If I was your bunchie, I'd never let you go.

I can take you home and share some cookies with your cat.

Maybe buy supplies, yeah I also got some cheese.

I got nightlock in my purse that I wanna give away.

Swag, swag, Gale needs swag.

Chillin' at the bus stop with District 6 male

Marvel knows about me, Cato knows about you.

So say goodbye to Peeta Mellark in 3, 2, BOOM!

I'd like to eat some pineapples

Hey Thresh, do you want a hug?

If I was a llama, I'd go hi-jack your car

Eat myself some muffins, and run around my house.

Katniss is a teen mom, she gave birth to Samuel Tan.

Cuz she is an ostrich, she'll never never eat Wheat Thins.

Let me lick your icee, yeah, let me lick your pickle

I can be like Enobaria, go and eat your fridge

I don't ever wanna die, yeah, not in teenage wasteland.

I can run all around, yeah catch me if you can, can.

Whoa. Ice cream, snowshoe, running in the forest

I could be your bestie until the other mutts die.

Make you hunt, shoot some birds, not your finger, Ashton Moio at my door

Voice going crazy like a fellow fangirl on this lovely CHEESESTICK

I'd like some Sprite to pour on Marvel, hey Clove, I'm gonna stab your mom

If I was a bunny, I'd scamper all around

Eat myself some candy, throw rocks at your dad

I could run in circles, just until I fall.

If I was your mother, I'd never let you dress anything like a perv.

So buy me something, cuz I want some makeup

I just bought myself some shades, just shuy up and get your own now.

If I was Primrose, I'd hug my goat, Lady

I just want Ashton Moio at my door.

I wanna kill Seventeen magazine

Hey Clove, I'mma ship Clato!

If I was a ninja, I'd throw limes at your mom

Sue the bank for stocking up on Lucky magazine

I didn't steal anything, from the mall next door.

If I was real famous, I'd always want a huge paycheck!

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