The way Cato acted, so unacceptable

I saw Jason laying dead in the bloodbath

And that other tribute, I'm pretty sure she didn't know

That when Cato comes, the tragic things will happen.

Did Cato kill everyone you were fans of? (x2)

(The tributes took what they could, whoa oh, whoa oh)

So when Cato gets beat up, we laugh, laugh.

I saw a tribute on the screen, I had a heart attack.

And he awoke with blood all on his leg

Cuz Cato was Jason's enemy and Kara's just a memory, and he's so sick of this crap

What would Cato say to him and Clove?

And they could make some memories

They'd run to the tree, shoot arrows at that girl

The odds were never in their favor

So did Clove kill your favorite ones?

Behind the walls and in the nets, I am Rue.

Cato's rage has got Ryan dead.

Any last words now?

So when Clove gets stoned, we clap clap

That Thresh saved that girl from having a slit and broken neck

Katniss awoke with blood gone from her leg

Cuz Clove was her enemy and Rue is just a memory and she's so sick of Cato.

If I could Azora win, I'd clap clap

Cuz she's the greatest career laying under the trees

And she awoke with stings all over her

Cuz the bugs were her enemy and Glimmer was a memory and she's so sick of this pain

Don't give up chasing the tributes

Cuz they'll all die in time

Lately, I've been movie prepped, Mom's saved us spots in line

The only things that I'm sure of you will see right now is a big long line I have seen enough

I swear that what I'll see, I won't cry

Watch with suspence, fall in love

So when Cato gets shot, just laugh, laugh, laugh

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