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My trip to each district!

I decided to write this to tell you about each district. You will learn some new trivia and know what I've heard and seen from each district. Enjoy!

District 1-This was my first stop. I was shocked by how much luxurious items they had in stock. I managed to find multiple items such as chandelier and lamp for my bedroom. Their tributes have been fully trained and have worked their tails off. District 1 is decently sized and very clean. This is one of the better districts of the Panem.

District 2-My next stop was District 2. I was in awe of the spectacular masonry sold. I bought myself a new knife so I could be like Clove. It is very big and spacious here. It could have been cleaner, but I am pretty impressed. Along with District 1, they try their best to bring home the victors.

District 3-I loved the electronics here! There was a huge variety unlike home. I scored myself the new iPad 2. This district was a good size and it reminded me just a tad of home. The people from this district are nice and served me right away.

District 4-The scenery of District 4 was amazing! The sunsets and sunrises were beautiful. I finally figured out how to fish. This district is very big and clean. It is hugely populated because of how spectacular of a district this is.

District 5-This district was full of interesting ideas. I never lost any reception on my iPhone. Most of the shops here were selling electronics, just like the ones I had bought in District 3. The people here were extremely up-to-date.

District 6-It was really beautiful down in District 6. It was easier to get places. It's a bummer people are getting tired of transportation because traveling is a lot faster here. It is really big and full of space here.

District 7-I am at the district of paper and lumber. I got a life supply of copy paper while visiting District 7. Everyone here was so down-to-Earth. I decided to take advantages of the trees and write in my diary, which is supplied by District 7 itself.

District 8-I loved the patterns on the walls and the floors. There were lots of pretty sights paintings and good jobs here, but it is a little less clean, based on the rebellions and bombings. I wish well recovery to District 8.

District 9-The sun was always shining in my face down in sunny District 9. I loved the grainy bread here! They should sell it back at home! I tooks 26 pounds of it home because I loved it so much!

District 10-I finally learned how to ride a cow! It kept bucking me off! I just loved the atmosphere here. I wish it was a bigger district, but I loved it here.

District 11-The workers down here make it look so easy to farm! I don't see how they can work so long all day! I got tired after attempting to farm for 2 hours before I left. This is a decent district, but I wish it was a little bigger.

District 12-I loved heading off into the forest for game, but I realized that is really dirty here. It was one of the poorer districts, and I felt like I was out of place. I think that their mining skills are all-star, but they need to renovate this district.

District 13-This district was really spacious and roomy, but it was also pretty. I got to test out a couple of nuclear weapons and take one home. The only thing is that it needs to be sunnier here.

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