Here are the friends and enemies of the 74th annual Hunger Games. (:


Katniss and Rue

Their super-tight friendship was hard to break! Katniss did what she could to protect her, but she got shot by Marvel. Katniss was devatstated by Rue's death. She shot Marvel, Rue's killer, because of this. She sung her the lullaby and put flowers in Rue's hand.

Katniss and Thresh

Thresh saved Katniss's life from Clove because she was close friends with Rue.

Katniss and Foxface

Katniss ran into Foxface after the bloodbath, and she let her go instead of killing her. She stayed by Foxface's side when she was dying.

Glimmer and Azora (District 4 Female)

Glimmer and Azora joined Districts 1 & 2 with their violent victory, even though Azora didn't kill anybody. Both tributes were killed by the tracker jackers, but Azora died seconds afterwards. Now that's a tight friendship!

Clove and Cato

Clove and Cato had a strong friendship as district partners. They teamed together and slit, stabbed, and shot multiple unnamed tributes in the bloodbath. Afterwards, they headed with Glimmer, Azora, Ryan, Peeta, and Marvel to look for Katniss. They were the only ones excited to attempt to kill Katniss, unlike Azora and Ryan. The only thing is that Cato didn't save Clove from dying.


Jason and Cato

Anger raged when Cato accused Jason (district 6 male) of taking his knife during the training. Jason, frozen faced, was clueless of the event taking place, but the other tributes were too afraid to speak up because it was Cato referring to Jason, not another tribute. Cato kept his promise to kill Jason, and kill him is what he did. His death was devastating and painful, causing anger to other tributes, and yes, me, Jason's biggest fan.

Ryan and Cato

Ryan (district 3 male) and Cato started off as good friends in the games, but then when he couldn't catch Foxface and the supplies blew up, Cato had an angry raging fit and snapped his neck. The other tributes (besides Cato and Clove) were shocked about his death.

Marvel and Kara (district 6 female)

Marvel dove in knife first and went running towards the district 6 female (portrayed by Kara Petersen). He stabbed her multiple times until she had no pulse. In the movie, you can see her crawling away from Marvel, but failing to escape.

Glimmer and Dakota (district 10 female)

Glimmer went in and stabbed district 10 female (portrayed by Dakota Hood) and pierced her multiple times. She was the last killed in the bloodbath before Glimmer makes her escape with district 2, Ryan, Azora, and Peeta.

Clove and Leigha (district 7 female)

Leigha was unlucky to escape the tragic bloodbath, and she was stabbed by Clove, leaving her dead with no pulse whatsoever. It is unknown if Clove had been eyeing her out, or she just went and stabbed her to death.

District 7 male and District 10 male

District 10 male choked district 7 male, killing him in the bloodbath.

Clove and district 9 male

Clove kills district 9 male when she throws a knife in his back, then, he coughs up his blood all over Katniss.

Thresh and Samuel (district 8 male)

Thresh kills district 8 male (portrayed by Samuel Tan) by knocking him out with his backpack. He was found unconcious and laying dead minutes later.


Savannah was stabbed by both Cato and Peeta when she lit the fire by Katniss's tree. She was first stabbed by Cato, then Peeta finished her off.

Rue and Marvel/Marvel and Katniss

Rue was killed by Marvel, then, Katniss killed Marvel. It was a double death, causing the most tears and devastaion. District 11, especially Rue's dad, had a bigger raging fit than Cato snapping Ryan's neck and destroyed the town.


Katniss and Cato had been eyeing each other in the training room. Cato is out to get Katniss, and he forces Peeta along. Peeta suggets they should wait until later, but the following morning, Glimmer and Azora were killed by Katniss. At the top of the Cornucopia, Katniss shoots Cato's hand while Peeta is strangling him. He falls off the Cornucopia and is finished off by the mutts.

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