon of the day.

Kelsey Parker's D5F POV:

I was walking with Blake (9) and Heather (12) in a tiny forest we kept on walking until we found some water. It was surrounding an island. Heather got in and tried to swim to the island. I saw a fin stick up out of the water. At first I thought it was a dolphin but that would never be in a hunger games. I realized it was a shark. It was headed straight for Heather! She finally noticed it and tried to swim away. BOOM! She was swallowed whole by the shark. It was the second tribute I saw die after I saw Blake kill Philomena (1)


16: Ezekiel Anderson cut throat with knive by Nina

15: Philomena G​oldburg got stabbed in chest with sword by Blake

14: Tarelia Anderson clawed by tiger mutt

13: Heather Breeze swallowed by shark mutt

The Capitol wants even more blood. There will be a feast later on day 2.

Day 2

Palmer Cershaw D8M POV:

I had made an alliance with district 3. I was much bigger than them so I needed to kill them. We coudn't be allies forever. We were walking along in the forest when I made my move. I slowly pulled out my dagger. As quickly as I could, as I stabbed it in Alice's (3) skull. BOOM! I turned around to get Dexter but he had a taser gun in his hand! He never told eithher of us about that. I tried to get away. The last thing I saw was Dexter's smile. BOOM!

Amazon Parfum D6M POV:

I was walking along the side of the water trying to figgure out a way to get to the island. I didn't want to swim because I saw a tribute swallowed by a shark. I decided the best thing to do was not swim period. So I was walking around looking for a tribute when I saw Pamline (7)..He was a strong competitor. I grabbed my sword and ran over to him to stab him in the back. BOOM!

Kayetta Grettie D4F POV:

The careers were doing pretty good. Pheonix (1) had no right foot so that was pretty bad.. And we had lost two of them. I was the only girl. We decided to split up. We started to walk away when Navy (2) stabbed Pheonix (1) in the neck. BOOM! I attacked Navy (10). BOOM! I was the last career standing

The Feast

Nina Maxwell D7F POV:

I just heard 5 cannons. " We are going to have a feast today. All of you need something. If you do not go we will send mutts after you. Goodbye and Happy Hunger Games!" Well I knew what I was going to do. I ran to the cornucopia. I grabbed an axe and sliced Kelsey (5) head off. BOOM! I grabbed my bag and ran away. I heard another cannon. BOOM!

Amazon Parfum D6M POV:

I decided to kill. I stabbed Blake (9) in the chest. BOOM! Then I saw Dexter (3) stab Kayetta (4). BOOM! We ran at each other The last thing I saw as his axe entering me and my sword entering him. BOOM! BOOM!


12: Alice Williams stabbed in skull by Palmer

11. Palmer Cershaw shocked with taser by Dexter

10: Pamline Falcone stabbed in back by Amazon

9: Pheonix Junder stabbed in neck by Navy

8: Navy Wonders stabbed by Kayetta

7: Kelsey Parker sliced head by Nina

6: Lauren Hill eaten by mutts

5: Blake Flare stabbed in chest by Amazon

4: Kayetta Grettie stabbed by Dexter

2: Amazon Parfum axe in skull by Dexter

2: Dexter Bolts sword in chest by Amazon

VICTOR: Nina Maxwell

Nina Maxwell the D7F has won the 123rd hunger games! Congratulation DedeJacob for making the victorious tribute!

Hope you all liked these.

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