Hunger Games A.B.C's

A-Ashton Moio, who plays the district 6 male tribute

B-bloodbath-the beginning of the games, where 11 tributes died

C-careers-Districts 1-4 have tributes as careers.

D-districts-There are 13, but only 12 have been pulled into THG.

E-Effie Trinket-She is the district 12 mentor.

F-Foxface-She is the sneaky district 5 female tribute, who dies from nightlock berries.

G-Glimmer-She is the career from District 1, who is killed by Katniss.

H-Hunger Games-2 tributes are picked from 12 out of 13 districts to participate.

I-Isabelle Fuhrman-She plays Clove.

J-Jennifer Lawrence-She plays Katniss Everdeen.

K-Katniss Everdeen-She is a volunteering victor from District 12.

L-"Loverboy"-Clove's nickname for Peeta

M-Mahogany!-Effie screams "That is MAHOGANY!" when Katniss stabs the table.

N-Nightlock berries-Foxface dies from eating these.

O-Octavia-She was a stylist later deceased.

P-Primrose Everdeen-She is Katniss's younger sister.

Q-Quarter Quell-TQQ is mentioned later in Catching Fire.

R-Rue-She is shot by Marvel. Her death was extremely devastaing. She was friends with Katniss.

S-Samuel Tan-He plays the District 8 male who gets knocked out with a backpack.

T-training scores-The tributes get ranked 1-12 based on how well they did in training.

U-Uprising of D8-When D8 becomes more popular...pretty self exclamitory.

V-Venia-She is a stylist for the Capitol.

W-Winners--The winners are the winning tributes.

X-X rated gore-There was lots of gore, neck slitting, stabbing, and blood.

Y-Year 74-This is the 74th Hunger Games.

Z-Zora-She is the female tribute, possibly a career, from District 4.

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