I am currently writing the 125th hunger games. But while that is going on i will do this. These are a sponsor games. I got inspired by Dedejacob to do this. I will make the tributes and you will sponsor them. Give them notes, advice, gifts, etc. Everthing is Anonymous.

District Name Age User
1 Male Cory Siji 17 VDA1999
1 Female Aelieta Sput 14 HKTLovesGlimmer
2 Male Chase Delty 18 Clove is the best
2 Female Freno Galio 18 ShimmeringFire
3 Male Noah Luod 16 HKTLovesGlimmer
3 Female Ally Yure 13 Annamisasa
4 Male Wave Doffle 17 Dedejacob
4 Female Yvonne Saing 15 Dedejacob
5 Male Owen Ertok 14 ColourfulRain
5 Female Anna Wilsen 17 Annamisasa
6 Male Brycen Sefry 12 Capitol Citizen
6 Female Emma Astuer 18 HKTLovesGlimmer
7 Male Liam Ghort 15 HKTLovesGlimmer
7 Female Aubrey Fredu 12 Clove is the best
8 Male Hazuse Avalo 15 Lawman12345
8 Female Taylor Fazon 17 Clove is the best
9 Male Nicholas Dajo 16 VarinEgo
9 Female Cyin Gyno 14 VarinEgo
10 Male Manny Ger 12 Capitol Citizen
10 Female Sally Heolu 17 Dedejacob
11 Male Parker Vester 18 VarinEgo
11 Female Hask Delp 14 Annamisasa
12 Male Sylvester Owen 13 VarinEgo
12 Female

Stele Preds

16 Annamisasa

Tribute Gallery:

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Cory Siji 10
Aelieta Sput 9
Chase Delty 11
Freno Gallio 10
Noah Luod 8
Ally Yure 6
Wave Doffle 9
Yvonne Saing 9
Owen Ertok 6
Anna Wilsen 7
Brycen Sefry 5
Emma Astuer 8
Liam Ghort 7
Aubrey Fredo 4
Hazuse Avalo 9
Taylor Fazon 7
Nicholas Dajo 8
Cyin Gyno 6
Manny Ger 6
Sally Heolu 7
Parker Vester 11
Hask Delp 7
Sylvester Owen 6
Stele Preds 7

The First Sponsor Games Begin

Day 1:

The Bloodbath:

Liam Ghort's POV:

60.59.59. The robotic female voice starts. I am nervous out of my mind. My allies will be Aubrey, Brycen, and Emma. I am not looking good right now. I look around me and see a forest to my right. I see a million islands to my left. Behind me is a snowy mountain. That is where I will go.

Stele Pred's POV:

21.20.19. My only ally will be Sylvester. I will compete in the bloodbath while finds us a spot.11.10.9. The voice continues. I will proobably head over to the islands. I am a decent swimmer. GONG!

Manny Ger's POV:

I run off my platform and find an axe. I look around and see her on the ground with blood pouring from her ears. I keep hearing cannons left and right. I look around for a backpack and find an orange one. I run around and head for a snowy mountain.

Cory Siji's POV:

I have an axe and I stab Hask. There are so many cannons it is hard to keep track. I find Parker and ask him if he wants to be with the careers. "Never!" Then he throws an axe in my direction. Everything goes black.

Noah Luod's POV:

i have a sword and I stab Owen. I don't know how I am forcing myself to do this. I keep running until I reach a jungle. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!


Stele Preds POV:

Me, and my allies just received a ton of stuff. Nightvision glasses, soup, water, alot! I think we will make it really far in the games. Just then a pack of squirrel mutts chase us. BOOM! I look around and see that Ally died.

Wave Doffle's POV:

Me and Yvonne just received some poison. We are putting it in everybody water while they are asleep. BOOM! BOOM! Aelieta and Freno just died. Chase sees us and is furious. He snaps Yvonne's neck. BOOM! I charge at him with my sword. BOOM! I am the last career standing.

Death Chart

Tribute Place
Taylor Fazon 24th
Cyin Gyno 23rd
Brycen Sefry 22nd
Sally Heolu 21st
Hask Delp 20th
Cory Siji 19th
Owen Ertok 18th
Ally Yure 17th
Aelieta Sput 16th
Freno Gallio 15th
Yvonne Saing 14th

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