If you were my partner, I'd never let you die

I can find you shelter, take you to the nearest cave

Maybe find some food, the careers have no clue

I see some supplies that I'd really like to blow up

Hunt, hunt, hunt with Rue

Savannah lit a fire and the careers follow her

Cato knows about me, Glimmer knows about you

So say hello to your death in three, two, BOOM.

I'd like to be a victor of these games

Hey dude, please don't slit my throat

If you were my partner, I'd never let you die

Drag you on my arm, boy, you'd always be okay.

I could be your leading girl, anything you want.

If you were my partner, I'd never, never let you die.

Tell me what you need, yeah tell me what you want.

I can be like Tamora, spear Marvel in the face

I don't ever wanna die, yeah, you already know

I'mma find you some food while you're laying in the cave

Partner, partner, you're my awesome partner, you're my awesome partner, let's hope you don't die

Going hunting, and spearing and stabbing, and slitting Cato's throat with a hook on the cornucopia

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