==How this lovely plan works == Hello Hunger Gamers! Luckily, Foxface3 and I have the idea of having the 1st Annual Hunger Games Award Show! Only one vote for each category per person and NO adding categories because if the main characters were choices, it'd be pretty obvious who would win. Enjoy! :) ==Best pet! :D == Buttercup Everdeen

Lady Everdeen

The mockingjays


The mutts

==Hottest male tribute (for girls only) == Jason Henson (D6 Male)


Crippled Foot Male

Noah (D3 Male)

==Prettiest tribute (for boys) == Tamora




==Prettiest dress at the interviews == Tamora's

D7 female's



==Best chariot outfits == District 10

District 6

District 4

District 7

==Worst chariot outfits == District 9

District 3

District 8

District 5

==Most likely to be a victor == District 8 Male

District 7 Female

District 10 Female

District 5 Male

==The most violent == Thresh

District 8 Male

District 6 Male

District 7 Female

==The tribute who deserved to live == District 9 Female

District 9 Male

District 4 Male

District 10 Female

==The best dream couple == Catora (Cato + Tamora)

Peezora (Peeta + Azora)

Savel (Savannah + Marvel)

Croxface (Crippled Male + Foxface)

==Best song from the movie == Just a Game by Birdy

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire

Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

==Best scene == Dude, where's my knife?

Tracker-jacker scene


The reaping

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