Maddie from District 1

Elaine: Let's welcome our first tribute, the sweet and smart District 1 female tribute, Maddie!

*Maddie walks over and takes her seat as she fixes the bottom of her dress*

Elaine: Hi Maddie. It's a pleasure to have you here with us today.

Maddie: Hi Elaine. I guess I'm happy enough to be here myself.

Elaine: Okay. First question. What was your opinion when you were reaped?

Maddie: I was very startled, but I kept my faith and I am determined to do my best.

Elaine: Great answer. What strategies do you have to bring into the games?

Maddie: I am very smart and clever. I can solve just about any type of problem, which I hope gets me far.

Elaine: Last question, Maddie. Is there anyone at home you want to send a shout-out to?

Maddie: In fact, how about my parents and my little sister. I love you all!

Elaine: Let's give it up for Maddie, the clever tribute from District 1!

*Maddie waves and walks off stage*

Reese from District 1

Elaine: Let's welcome our other clever tribute from the luxurious District 1, Reese!

*He walks out in a casual fashion.*

Elaine: Hello there Reese. Welcome to the interviews.

Reese: Well, I feel anything but welcome. My life is on the line right now. How can I?

*Crowd and Elaine laughs*

Elaine: No worries, hun. First question. Do you have a game plan?

Reese: I just have to avoid death and get a decent amount of supplies. Death is my enemy.

Elaine: Interesting idea. What weapon will you aim for?

Reese: The trident, no, not the gum.

*Crowd and Elaine laughs*

Elaine: Good answer, Reese. Anything left to say?

Reese: I love everyone back at home. I WILL bring pride home to District 1!

*Reese walks away*

Victoria from District 2

Elaine: Next to come is Victoria, the female tribute from District 2!

*Victoria struts on the stage as her dress flows to the side when she stops to twirl before she sits down*

Elaine: So, how are you doing, Victoria? Feeling nervous?

Victoria: Not really. I have confidence that I can win.

Elaine: What is your strategy to win?

Victoria: Find a knife and kill who I can. My motto is kill, kill, kill.

Elaine: That will surely get you a spot as a career

Victoria: Don't worry. I already am.

*Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Last question here. Will you have any allies?

Victoria: Just me, myself, and I.

Elaine: Well, time's up. Goodbye Victoria.

Victoria: Peace.

*Victoria gives the peace sign and exits.*

Blaine from District 2

Elaine: I'm welcoming next Blaine, the male tribute from District 2!

*Blaine walks in and takes his seat as he flashes a smile at the crowd.*

Elaine: You seem to be a real threat in these games, Blaine.

Blaine: Yeah, I know. People underestimate me. I don't bite unless you do first.

*Elaine giggles*

Elaine: So, name twin, what's your main weapon of choice?

Blaine: Anything to help me set traps. Knives, wires, ropes, you name it.

Elaine: Ooh...clever. I see your point. Trap the tributes so you don't have to watch them bleed to death?

Blaine: Technally.

*Elaine stares at the clock*

Elaine: We have time for one more question. How did you react when you heard you were reaped?

Blaine: Well, a mix of nervous and determined. I could have a chance, you know.

Elaine: Well, we're out of time, hun. Good luck in the games.

Blaine: Thanks

*Blaine bows and he walks off the stage*

Lauren from District 3

Elaine: With little delay, here comes Lauren!

*She slowly walks up and takes her seat as she smiles at the crowd*

Elaine: Hi Lauren. I bet you're excited to be here.

Lauren: Oh yeah. You know I am.

*Crowd laughs*

Elaine: So Lauren, got a strategy yet?

Lauren: Of course I do, and I'm not being sarcastic.

Elaine: Do you happen to be nervous?

Lauren: No. Of course not! I've got this.

Elaine: Well, last question for you. Who deserves a shout-out?

Lauren: My mom, my sister, my dad, and anyone else who cares about me.

Elaine: Well, Lauren. Time's up. Any last words?

Lauren: Your mom.

*Lauren stomps away as her high heels clink on the glass floor.*

Dillon from District 3

Elaine: Okay everyone. On to the next tribute, uhm...Dillon.

*Dillon enters with no sophstication and jumps into the seat beside Elaine.*

Elaine: Hmm...what an entrance that was, Dillon.

