I thought my 123rd Hunger Games went pretty good so I am making the next games in the series. All the rules are the same. For the tributes post whatever you think is needed. I will be doing reapings, training scores and the games. Maximum of 3 tributes. I am not doing lunaiis. After the success on my laast games there are two district 12 tributes. Each person get $500 per tribute. You gey $50 per kill. If you want to send an item tell me and i will think of a price. When you want an item say how much money you have. I will not be cussing so please do not cuss. Don't get mad at me if your tribute dies. Some tributes death won't be mentioned but it happened. Thank you in advance! Hope you join!

Name and User District/Gender Age/Appearence Weapon Strength Weakness

Brian Anderson

Brocky292 DEAD

1 Male 14, short blonde hair, blue eyes, tan spear, bow and arrow swimming, running firemaking, knot tying

Aria Jones

Flowers101 DEAD

1 Female 16, brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, tall spear strong, speed intelligence

Liir Fluor


2 Male 12, blue eyes, tall, blue hair trident, sword swimming, strength swimming

Sventlana Snow

Kitkat714 DEAD

2 Female 14, glowing white hair, midnight blue eyes, peachy skin, pink lips sword, knives plant identification, running swimming

Ricky Dean

Mrweare121 DEAD

3 Male 18, tall, silver hair, white skin, white shirt explosives, knives running, making plans not good with most weapons
Tiffany Gomez Mrweare121 DEAD 3 Female 13, small, red hair, glasses, white dress sword, landmines running, plant identification afraid of snakes and spider

Wes Quince Robin040197 DEAD

4 Male 16, twin, black hair, brown eyes trident and net, throwing knives hiding, strong, fast swimming, afraid of spiders

Jasmine Cornell

Asfbn DEAD

4 Female

15, tall, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin

bow and arrow, spear swimming, sneaky, plant identification running, dark, hurting animals

Wilbur Oston

SuperTomato DEAD

5 Male 16, pale, blue eyes, blonde hair, thin sword hunting, plant identification fighting

Tennaya Aqua

Clove the best DEAD

5 Female 15, light brown hair, baby blue eyes, tan skin, muscular frame blowgun fighting, swimming trust, making friends
Brann Clatch Robin040197 DEAD 6 Male 16, brown hair, brown eyes, muscular, tall swords strength, smart swimming, scared of dark

Rodney Malaney

Aquastar4infinity DEAD

6 Female 13, brownish blondish hair, green eyes, pale katana and scythe swimming, running, singing, coordination

numbers, thunderstorms,


Pillani Violo



7 Male 13, black hair, brown eyes, pointy ears, small scythe and sickle fast, climbing swimming

Thalia Underwoods


7 Female 16, slick bklack hair, olive skin, dark hazel eyes throwing axes if someone makes fun of her family she kills them her family

Anthony Jacobs

Ianthcny DEAD

8 Male 12, short, black hair, glasses, browneyes, tan throwing knives hiding,fast, making things swimming,
Archane Webb Zakel DEAD 8 Female 15, red hair, pale skin, hazel eyes blowgun weaving, sowing trusting, making allies

Kevin Quince

Robin040197 DEAD

9 Male 12, long black hair blue eyes trident and net, yin yang sword swimming, running claustropobic

Dimitrian Rye


9 Female 13, brown hair tan skin blue eyes axe, sai running, climbing trusting, emotion


Michael Iron DEAD

10 Male 15, thick light brown hair, regular skin, green eyes, short spear and knife light, running, can go without food for a while, good tree climber, plant identification strength, breathing underwater
Brie Pelt Daveforeva DEAD 10 Female 14, strawberry blonde hair, crystal blue eyes axe, throwing axe climbing, running swimming, blood, loyalty
Corian Juntori SuperTomato DEAD 11 Male 17, native american, long black hair, brown eyes, athletic spear, bow and arrow knows how to survive intelligence

