To stop all of the bickering, I have decided to re-write this almost two months later. (I know, that's late...) Here is the correct order of the deaths from the movie and book combined. Foxface died first in the book, but Thresh died first in the movie. it is! If you have mean comments about inaccuracy from the past, keep it to yourself.

The correct death order!

District 9 male was killed when Clove threw a knife into a back and he collapses. But in the movie only, this is District 7 male instead.

Amber (District 3 female) was speared by Marvel, but District 5 male goes and finishes her off.

District 4 male was killed when Cato slit his throat as he was attempting to escape with a black suitcase.

District 5 male was strangled and choked by District 8 male.

Jason (District 6 male) had his legs amputated by the female tribute from District 4 and he died of blood loss in his legs.

Tamora (District 6 female) was speared by Marvel in the chest.

District 7 male was choked by the Crippled Male in the book, but he took a knfie to the back from Clove in the movie.

District 8 male's throat was slit by Thresh and he was knocked unconcious.

District 7 female supposedly died from a knife in her back from Clove, but all we know is that Clove killed her in an unknown fashion with a knife.

District 9 female was speared by Marvel towards the end of the bloodbath.

District 10 female was pierced in the chest multiple times by Glimmer. She was the last tribute dead in the bloodbath.

Savannah, the district 8 female, was stabbed by Glimmer, but she survived. Later that night, Peeta went and he finished her off.

Glimmer was stung to death by the tracker-jackers.

Azora (District 4 female) was stung to death by tracker-jackers, but in the movie, Cato slit her waist and she collapses on top of a black suitcase.

District 10 male (The Crippled Foot Boy) was supposedly stabbed by Clove and tracked down by the remaining careers while Katniss was asleep.

Noah (District 3 male) had his neck snapped by Cato in a fit of rage.

Marvel was bowed by Katniss in the chest after he speared Rue. Rue is speared first, but Marvel dies first.

Rue was speared in the chest by Marvel, the career tribute from District 1. She dies mintues after Marvel, even though she is speared before Marvel is bowed.

Clove is slammed against the Cornucopia wall and Thresh stones her after she tries to slit Katniss.

Thresh was mauled by mutts, which means he dies before Foxface in the movie.

Foxface eats nightlock berries found within feet of Peeta, and she dies after Thresh in the movie.

Cato was bowed in the hand and upper neck by Katniss, mauled by mutts, and he was the last tribute dead.


The 3rd Quarter Quell Death Orders

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