Dillon: Hah. Thanks, babe.

Elaine: Ok, awkward conversation here. First question, shall we?

Dillon: We shall.

*Dillon winks at Elaine*

Elaine: How do you plan to get sponsors?

Dillon: All the ladies love me. How couldn't I get a sponsor?

*Elaine hopelessly moans and puts her hand on her forehead.*

Elaine: I wonder if that will save you from death.

Dillon: Of course it will!

Elaine: So, what you're saying is that you're just gonna roam around the arena looking for girls to ally with?

Dillon: Yes. I will kill them until I find the perfect girl.

Elaine: Uhm...time's up for you. Get off the stage, "ladie's man".

Dillon: Okay. Call me?

*Elaine rolls her eyes and pushes Dillon off the stage.*

Melanie from District 4

Elaine: Here's the girl with the pearls around her neck, District 4's female tribute, Melanie!

*Melanie walks onto the stage and waves to everyone as she smiles nervously.*

Elaine: Hi Melanie. Welcome to your interview. Are you feeling nervous?

Melanie: Actually, yes. I haven't been able to sleep for days.

*Crowd laughs*

Elaine: No pressure. You will do fine. You seem to have lots of talents. What weapon is your first pick?

Melanie: Possibly the bow and arrow or the knife. It depends on the situation I'm in.

Elaine: Very good answer. Do you have a bloodbath plan?

Melanie: Absolutely. I will take a roaming backpack and run away. I don't wanna be drug into the bloodbath.

Elaine: That's a good idea. Will you have any allies?

Melaine: Only the people I can absolutely trust...If I team up with the wrong person, I'd be gone.

Elaine: I see now. I love your dress.

Melanie: Thank you. My stylist, James, made it for me. When I twirl, clouds come out of the skirt bottom.

Elaine: Twirl for us, Melanie.

*Melanie twirls as the crowd cheers*

Elaine: Sadly, our interview time is up. Let's give Melanie a hand, everyone!

*Everyone claps as Melanie leaves the stage.*

Ryan from District 4

Elaine: Here's the other tribute from District 4, Ryan!

*Ryan takes his seat and waits for Elaine to ask the first question.*

Elaine: So Ryan, what's your plan for the games?

Ryan: Just not to be the first one dead. It's kill or be killed. That's what my mentor told us.

Elaine: Interesting advice. Do you want any allies?

Ryan: No, I'd rather fly solo. Why mess with the others? They're just stuck up traitors.

Elaine: I see your point now, Ryan. Does your tuxedo have clouds coming out of it?

*Crowd laughs*

Ryan: Actually, no.

Elaine: Last question, Ryan. Are you nervous about being a tribute?

Ryan: Yeah, I guess so. I plan to kill and not be killed myself.

Elaine: TIME! Here's Ryan, the male tribute from District 4!

  • They link hands as Elaine raises her hand up.*

Kayleen from District 5

Elaine: Here is Kayleen, the female tribute from District 5!

  • Kayleen enters and takes her seat.*

Elaine: Hello Kaylene. So, are you excited about representing your district?

Kayleen: No ma'am. Not really.

Elaine: Aww come on! You'll make it far! Don't doubt yourself!

Kayleen: Well, I hope. I have a good plan.

Elaine: Explain it to us, Kayleen.

Kayleen: I will not be participating in the bloodbath. I will stay with my partner.

Elaine: Very good idea. Last question. Anyone back home you wanna say hello to?

Kayleen: My mom, my dad, and my brother. If they never see me again, I want them to know I care.

Elaine: Thank you, Kayleen. Maybe see you here again?

Kayleen: I hope so. I don't want to die.

Colton from District 5

Elaine: I am going to invite the next tribute to the hot spot, Colton.

  • Colton freezes as Kayleen pushes him on stage.*

Elaine: I see you're not too excited about being here, either.

Colton: No. I'm scared to death. I can't even eat.

Elaine: I felt like that when I was in the Games, too.

Colton: Well, I just don't want to die.

Elaine: Nobody does. Got a plan yet?

Colton: Not really, just stay away from the Careers.

Elaine: The careers are killers. Good idea. What if you come out with nothing?

