The Fallen Games

The main fallen tributes from the 74th Hunger Games and the 3rd Quarter Quell are fighting to win the 1st Annual Fallen Games. They will be fighting on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the ocean. Each tribute will start off with $1000 dollars in their banking account for their sponsor to send them items they are in need of. There will be only 1 victor in the Fallen Games.


The tributes you can sponsor are first come and first serve. You can sponsor up to 4 tributes in these games. (Since there were no tributes with a name from District 9, I used the first name of the boy who portrays the first tribute dead in the 74th annual Hunger Games.)

The tributes
Tribute Sponsor Glimmer (1)
Marvel (1)
Cashmere (1)
Gloss (1)
Cato (2)
Clove (2)
Brutus (2)
Lyme (2)
Amber (3)
Noah (3)
Wiress (3)
Azora (4)
Finnick Odair (4)
Foxface (5)
Tamora (6)
Jason (6)
Female Morphling (6)
Male Morphling (6)
Titus (6)
Blight (7)
Savannah (8)
Cecelia (8)
Woof (8)
Imanol (9)
Crippled Male (10)
Rue (11)
Thresh (11)
Chaff (11)
Seeder (11)
Maysilee Donner (12)

The main weapon of each tribute (Sponsor what's possible!)

Tribute Weapon
Glimmer Bow and arrow
Marvel Spear
Gloss Dagger
Cashmere Knife
Cato Machete
Clove Knives to throw
Brutus Spear
Lyme Military force
Amber Fast recovery
Noah Technological traps
Wiress Coil
Azora Throwing axes
Finnick Odair Trident
Foxface Sleuth
Jason Trickery
Tamora Bow and arrow
Female Morphling Camoflague
Male Morphling Camoflauge
Titus Cannibalism
Blight Hand-to-hand combat
Savannah Setting fires
Cecelia Her fighting skills
Woof Strength
Imanol Axe
Crippled Male Hand-to-hand combat
Rue Hiding in trees
Thresh Rocks
Maysilee Donner Blowgun with poisoned darts

Items to send to each tribute


Fruit: $25 for 2 pieces

Dried nuts: $10 per pack

Water: $12 per 12 oz bottle

Crackers: $6 for 3 small packages

Nutella: $30 per 16 oz jar

Meat: $40 per oz

Berries (not nightlocks): $6 dollar per handful


Knife: $60 for package of 6 knives

Bow and arrow: $20 for bow and $20 for 4 arrows

Dagger: $20 for one dagger

Spear: $30 for a bag of 3 spears

Fork: $20 for two forks

Blowgun: $30 for gun and $6 for a box of 24 darts

Axe: $35 for one axe

Other items

Blanket: $20 for fleece blanket

Medicines (Not morphine): $25 per medicine

Empty backpack for storage: $10 per backpack

New combat boots: $12 for sizes below 7, $14 above 7

Chariot rides

Training room

Training scores


Answer these questions for the tribute you sponsor.

1. What are your emotions about being reaped?

2. Do you still feel like that now?

3. What has been the best and worst experience of being here?

4. Do you have a game plan yet?

5. Do you have a weapon in mind?

6. Will you form any alliances?

7. Who are you mainly out to get?

8. Do you think you have a chance of winning these games?

Day 1

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