So i have been gone a LONG time. I haven't been here since september. Some of my games were never finished. I still have a lot of ideas but i will not make my own. I will let you guys use my ideas. i will constantly be coming up with ideas. i will post them here. if you use an idea of mine please comment which one you are using. when you use it i will cross it off and write your name next to it. I will be joining games though. anyways here are my ideas.

Quarter Quell: Reaping the Dead- 2 girls and 2 boys will be reaped. when they get up there, there name will be entered in a new reaping ball how ever many times there name was in. the person who gets reaped in that will be killed on the spot in a weird capitol way.

Mythological Games- The gods are in the hunger games. they will fight to the death while the dead gods go to Tartarus. The gods will include greek, roman and Norse gods.

The Survival Games- Each tribute is on their own island. There is no killing other tributes. The tributes must survive on their island. They must live off the nature that is provided. The tribute that isn't overcome in the wilderness wins. it keeps going on and on until 1 is left.

so far that is all i  can remember. if an idea comes to me i will post it on this and you guys can use it.

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