Jone DePaul



11 Female 18, brown hair, hazel eyes, tall


bow and arrow

speed, hand to hand swimming

Abraham Abelthon

SuperTomato DEAD

12 Male 14, short, thin, blonde hair traps, dagger making traps, observant fighting
Katrina Edenor ShimmeringFire DEAD 12 Female 17, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, thin, regular skin knives go without food for a while faint at sight of blood

The Arena of the 124th Hunger Games

101 arena

The Arena

The cornucopia is the yellow dot in the middle. The blue is water. light green is grass. Gray is dirt and caves. Dark green is forest


District 1 Brian Anderson's POV:

I wake up to the sound of the deadly alarm clock. Whenever it rings it throws spikes out of it. I got out of bed for breakfast. It was my favorite. Chocolate syrup over caramel waffles. The chocolate syrup ran down my chin evrytime I took a bite. I got dressed and headed out the door to our car. We drove to the town center. Our escort came up onto the stage. " Hello District 1 my favorite district of all!" Nobody answered her. " Let's get on with the reapings then, shall we?" She put her hand in the girl's bowl and immedietly someone volunteered. " Aria Jones, our courageous female tribute from district 1!" She put her hand in the boys bowl when I shouted " I volunteer!" She pointed at me and I walked up. " Brian Anderson our male trribute from district 1! Lets give a hand to our amazing tributes this year!" We shook hands and went to the train

District 2 Sventlana Snow's POV:

I was going to volunteer again. Every single time since I was 12 I had volunteered but she had always chose someone else. I'm 14 and I know I can still win. I got dressed after taking a shower. I went downstairs for breakfast. I told my parents I was going to volunteer and they said to go for it. When we finished we went out the door and got in the car. It took us about 15 minutes to get to the town center. I got my finger pricked and went to my section. The escort puut her hand in the girls bowl and I along with alot of other girls shouted, "I volunteer!" She was looking at me. Its about time!, I secretly thought to myself. " Give it up for Sventlana Snow our female tribute from 2! Next she put her hand in the boys bowl and before she could read the name a billion boys shouted out that they volunteer. She chose one in the middle that looked like he was around 12. He told her his name. "Liir Fluor!" He looked very deadly and dangerous to me. I would stay out of his way. We were forced to shake hands then we went on the train.

District 3 Rickey Dean's POV:

I have been making mutts in the last few gameswith no one finding out. Last year there was a girl from 12 who was swallowed by my shark mutt. I never thought I would ever be found out. But yesterday some Peacekeepers barged in our house and told me that to repay them with messing with there games that I would be forced to be in the next Hunger Games. I am 18 and very smart so I knew I could probably win this. I am supposed to act all suprised when they "accidently" pull out my name. I go down stairs without a shirt on and eat breakfast. It was eggs n' bacon, a popular breakfast at her old resturaunt. I finished and got dressed. We got into our car and drove to the town center. I got my blood taken and went to the 18 year old boys section.Or escort come up onto the stage and starts explaining all the rules and stuff. He puts his hand in the girls bowl and reads, "Tiffany Gomez, our very own District 3 female!" He then puts his hand in the boys bowl and pulls it out. " Rickey Dean!" I walk up with a bored look on my face. The escort whispers to me, " You were supposed to act suprised!" " I tried!" I whisper back. He gets a mad look on his face but continues on. Me and Tiffany shake hands and go for the Capitol.

District 4 Jasmine Cornell's POV:

I woke up to the scent of a buffet seaweed style. No way! It was my favorite food of all time. I immedietly got up and acted like a pig stuffing myself. It was reaping day. I was going to volunteer. Everyone in District 4 does so I had to be awake and ready if i wanted to be picked. I finished breakfast and headed out the door. We got in our car and drovve to the beach. I was hoping It would be as fun as all the other years where the escort got drenched. She started talking about our tributes last year. Thomas didnt do well. But Kayetta did pretty good, but not good enough. The escort put her hand in the bowl and read it. I shouted out that i volunteered and walked up to the stage. Our escort put her hand in the boys bowl. "Wes Quince!" Holy! It was Thomas's twin brother! I was hoping I didnt have to kill him. We shook hands and went on the train.

