This is more than the typical Hunger Games

Felt my joints in my bones, shake and shiverin', oh oh

Couldn't stand it anymore

In a rush, really nervous, can barely breathe

Peeta's image in my mind, feelin' scared for him, oh oh

Waiting for the gong to hit!

Now I'm here in a sticky situation

Got a little trouble, yup, now I'm runnin'

Clove's comin', she's armed, now she's right behind me

Don't wanna die right now, cuz of Peeta

Oh oh oh, I could never let him go!

See, I've been runnin' all day, from Clove and those careers

So now I've stopped, found a tree, Peeta betratyed me for the freakin' careers.

Honest Peeta I care, that went and did this

So can we finish killing careers?

Don't you leave me dying in the Hunger Games.

What's the time, I'm alone, not a single word.

Sippin' river water just to save my life, oh oh

Tired from all the careers

Had me out, had me down, had me at the point

Where I'm done, just with them, cuz I've had enough oh oh

And I'm sure they already know, oh no no

See I've been huntin' all day, lookin' for some good food

I need to go, hurry up, and get some good food before my partner's dead

Honest you know I'll do, anything I need to.

So can go on to the feast now?

Don't forget me in the Hunger Games

Anything I need to get, I'll be on the move.

Anything you say means so much to me, boy

Romance in the cave, fighting at the feast

Maybe life is wild, what is really going on?

These type of things never happen usually,

Thresh just saved my life, he killed Clove at the feast

I know I'm lucky, so I'll embrace it

See I've been waiting all month to come home to my loved ones!

So can we go ahead and leave now?

Don't you leave me in the Hunger Games!

Honest Primrose I won, now no reason left to worry

So can we finish all this fighting?

Don't you keep on mentioning the Hunger Games

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