Since my other games have been an epicsauceness fail, I have decided to try once again to make one that isn't an amazing story! Please sign up, only 3 of each position, please. Reservations last for 24 hours only. If you reserve a district or spot and it is taken before you reserve again, the other person gets it. Please try to add the information below and not 'in my blog." I know we're all guilty victims, but I'm not going to go back and forth checking. Here are the sign-ups below. May the odds be EVER in the favor of the victor. :)












Tribute District Weaknesses Weapon Portrayer
Amethyst DeMoir 1 Being too generous Bow and arrow, knife Cupcakesrule
Garnet Wilke 1 Can be too romantic Machete, sword Cupcakesrule
Felicity Lodge 2 Hand-to-hand combat Sleuth, flexibility AnnieCresta4
Draco Adams 2 Climbing, short-tempered Sword, spear Cato rocks!
Clarise Bens 3 Her anger issues Knife, slingshot SkyTimeGirl
Buxus Redcoat 3 Sometimes snippy Electrical traps Captainsv
Lyle Gray 4 Easily angered Trident, axe Bobloblaw1978
Marina Brooke 4 Being too loving, fires Throwing, sleuth knives, trident AnnieCresta4
Peter Liit 5 Sometimes rude Axe FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Hera Lovegood 5 Easily frightened Bow and arrow, sword Madgeical
Seth Barbarosa 6 Weak Slingshot Ms.finnickodair
Sophia Barbarosa 6 Over-protective Sword Ms.finnickodair
Pamline Falcone 7 Dealing with his past Axe FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Scythe Acrell 7 Vegetarian Crossbow, knife Aquastar4infinity
Aaron Winters 8 Hand-to-hand combat Bow and arrow Rockman117
Bree Barlow 8 None listed Sword, mace, bow and arrow Captainsv
Osment Pace 9 Tends to be fearful Knife, spear, deception Nate777
Amber Pike 9 Hand-to-hand combat Bow and arrow, knife, sleuth Nate777
Pillani Violo 10 Dealing with his past Sickle FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Peyton Whitley 10 None listed Poisoned darts/Blowgun Captainsv
Cap Hatfield 11 Horrible patience, blind in left eye Camoflauge Cbuscrew344
Raven Degrassi 11 Being underestimated Sleuth, knife, plant identification Madgeical
Lilac Coalburner 12 Her craziness Machete Rockman117
Ryker Fuego 12 Afraid of water Bow and arrow, knife FinnickisBOSS
Marie Richards 13 Climbing Bow and arrow Elini12
Jacob Pribe 13 Struggles making friends, weak Axe Cbuscrew344
Thalia Combe Capitol Short tempered Throwing knvies, archery Catnipkatniss
Jake Lawrence Capitol Short tempered Sharp objects (Mace, spear, ect.) Zannabanna
Abby It's a secret! Shh! ---------- ------------- ASFBN
Jackson It's a secret. Shh! ----------- --------------- JAXYFINKY







Name District Personality Advice Portrayer
Litsu Meguime 5 Bubbly, but a tad psychotic Find a place you feel is safe, and defend it with your life. FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Damon Ring 7 Calm, relaxed, calm, friendly Run and hide, but never attack. FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Mania Lu Sein 10 Strict,but has five star advice Ally with the careers, but kill them and take their weapons. FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Lynette Filiana 11 Find a good place to hide and just try and outlive the other tributes, get an alliance Madgeical





Chariot outfits:

Interview outfits:

Stylist District Female Chariot Male Chariot Female Interview Male Interview Portrayer
Name Unknown 5 She is wearing a dress made of complete solar panels. As the chariot moves round the solar panels collect in energy and power little bulbs that are covering the chariot. When these get to bright they explode causing a blinding flash. When the light clears she is wearing a long flowing dress made of diamonds. These diamonds reflect the light causing the illusion she is glowing. Her skin has been dusted pale silver. Her hair has been died black to cause the diamonds in her hair to stand out even more. He is wearing a suit made of complete solar panels. As the chariot moves round the solar panels collect in energy and power little bulbs that are covering the chariot. When these get to bright they explode causing a blinding flash. When the light clears he is wearing a suit covered in chunks of gold. These reflect the light to cause the imagination that he is glowing. His skin has been dusted a pale gold. His hair has been died jet black to cause it to stand out from the gold suit. FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Name Unknown 7 An elegant hairpiece made of various mosses, flowers and plantlife. Other than the headpice, the hair is let down and flows elegantly. Light green liptick, makeup and eyeshadow. The dress is comprised of two parts. The top is a tight boddess made of green, yellow, redu and purple leaves, giving it a flowy vibe. The belt is alrge and made of a fabric resemblimg tree bark. The bottom of the dress goes down to slightly above the knee, and is flowly, elegant, and made of multi-colored leaves and plantlife. Her shoes are green wedges with a brown heel. Same but a suit FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
RESERVED 10 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne

Private training sessions

Amethyst DeMoir, District 1.

I walk in as my name is announced and I introduce myself as I bow and announce my name. I look nervously at the gamemakes and I head over to the bow and arrow station. I grab my bow and aim it at the chest of the dummy, aiming right in the spot I was hoping for. The gamemakers are waiting for me to make my next move as I anxiously walk over to get another bow. I aim at the head this time, hoping to hit the nose of the dummy or even knock it off the body. I aim and shoot, hitting right below the nose, which was better than I imagined. I turn around and notice I'm at my last bow. I grab it and set it in place, aiming it wherever, but with my eyes closed. I shoot my arrow and it lands in the neck of the dummy. I turn around and I bow, nervously walking away.

Garnet Wilke, District 1.

As my name is called out, I get up and head to the sword station. I turn around and look at the gamemakers, settling over the fancy railing. I grab a sword and walk up to the first dummy. I slit its throat and I watch its head fall to the ground, smirking with satisfaction. I grab a machete and throw it at a target, aiming it right in the middle. I throw another, but it ridges to the side, which disappoints me just a little. I grab another sword laying on the rack and I throw it into the chest of another dummy. I bow and I start heading out the door.

Felicity Lodge, District 2.

I hear my name, Felicity Lodge, being announced by the gamemakers. That means it's my turn to show my skills, and that's exactly what I plan on doing. They call my name once again as I hide behind the wall. The gamemakers become uneasy, so I have a better chance of receiving of a higher score, I climb to the top of the wall and I plummet to the ground, making a five-star landing, hoping to make a good first impression. "Felicity Lodge." I say as I get up and put my hands on my hips. "Finally, welcome Felicity." the gamemakers tell me. I walk over to the knife station and I stare at the knives. I grab one as my hands start to shake. I throw it into the dummy, and it hits it in the chest, right on the target. I gasp at my sudden talent. I decide to throw another knife into the dummy, and it hits the neck of it. I stand there in awe and I turn around. I guess my session is over, so I bow, drop the knife I have left in my hand, and I casually walk away.

Draco Adams, District 2.

Training scores

Tribute District Score
Amethyst 1 9
Garnet 1 9
Felicity 2 10
Draco 2 9
Clarise 3 9
Buxus 3 7
Marina 4 8
Lyle 4 5
Peter 5 6
Luna 5 9
Seth 6 7
Sophia 6 8
Pamline 7 6
Sycthe 7 10
Aaron 8 7
Bree 8 9
Osment 9 6
Amber 9 8
Pillani 10 5
Peyton 10 10
Cap 11 6
Raven 11 7
Lilac 12 9
Ryker 12 8
Marie 13 11
Jacob 13 9
Thalia Capitol 10
Jake Capitol 9
Abby SECRET 11
Jackson SECRET 8

Odds of winninng

Tribute District Odds
Amethyst 1 5-1
Garnet 1 6-1
Felicity 2 4-1
Draco 2 8-1
Bernise 3 9-1
Buxus 3 11-1
Marina 4 8-1
Lyle 4 17-1
Luna 5 13-1
Peter 5 15-1
Sophia 6 9-1
Seth 6 10-1
Sycthe 7 5-1
Pamline 7 12-1
Bree 8 8-1
Aaron 8 7-1
Amber 9 10-1
Osment 9 11-1
Peyton 10 4-1
Pillani 10 18-1
Cap 11 22-1
Raven 11 11-1
Lilac 12 7-1
Ryker 12 6-1
Marie 13 9-1
Jacob 13 12-1
Thalia Capitol 8-1
Jake Capitol 9-1
Abby *Random tribute* 6-1
Jackson *Random tribute* 10-1

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