District 5 Wilbur Oston's POV:

I woke up. I had the weirdest dream last night. There was an eye. The eye blinked. I wake up. I hear my sister crying and go to her room. She's 12 and she has a 1% chance of getting reaped. But she was worried I would get reaped. We go down to eat breakfast. We all head to the town center for the reapings. I get my finger pricked and head to my area. Our escort comes up and talks about the rules and about last years tributes. Kelsey made it pretty far but Ezekiel not so well. She put her hand in the girls bowl. "Tennaya Aqua!" She looked very shy. She would be easy to kill if I got reaped. Our escort put her hand in the boys bowl. She had to do some unfolding but finally got it. "Wilbur Oston!" No! I knew that because it was floded that it was my slip. I walked up to the stage and shook hands with Tennaya. We went on the luxurious train and headed to the Capitol For the 124th Hunger Games.

Disrict 6 Rodney Malaney's POV:

I woke up early. It was reaping day and I did not want to get reaped at all. I knew a bunch of other girls that would have a chance at winning but there was no way I could win. I got dressed and went straight out the door. I got my blood taken and went to my section. Our tributes last year were okay I think. I dont remember much of the games last year. Anyway the escort put his hand in the bowl and read, "Rodney Malaney!" The echo boomed everywhere. It took a while to figure out who it was until I realized it was me. I slowly walked up. Next the escort put his hand in the boys bowl. " Brann Clatch!" We both held our hands up high to show how we are going to do good. We shook hands and went on the train.

District 7 Pillani Violo's POV:

I stayed up all night in fear that I might get reaped. I was 13 so I knew I wasn't very likely to get reaped. Anyway I got dressed and brushed my teeth. I headed straight out the door for the reapings. I got my blood taken and went to my section. Our escort came on the stage and started talking about how amazing district 7 did in last years games. Pamline got second while Nina won the Games. Our escort looked around for a bits and stopped. She yelled out " Nina, do you want to do the reapings!" I looked over there and Nina was walking up. Nina put her hand in the girls bowl. "Thalia Underwoods." She didnt seem very enthusiastic. Next she put her hand in the boys bowl. " Pilani Violo." No! I slowly walked up to the stage. The escort shouted out our names again. Me and Thalia shook hands and went on the train. District 8 Archane Webb's POV:

I was sitting in my chair making a shirt for my new baby brother when my alarm clock rang. I was already awake so i didnt have to hit the snooze bar. I dressed myself and went downstairs to eat breakfast. " Lets hope you dont get reaped today or you probably wont get to see your new baby brother." my mom said to me. I just nodded my head. I walked out the door after finishing breakfast. I got my finger pricked and went to the girls that are 15 area. Our escort was already on the stage. She did not look very happy so she just stuck her hand in the girls bowl. She gave it to a random Peacekeeper. "Archane Webb!" his voice boomed. I slowly walked up to the stage hoping someone would volunteer. I jumped onto the stage and waved my hand. Next the Peacekeeper put his hand in the boys bowl and read, "Anthony Jacobs!" A tiny boy walked up to the stage. We shook hands and went on the train for the Capitol.

District 9 Kevin Quince's POV:

Last year I watched my older brother die in the Games. My mother was weeping. My mother and father divorced when I was just 7. My brothers Wes and Thomas, who were twins, stayed in District 4 with my father while I stayed with my mother in District 9. Now she was worried me or Wes would be reaped. I didnt think it was very likely. Anyway I walked to the kitchen for breakfast. My mom was there reading the newspaper. She was sniffling and her cheeks were stained red so I knew she was crying. She told me to go over to the town center for the reapings alone. So I walked over there and got my finger pricked. I went over to my section. The escort put her hand in the girls bowl. "Dimitrian Rye!" She was smaller than me and I was only 12. She was 13. She walked up to the stage. Next she put her hand in the boys bowl. " Kevin Quince!" No! I looked over to my mother. She was crying hysterically. I walked up to the stage and shook Dimitrians hand. We both went on the train.

