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The First Half Quell (Featuring the fallen tributes of the 74th Hunger Games)

Welcome everyone to the First Half Quell! Let's pretend the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games haven't died. They will all be given names (if they are unnamed in the movie) and they will be participating in the games. You, as a user, can be a stylist, sponsor, or a mentor. Here is a list of the tributes. I will post everything else later. Remember that only one person can sponsor each tribute, so it's first come and first serve. You can sponsor up to three tributes altogether.

Tribute District Sponsor
Glimmer 1
Marvel 1
Clove 2
Cato 2
Amber 3
Noah 3
Azora 4
Ethan 4
Foxface 5
Chris 5
Tamora 6
Jason 6
Leigha 7
Sam 7
Savannah 8
Samuel 8
Annie 9
Imanol 9
Dakota 10

Crippled Foot Boy (Jeremy) 10

Rue 11
Thresh 11

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