Colton: I'll just suck it up and deal with it. At least I wouldn't be dead.

  • Buzzer rings*

Elaine: Goodbye, Colton!

  • Colton leaves*

Tamora from District 6

Elaine: With very little delay, I welcome you Tamora from District 6!

  • Tamora fluffs her dress as she walks on stage and she fakes a smile.*

Elaine: Welcome to the interviews, Tamora? How do you feel right now?

Tamora: My heart's racing. It's beating out of my chest right now.

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: So, what weapon do you plan on retrieve in the games?

Tamora: I am very skilled with the bow and arrow. I have practiced for years.

Elaine: Your hard work should pay off if you get lucky.

Tamora: I hope so. I might get lucky.

Elaine: What would winning mean to you?

Tamora: A lot. I could be blessed and live. I could also bring home some pride to my district.

Elaine: Very nice answer! Well, time's up. Nice talking to you, Tamora.

Tamora: Thank you, Elaine.

  • Tamora fluffs her skirt gracefully as she walks off the stage.*

Jason from District 6

Elaine: As we reach the halfway mark, I'm happy to welcome Jason!

  • Jason walks onto the stage and waves before he takes his seat.*

Elaine: Why hello Jason. How are you doing?

Jason: I'm so nervous right now. I want to make a good impression.

Elaine: Well that you have done. I am by far impressed. Do you have a game plan?

Jason: Just get what I can and hide. I went missing during the Morphling Fight and I was never seen.

Elaine: So you're very sly? That's a good tactic.

Jason: Well, I'm tall, so I have to duck behind things. My back is pretty messed up now.

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Ouch. So Jason, do you have any shoutouts for your folks?

Jason: I want to wish luck to my sister, Melanie. I don't want to lose her. I also want to thank my mom.

  • Crowd smiles*

Elaine: Well, nice interview we had, Jason. I wish you and your sister luck. She is very similar to you.

Jason: Thank you.

  • Jason fixes his bangs as he leaves the stage*

Hanna from District 7

Elaine: Here's Hanna from District 7!

  • Hanna walks in as she looks around for familiar faces before she sits down.*

Elaine: What's up Hanna? Feeling the pressure?

Hanna: Of course I am.

Elaine: What worries you the most?

Hanna: Beside death? Losing my boyfriend, Justin. Life would be boring without him around.

  • Crowd smiles*

Elaine: Aww! That's so sweet! What if you lose him?

Hanna: It's like Romeo and Juliet. I'd feel so out of place and forever alone.

Elaine: So, you're forming an alliance with him?

Hanna: Yes. We would be a good team.

Elaine: Any more shout-outs?

Hanna: Well, my family and my crazy dog, Brownie.

Elaine: Well, our time here is out. Goodbye Hanna!

  • Hanna waves and leaves*

Justin from District 7

Elaine: Here comes Justin, the male tribute from District 7!

  • Justin pauses and waves to the crowd.*

Elaine: Hello, Justin. What is running through your mind right now?

Justin: I'm nervous, worried, and ready to get this over with.

Elaine: Those feelings are normal.

Justin: Yeah, I hope so.

Elaine: How did you feel when you were reaped?

Justin: I volunteered for my little brother. Plus, if I die, I want to be with my true love, Hanna.

  • Crowd smiles*

Elaine: Aww! District 7, the district of love!

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Last question. Do you think you'll win?

Justin: I have no clue. I'll just have to see.

Elaine: Time's up. Nice chat here, Justin. Maybe I'll see you here again.

Justin: Okay. Cya.

  • Justin leaves*

Kaylee from District 8

Elaine: Here's our youngest female tribute, Kaylee!

  • Kaylee takes a breath and walks out on the stage.*

Elaine: Hi Kaylee. No pressure here.

Kaylee: Hey. Okay. I'm ready for my first question.

Elaine: Do you have a game plan?

Kaylee: Yes. I will hide until I hear someone coming, then I run.

Elaine: Do you plan on having any weapons?

Kaylee: If I get lucky, yes.

Elaine: I like your plan. It's very creative. Okay, do you have any allies in mind?

Kaylee: Nope. I can't trust anyone out here in these games.

Elaine: I see your point. Well, this interview is over. Good luck.

