101st Hunger Games

The 101st Hunger Games is happening right after the 4th Quarter Quell. Instead of there being four victors, there will only be two victors. The 4th QQ victors, Melanie and Josephe, have been reaped again. There will be tributes of all ages being reaped to participate in these games. Here is an introduction of each tribute. You can sign up to sponsor a total of two tributes. They are first come, first serve.

Tributes Sponsors
Justine (1)
Devin (1)
Rebecca (2)
Declan (2)
Jenna (3)
Benjamin (3)
*Random tribute* (random district)
Melanie (4)
Josephe (4)
Leigh (5)
Cody (5)
Amy (6)
Nick (6)
Selena (7)
Justin (7)
Sierra (8)
Jake (8)
Daniella (9)
Avan (9)
Ariana (10)
Matt (10)
Cady (11)
Adam (11)
Brenda (12)
Trace (12)
Tiffany (13)
Luke (13)
Caroline (Capitol)
Kenton (Capitol)

The items to sponsor with their prices


The Chariot Rides

Costumes (Best to Worst)

Training Room Highlights

Training Scores


Tributes in Arena One (Beach)

Tributes in Arena Two (Cove)

Tributes in Arena Three (Cornucopia by the ocean)

Day One

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