District 10 Brie Pelt's POV:

I walked into the forest where me and my boyfriend always met. We exchange looks and both know its reaping day. I am worried we will both get reaped. He says that it probably wont happen. Still im worried. The hours pass until its 2 o'clock. I head over to the reapings. Our escort gets ready and finally puts her hand in the girls bowl. "Brie Pelt!" No! I don't know much! I cant win! I slowly walked up. She put her hand in the bowl of the boys and pulls out a slip. "Uit!" Uit? What knid of name is that. Not even a last name. He wals up to the stage all pumped up. We are forced to shake hands. I walk into the amazing train when I notice it has my favorite food. Strawberries!

District 11 Corian Juntori's POV:

I walk away from our fire to pick some berries. My tribe lives in the woods still. During the Dark Days alot of tribes moved into homes in District 11 but not us. But our names still wentt in the bowl. My dad said I could get the day off and go to the reapings. I got my blood taken and went to the reserved section for indians. The escort wearing alot of make up came on the stage. She put her hand in the girls bowl. "Jone DePaul." A very tall girl walked up. The escort put her hand in the boys bowl. "Corian Juntori!" Oh no. I walked up. I started doing a little dance to make the audience laugh. The escort looked disgusted. Me and Jone shook hands and went on tthe train for the games.

District 12 Katrina Edenor's POV:

I went and found my friend Joshua in the woods. We always hunted together. Today was the reaping and I knew I hads a pretty big chance of getting reaped. I was hoping I wouldnt have to be in that arena. I could possibly win but i didnt want to risk it. It was a couple hours and me and Joshua still didnt catch anything. It was getting close to reaping time so we just decided to go straight to the town center. We walked over. I got my finger pricked and went to the girls section. The escort put her name in the girls bowl and read it. " Katrina Edenor!" Oh my gosh! It couldnt be! I walked up to the stage. Next she put her hand in the boys bowl. "Abraham Abelthon!" He looked nervoous but came up onto the stage. He and I shook hands. We went into the Capitol train.

Traning Scores

Tribute Name District and Gender Training Score
Brian Anderson 1M 10
Aria Jones 1F 9
Liir Fluor 2M 11
Sventlana Snow 2F 9
Rickey Dean 3M 8
Tiffany Gomez 3F 6
Wes Quince 4M 10
Jasmine Cornell 4F 8
Wilbur Oston 5M 7
Tennaya Aqua 5F 6
Brann Clatch 6M 8
Rodney Malaney 6F 6
Pillani Violo 7M 5
Thalia Underwoods 7F 7
Anthony Jacobs 8M 5
Archane Webb 8F 6
Kevin Quince 9M 7
Dimitrian Rye 9F 4
Uit 10M 7
Brie Pelt 10F 7
Corian Juntori 11M 9
Jone DePaul 11F 8
Abraham Abelthon 12M 6
Katrina Edenor 12F 8

Let the 124th Hunger Games begin!

Day 1

----The Bloodbath

Anthony Jacob (8M) POV:

I say goodbye to my stylist as I head up the tube. A robotic female voice starts the countdown. 60.....59......58.....57.......56......55..... I look around me and see alot of dirt, a couple of streams, and a forest. I still remember the training. I walked in and did pretty good with the throwing knives. But I tripped on my way out. 34.....33......32.....31......

Abraham Abelthon (12M) POV:

30......29....28.... I see Katrina (12) a couple of plates away. Me and her plan on allying. 20.......19.....18.....She would go get the supplies while I found our hiding spot. We were hoping to find a good tree to hide in. 23....22.....21....