Kaylee: Thanks, Elaine. I need all the luck I can get.

  • Kaylee walks off the stage*

Samuel from District 8

Elaine: Let's give a warm welcome to Sam, our District 8 male tribute!

  • Sam walks in and he waves when he is seated.*

Elaine: Okay, Samuel. Here's your first question. Did you volunteer or were you reaped?

Samuel: I was reaped. No shock there. My name was entered 26 times.

Elaine: Wow. That's a lot.

Samuel: I know. It's awful, agreed?

Elaine: Yes. Are you nervous?

Samuel: Everything else, too. I want to win these games.

Elaine: To win, you'll need a weapon or two. Got any in mind?

Samuel: Yes, I am very good with hand-to-hand combat. I can kill anyone in seconds.

Elaine: That will get you far.

Samuel: I hope so. Any more questions?

Elaine: Nope. Time has reached its limit for you. Nice chat.

Samuel: Thanks for having me.

  • Samuel leaves the stage as he waves again.*

Shaye from District 9

Elaine: I am here to welcome Shaye, our comedic female tribute from District 9!

  • Shaye walks in and smiles at the crowd.*

Elaine: Shaye! What's up, girl?

Shaye: Nothing. Just chillin' out here, trying to relax.

Elaine: So, Shaye. Do you have a plan yet?

Shaye: Yes I do. It's very simple. Avoid careers and have a stash of weapons.

Elaine: That is a very good idea you have summarized to me.

Shaye: I've been planning it out ever since the day I got reaped.

Elaine: That's a good start! Do you have any shout-outs for family members?

Shaye: I love my crazy cat, my parents, my friends, and the citizens of District 9!

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Our time is up, but we won't forget you.

Shaye: Why thanks for your consideration!

Elaine: Any time. Once again, here she is, District 9's Shaye!

  • Shaye waves and leaves the stage.*

Houston from District 9

Elaine: All eyes will be set on Houston, our next tribute! Let's give him a warm Capitol welcome!

  • Houston enters as he waves to the crowd and flashes a pearly white smile.*

Elaine: So Houston, are you as nervous as I am right now?

Houston: Yeah. I think that I will actually do good in these games.

Elaine: Tell us why, Houston.

Houston: I am very good with the weapons that I use. I am also very tall.

Elaine: Got any weaknesses?

Houston: Besides hiding, no. I doubt that.

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Got a plan yet?

Houston: Yeah. I've got multiple plans.

Elaine: It's always good to have a back-up plan, huh?

Houston: Yeah. Got any more questions for me?

Elaine: One more. Do you still feel as nervous as you were when you were reaped?

Houston: Not as nervous, but still, yes.

Elaine: Here he is, Houston! Let's give him a long-lasting goodbye!

  • The two link hands as Elaine raises hers*

Alyssa from District 10

Elaine: I don't need to hesitate to present Alyssa!

  • Alyssa casually walks onto the stage.*

Elaine: Hey Alyssa. What's up?

Alyssa: Nothing.

Elaine: You sure hide your emotions well. How do you do it?

Alyssa: Don't worry. I'm a pro at that.

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Got any weaknesses?

Alyssa: People say I can be too lazy sometimes.

Elaine: Don't be lazy in the games, Alyssa!

Alyssa: Don't worry, I won't be.

Elaine: Do you have a simple or complex game plan?

Alyssa: A complex one that would take forever to explain.

Elaine: Oh, okay. Time's up anyways.

Alyssa: Ok. Bye.

Elaine: Bye and good luck.

  • Alyssa leaves*

Crippled Foot Male from District 10

Elaine: Next on the spot is the illiterate but sly Crippled Foot Male tribute from District 10!

  • He walks out with an obvious limp and the crowd feels sorry for him.*

Elaine: Poor you! How was it being reaped with a crippled foot?

CFB: Well, it's still really bad.

Elaine: Do you have a plan yet?

CFB: Don't die.

Elaine: That's a main idea, hun. How do you plan to do that?

CFB: Just hide. I'm short, so they won't see me.

Elaine: Do you have a weapon in mind?

CFB: I actually do.

Elaine: That's good. Do you have a simple name?

CFB: I don't know. My parents died when I was a kid. They never told me.

Elaine: That's awful. I'm not sure what I should call you.

