Guess what?!?! It's back! Let's see if it can be more popular than my previous one!

Pick the month you were born in. January-poked with a finger pointer February-slow danced with March-wishes they were me April-took my blue jolly ranchers May-ate my muffins June-went swimming with July-said yes to the dress August-sung Friday with September-wrote a song about October-killed in the Hunger Games November-dyed their hair with Koolaid December-went Christmas shopping with

What day were you born on? 1-Leven Rambin 2-A serial killer 3-Samuel Tan 4-Your orthodontist 5-Bob from Toddlers and Tiaras 6-Rebecca Black 7-Ashton Moio 8-Devin Fox 9-Danielle Peazer 10-Niall Horan 11-Wes Bentley 12-Kara Petersen 13-Spongebob Squarepants 14-Dayo Okeniyi 15-Leigha Hancock 16-Your grannyma 17-Andy from Say Yes to the Dress 18-Adele 19-Gunther Hessenheffer 20-Chip Skylark 21-Harry Styles 22-Timmy Turner 23-Maci Bookout from Teen Mom 24-The tanning girl from My Strange Addiction 25-Justin Bieber 26-Marvel 27-Katniss Everdeen 28-Muriel from Suite Life 29-Cody Simpson 30-Flethcher from ant farm 31-Bunchie

What color shirt are you wearing? Pink-because I can't find my sunglasses Purple-because I set fire to the rain Blue-because I just got my braces off Green-because I'm an extreme couponer Yellow-because I'm a sexy beast Orange-because Jenna Rose is wearing her jeans like me Red-because I'm looking forward to the weeked White-because I'm a person of interest Black-because I'm a rebel and I do what I want Gray-because I like toast Rainbow-because Im a serial killer who steals muffins

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