Aria Jones (1F) POV:

I see a bunch of supplies in the center. The careers would probably own all of that. I was in the Careers but I needed a little supplies to myself so I would go over there. 13.....12....11.....10....I was hoping to get a tiny backpack or something. We'll just have to wait and see.6....5....4....

Dimitrian Rye (9F) POV:

I knew I could win these games easily but I didnt want to be a target. So I went for a 4. And I got it. I would compete in he bloodbath. 3.....2.....1.....GONG! I run over to about 6 yards in front of me and grab a sword and a package of dried fruit. I see the 7 male and stabbed in in the heart. BOOM!

Brann Clatch (6M) POV:

I grab a knife and an axe and run but i'm tackled to the ground by Brian (1). "Well, well,well, what do we have here.!" he says in a mocking voice. I slowly grab out my knife and stab him in the eye. BOOM!

Tennaya Aqua (5F) POV:

I grab a trident and run away. Tiffany (3) is in my way so I stab her with the trident. BOOM! I keep on running until I reach a tall, firm tree. I hear 5 more cannons.


24th: Pillani Violo

23rd: Brian Anderson

22nd: Tiffany Gomez

21st: Kevin Quince

20th: Wilbur Oston

19th: Brie Pelt

18th: Rodney Malaney

17th: Archane Webb

Aftermath of Day 1

Liir Fluor (D2M) POV:

I woke up along with the other careers to the sound of a cannon. We all slept after the bloodbath. While we let someone be the guard. We decided to hunt. We find Jone (11) so I stab in the skulll. BOOM! I already killed her but I keep stabbing to release my anger. We keep walking and we hear the third cannon of the day.

Ricky Dean (D3M) POV:

I find a bunch of gadgets on the ground and try to make something. I feel something stun me then I slump to the ground. BOOM!

Slevantlana Snow (D2F) POV:

We keep on walking when we find Corian (11). Jone and him were probably allies when Jone set out to hunt. Liir (2) stabs him in the heart. BOOM! We head back to camp. Then theres one more cannon.


16th: Uit

15th: Jone DePaul

14th: Anthony Jacobs

13th: Rickey Dean

12th: Corian Juntori

11th: Abraham Abelthon

Day 2

Aria Jones (D1F) POV:

BOOM! I just saw Liir (2) stab Sventlana (2). He was insane. He stabbed Jasmine (4). BOOM! Oh no! He was after me. The last thing I saw was Liir pulling a sword out of me. BOOM!

Wes Quince (D4M) POV:

I don't know why but Liir (2) decided to keep me as an ally. We walked around looking for a tribute to kill. We found Brann (6). " No! Dont kill him. Keep him!" I screamed. But Liir wouldnt listen. BOOM! Liir started heading toward me. He had an angry look on his face. He was going to kill me. I grabbed my dagger and stabbed him in the leg. He got his sword and poked my eye out. We kept going like this until I felt blood on my neck. I saw Liir pulling his sword out. BOOM!

Katrina Edenor (D12F) POV:

I just killed Tennaya (5). She killed Abraham the day before. BOOM! There were a ton of cannons today.


10th: Sventlana Snow

9th: Jasmine Cornell

8th: Aria Jones

7th: Brann Clatch

6th: Wes Quince

5th: Tennaya Aqua

Day 3

Thalia Underwoods (D7F) POV:

Ahhhh! There was a fire. I ran to the cornucopia. Everyone was there. Dimitrian (9) shot an arrow at Katrina. BOOM! Whoah. Dimitrian? I ran to her along with Liir (2). We stabbed her heart at the exact same time. BOOM! It was just me and Liir. He stabbed my shoulder. I stabbed is arm. We sliced each others foot off. It went on like this before we heard a trumpet. "Congrats Liir Fluor of District 2 and Thalia Underwoods of District 7. Our 2 victors this year. We are glad we didnt have to have a feast. There was enough blood. Goodjob!" A hovercraft came up and picked me and Liir into it. I was a Victor!

Congratulations to Fitao and Zakel who sponsered the victorious tributes in the 124th Hunger Games.

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