Summary (Melanie's POV)

The name my birth parents placed on me is Melanie. I am a 12 year old girl who was raised in District 8 and I was taught to fight. I enjoyed living my life and being an average tween, but then came the Uprising of District 8. My mother was supposedly kidnapped by peacekeepers and my father's legs were amputated by another peacekeeper. I was trapped by a tall and slim man who was the main peacekeeper, but because I was so short and skinny, I crawled out of their trap before it blew up. I managed to run away and I ended up in District 6. I ran into a tall man who looked about 18 named Ashton who took me under his wing. He helped me train for the upcoming annual Fighter Games and he supplied me like my father would. I was reaped for the Fighter Games, but my brother and another mentor, Tamora, volunteered to take my place. My brother went missing and escaped the games, but nobody knew where he was for a moderate period of time. There was a huge fight in District 6 about some substance called :"morphling" and my brother and our mother had been drug into the fight to prevent this substance. My brother's last words to me were, "If there is any chaos, run away and don't look back." "Remember me, sweetheart." I took what I had and I ran to District 4. Later, I was reaped for the 4th Quarter Quell. I had nobody who would stand up for me. Not Ashton, Not Tamora, not anyone. I was taken in by Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair. They trained me for the 4th Quarter Quell. "There are twenty-six of you, and only one tribute can win." "We're praying you'll win, and trust me, you will." Annie told me before I entered the arena. I hugged my mother and father goodbye. I turn to my left, and I see my brother, Ashton. He was reaped along with me. I nervously stare and hope for the best. The games have begun!

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