Here's a survey for anybody who wants to take it. Post your comments below.

1. Which tribute was your favorite, besides Katniss, Peeta, and the Careers?

A. Foxface

B. Rue

C. Thresh

D. Savannah, who sets the fire near Katniss's tree

2. Who is your favorite career?

A. Glimmer

B. Marvel

C. Clove

D. Cato

3. Which is your favorite tribute from the October Panem?

A. Jason, who is the D6 male who gets accused of stealing Cato's knife

B. Tamora, the girl from D6 who uses the bow and arrow

C. Azora, the career from D4 who amputates Jason's legs

D. Savannah, who sets the fire, as stated above

4. Which female tribute was your favorite?

A. Katniss

B. Clove

C. Foxface

D. Glimmer

5. Which male tribute is your favorite?

A. Marvel

B. Peeta

C. Cato

D. Thresh

6. Which unnamed tribute deserved a name the most?

A. District 7 female, whose mutt mauls Cato.

B. District 8 male, who breaks his ankle in the training room and strangles D5 male.

C. District 9 male, who is Clove's first victim and killed first in the book.

D. District 10 male, who was the last unnamed tribute killed, a.k.a Crippled Foot Boy.

7. Which death was the saddest, beside's Rue's because we all know it was the worst by far?

A. Jason, whose legs were amputated

B. District 10 female, who was constantly stabbed to death

C. District 4 male, whose throat was slit by Cato

D. District 9 male, who received a knife to the back choked on his own blood

8. Who would have won, besides the careers, if there was no Katniss Everdeen?

A. District 8 Male

B. Azora (In the movie, she's not a career.)

C. The Crippled Foot Boy

D. Thresh

9. Who would be a cute couple?

A. Peezora (Peeta and Azora)

B. Nolove (Noah and Clove)

C. Catora (Cato and Tamora)

D. Glarvel (Glimmer and Marvel)

10. Which alliance would you have liked to see in the movie?

A. Cato and Glimmer

B. Clove and Marvel

C. Katniss and D8 male

D. Peeta and Tamora

11. Besides Finnick, Annie, Haymitch, and Johanna, who would you want to be your mentor?

A. Wiress

B. Enobaria

C. Gloss

D. Woof

12. Which tribute from the 74th Hunger Games (besides the Katniss, Peeta, and the careers?)

A. D8 male

B. D7 female

C. D10 female

D. Jason

13. Whose dress would you want to wear to the interviews? (besides Katniss's, because it's everyone's fav)

A. Clove's

B. Foxface's

C. Glimmer's

D. Tamora's

14. Which chariot costume (besides d12), would you like to wear?

A. District 10's

B. District 6's

C. District 7's

D. District 3's

15. Who would you form an alliance with? (The main tributes)

A. Rue

B. Katniss

C. Peeta

D. The Careers

16. Which secondary tribute would you form an alliance with?

A. Jason

B. Savannah

C. Tamora

D. An unnamed tribute

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