I decided to make a parody of the quotes stated in the Hunger Games.

Prim: I don't care if we're rich or poor. Just try to win.

Parody: I don't care if your boyfriend is ugly or hot. Just try to slit everyone's throat.

Clove: CATO!!!!!!!!!

Parody: MOM!!!!!!!!

Clove: CATO!!!!!!!

Parody: PEETA!!!!!

Clove: CATO!!!!!

Parody: MARVEL!!!!!!

Cato: Dude, where's my knife?

Jason: Silence

Parody: Cato: Dude, where the crap is my knife?

Jason: Up your butt.

Cato: Dude, where on Mars did you put my knife, yo?

Jason: It's at your mother's house. Durr

Effie: That is mahogany!

Parody: That is a fuzzy rug!

Clove: We're gonna let nature take care of Lover Boy.

Parody: We're gonna let my mom take care of the hottest living tribute.

Effie: May the odds be ever in your favor.

Parody: May the odds be never in your enemy's favor.

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