These are my ideas for THG inspired nail polish! I hope you like them!

  • Seventeen interview colors* (Alexander, Ashton, Dayo, Sam!)
  • CATOnese Sense of style
  • Moio Sophistico
  • Every Dayo I'm Dressin' Up
  • Berry Sophisticated

  • Ashton Moio colors!*


The Boy in the Green Jacket

Moio Sophistico

Kiss My Arm

Bloody Axe Red

Tribute Orange

Fancy Footworking

  • District Colors!*

D1-Marverlous Things That Glimmer

D2-Golden Masonry

D3-Technally Updated

D4-Hook, Line, And Sinker

D5-Shock Me


D7-Stuck to Paper Like Glue

D8-Doll Me Up

D9-Feels Like Grain

D10-Howdy Partners


D12-Mine Sparkles

  • Other Colors!

Effie-So Effie Sparkly

Effie-That is Mahogany!


Cinna-Golden Memories

Primrose-Pink Like a Rose

Tamora-Live Like There's No Tamora

Peeta-I Knead Peeta Bread

Clove-Picking Cloves

  • Celeb named polishes!
  • Ian Nelson (Ian In Love With You)
  • Chris Mark (That Marks The Spot)
  • Ashton Moio (Fancy Footworking)
  • Imanol Yepez-Frias (Yepez, It's Pink)
  • Jeremy Marinas (Marinas Blue)
  • Leven Rambin (Leven You)
  • Kalia Prescott (Kalia Offer You Anything?)
  • Dakota Hood (Dakota in the Hood)

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