District 1

  • Maddie has long blonde hair that she usually wears in wavy pigtails. She has bright blue eyes that almost look unreal. She is very smart and clever. She can figure out plans faster than most tributes and you never know where she's hiding until she finds you.
  • Reese has shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes. He is also very smart and figurative. He also tends to be quiet in the face of danger.

District 2

  • Victoria has long black hair that she wears in a side ponytail. Her green eyes may make her look anything than what she really is, but don't underestimate her. She has moderate anger issues and usually blows up in others' faces. She quickly jumps to conclusions. She is considered to be extremely violent.
  • Blaine is very tall and people often mistake him for being a negative person. He has blonde shaggy hair that sometimes falls in front of his eyes. He isn't very violent or reactive unless he's accused of doing things he doesn't do.

District 3

  • Lauren has long brown cascading curls and light brown eyes. She is often considered quiet, but when she speaks, she usually says sarcastic things. She stays away from drama and doesn't like to get into the swing of things. She just goes with the flow.
  • Dillon is a boisterous and arrogant player. He has ashen brown hair and a crooked smile. His plan is to hit on female tributes and form an alliance with them, then ending up killing them. He likes to be the center of attention.

District 4

  • Melanie has long blonde wavy hair that reaches her ribcage. She has dark brown eyes that people say are black. She is very short and slightly pale. She is a very sweet and calm person. She manages to keep her cool. She is very smart and clever and can figure out what everyone's up to.
  • Ryan is a very sarcastic tribute, along with Lauren. He has ashen brown hair and he is about average height. He tries to calm everyone down with his illiterate but witty comments and breaks up fights. He is not very smart or literate, but he is a skilled fighter.

District 5

  • Kayleen has a long blonde braid with brown tips and small blue eyes. She is a calmer tribute and she does her best to avoid drama. She is skilled in what she does, and she doesn't like to hide her skills. She's a forgivable person and she only accepts deals with people she knows.
  • Colton is a short, blonde, and scrawny tribute from District 5, according to Melanie. He has black eyes and he is quite pale. He has little upper-body strength and little hand-eye coordination, but he is smart in solving patterns and traps.

District 6

  • Tamora has long blonde hair that she manages to strangle into three hair ties. She has dark brown eyes and she is very short. She is skilled in archery and she has very good upper-body strength. She is a fast runner and very good at figuring out traps.
  • Ashton is a tall, ashen haired tribute from District 6. He also has brown eyes and his hair is usually shaggy, but his bangs are curled to the right side of his head most of the time. He is clever, sly, and he has major upper-body strength. He is also an extremely fast runner. According to Melanie, he is a very kind and willing type of boy.

District 7

  • Hanna is a very under-spoken person. She never talks. She is supposedly hiding her real personality and she has a clever plan to attempt to win. She is a not a very open type of person and she tends to be clingy. She is an obvious flirt when she ever talks. She has short blonde hair to her shoulders and green eyes which remind Melanie of a cat's eyes.
  • Justin is a very happy-go-lucky person who makes everyone laugh. He looks for the good side and heads right towards the icing of an Oreo, the best part. He is very friendly to everyone and always throws witty comments to make people laugh. He has brown shaggy hair and hazel eyes.

District 8

  • Kaylee is a clever, sarcastic, and poised type of girl. She tends to hang around only the people she knows. She is full of witty comments that can hurt others, but can also make other laugh. She always tries to look as sophisticated as she can and bring pride back to District 8. She has long red hair and bright blue eyes.
  • Samuel is a very clever and smart guy. He likes to prove his talents and show how tricky he really is. He has multiple plans on preventing himself from death. He is very tall and he has black shaggy hair he parts to the left. His black eyes send no negative messages, whatsoever.

District 9

  • Shaye is a collected and witty girl. She always laughs and she can always think of some reason to smile. She hides her negative emotions extremely well. She tends to avoid drama and fights. She easily makes friends with whoever she can. She has reddish-blonde hair past her shoulder and hazelish-green eyes.
  • Houston is a very tall tribute who seems to be a threat when he really isn't. He is considered to be a strong fighter, but only when he needs to be. He is very strong and has good upper-body strength. He has blonde hair and bluish-green eyes.

District 10

  • Alyssa is a cool and collected girl who avoids what comes her way. She always stays in the background and she never interferes. She can be a tad lazy, but she also manages to keep herself in one piece. She doesn't like to do all of the work, but she is a very clever person, so she can hide away for days and maybe even weeks without being seen. She is an athlete who rides horses and does tennis, so she has good upper-body strength. She has blondish-brown hair she wears in a ponytail and hazel, almost considered to be gray, eyes.
  • The Crippled Foot Boy is a very outspoken tribute and he speaks what he knows. He is illiterate because his parents died while he was a child, so he doesn't know as much as other people. He is very short for his age. He always fights back and he has mood changes a lot. He has black shaggy hair and hazel eyes.

District 11

  • Sydney is very sarcastic, but she is also smart and clever. She has great plans and she is considered to be a very useful person. She always throws sarcastic comments at people when they mess up, but she never means what she says. She has long blonde wavy hair to her shoulders and bluish-green eyes.
  • Connor is a ladie's man. He is a very funny boy and he is an obvious flirt. Though he makes everyone laugh, he often gets in trouble. He always speaks his mind with his own twist of hilarious comments. He has shaggy blonde hair and green eyes.

District 12

  • Alli is a very shy and poised person. She always stays behind and she gets very nervois speaking to people she doesn't know. She is a sweet and kind person who will give you a shoulder to cry on, but her sweetness can be taken and overlooked to make her an easier target. She has straight ashen brown hair and aqua blue eyes.
  • Josephe is a strong fighter. He always jumps to conclusions and blames whoever he sees. He is always looking for a girlfriend to form an alliance with. He thinks that love is always the answer. He is a very violent type of person. He has light brown hair and light brown eyes.

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