A-Ashton Moio, who portrays the District 6 male tribute named Jason.

B-Blight, who was an unkeen victor of a previous games, but was deceased.

C-Clove, who is the district 2 career out to get Katniss.

D-Dakota Hood, who portrays the District 10 female.

E-Effie, who is the District 12 sponsor know for her famous quote,"That is Mahogany!"

F-Foxface, who is the district 5 girl who is known for being sly.

G-Glimmer, the career from district 1 who Katniss kills.

H-Haymitch, who is Katniss's drunk sponsor.

I-Isabelle Fuhrman, who is known for portraying Clove.

J-Johanna, who is the most recent and possibly the only female victor of District 7.

K-Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire who becomes the most recent THG victor.

L-Leigha Hancock, who plays the district 7 girl whose mutt mauls Cato.

M-Marvel, the District 1 tribute who spears Rue.

N-Noah, which is supposedly the name of the District 3 career whose neck is snapped by Cato.

O-Octavia, who is a stylist for Katniss.

P-Peeta, the District 12 male tribute who becomes a victor and falls in love with Katniss.

Q-Quarter Quell People-Well, I couldn't think of any other people.

R-Rue, the girl from District 11 who teams up with Katniss.

S-Samuel Tan, who is known for portraying the District 8 male who hurts his ankle in training.

T-Tara Macken, who portrays District 4's Zora

U-Unliving tributes, who are the dead tributes killed in the Games.

V-Venia, a stylist at the Captiol.

W-Woof, a tribute from the 75th Games.

X-X-Careers, such as District 4's tributes.

Y-Imaonl YEPEZ Frias, who plays the first tribute dead in the movie.

Z-Zora, the district 4 career who ranked 12th place.

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