CFB: I'll be dead before you can name me.

Elaine: I hope not. How will you get sponsors?

CFB: Using sympathy because of my foot.

Elaine: Clever.

  • Buzzer rings.*

Elaine: Let's give it up for him!

  • He leaves the stage with a limp.*

Sydney from District 11

Elaine: With no sarcasm here, let's give a friendly welcome to Sydney!

  • Sydney walks in as her high heels clink on the glass floor.*

Elaine: Sydney! It's a pleasure to meet you!

Sydney: Uhm...thanks.

Elaine: So, what's your plan?

Sydney: Find a good ally and kill whoever comes after me. Trying to kill me is a big mistake.

Elaine: Nice plan. It's very unique. Are you nervous about participating?

Sydney: For every reason. Why wouldn't I be?

Elaine: I see you have many reasons to be nervous. Chill, Sydney. You'll do fine.

Sydney: Yeah, I bet.

  • Crowd laughs*

Elaine: Last question. Do you have a weapon in mind?

Sydney: Yes. I can get violent easily, so watch out. My sarcasm is a good weapon itself.

Elaine: Very clever. Well, time's up for this interview. You'll do good, Sydney. Promise.

Sydney: Yeah, I bet.

  • Sydney leaves the stage*

Connor from District 11

  • Elaine yawns as she stretches before announcing the next name.*

Elaine: Wow! Only three tributes left! Here's Connor.

  • Connor enters and points to a girl he likes as he winks at her.*

Elaine: Oh no. Another ladies' man.

Connor: Haha yeah. Don't kid about me.

Elaine: I don't plan on it. First question. Do you have a strong plan yet?

Connor: Duhh. If I didn't, I wouldn't be in this seat right now.

Elaine: Wow, cocky much?

Connor: Hey, that's just me. Deal with it.

Elaine: Next question, shall we?

Connor: We soooo shall.

Elaine: Do you want any allies?

Connor: A girl like you, Elaine.

  • Connor winks at Elaine.*

Elaine: Uhh...I think I want to end this interview early.

Connor: Wh...

  • Elaine pushes Connor off the stage.*

Alli from District 12

Elaine: Here is our last female tribute, the sweet and kind Alli!

  • Alli walks onto the stage and bows before sitting down.*

Elaine: Hi Alli!

Alli: Hello. I am very nervous. I don't want to mess up.

Elaine: It's okay to mess up. We're all family here.

Alli: Okay. I am just so nervous about being a tribute.

Elaine: I know how you feel. Let's answer the first question. Do you have a weapon in mind?

Alli: Yes, I will trap people with my clever hand-made traps and if I can't do that, I can use a bow and arrow.

Elaine: Very clever. You don't want to be guilty of killing multiple tributes, I see.

Alli: Exactly. I don't want to take away the life of an innocent tribute.

  • Crowd smiles*

Elaine: How sweet! Such a caring girl you are, Alli!

Alli: Thank you. Is time up?

Elaine: You guessed right. Sorry. We have a friendly conversation. Good luck to you.

Alli: Thank you.

  • Alli leaves as she smiles at the crowd.*

Josephe from District 12

Elaine: Here's our last tribute, and if I can introduce him without falling asleep, here's Josephe!

  • Josephe walks onto the stage and sits down.*

Elaine: Hey Josephe. You're the last man to go.

Josephe: Pleasure to be here.

Elaine: What was your reaction to being reaped?

Josephe: I was pretty angry. I knew it would eventually happen, but why now?

Elaine: I know how you feel. Will you participate in the bloodbath?

Josephe: I will be in the outskirts getting supplies and killing whoever tries to kill me first.

Elaine: You look very well and clean. Do you have a lady back home?

Josephe: No, but I do like someone I have known for a little while. I want to ask her out, but I'm nervous.

Elaine: Win the games and she'll totally date you.

Josephe: I can't exactly do that. You see, this girl came here with me. I don't want to lose her.

  • Crowd smiles*

Elaine: And who is this girl?

Josephe: Melanie, the beautiful girl from District 4, the one who can aim a good arrow.

Elaine: Aww. Well, time's up. Good luck on your love life.

Josephe: Thanks for your advice.

  • Josephe leaves.*

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