He takes one step out of a big black hovercraft

He's got a knife in his hand and a brand new sword

He got killed in the bloodbath, oh he got stabbed in the back

"Jason" is what they call him back at home

He's got a reputation unlike he could show

He got picked at the reaping, which I find hysterical

But I wish the odds were ever in Jason's favor ohh...

He came into the room, no words, no sound

Just running, trying to escape Cato's angry fit

Cato said, "Jason, where's my knife?" "I'll slit you, I'll stab you"

Stockpiled the nervous tributes standing there, and they just did nothing

Jason's been scared all night, fearing for his life and his neck

La da da, tomorrow Jason's gonna slit that Cato's neck

La da da tomorrow Jason's gonna kill that loser named Cato

And all of his friends will be involved

If you were part of this plan, we'd all be guilty for death

Ironic thing is that you can't slit peeps unless you have knives

And it'd be crazy to let Cato go


Cato, I hate to be rude,

You how we do things District 6 style

Take 10 steps, I'll throw this knife, take 5 steps, I'll come slit you

The screaming of the tributes, wishing I'd go ahead

So calm the tributes down, call the others from the other side

I've got you knife point and you can't leave

You gave me threats, and now, you're gonna pay for this crud.

A slit to the neck or the back, you know it doesn't matter

Tomorrow Cato will be dead

Tomorrow Jason will slit Cato during his escape

And all of the tributes are involved

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