District 1-All of the citizens 12-18 are standing in a fancy ballroom as they anxiously await Nessie Locket, the escort for District 1. She enters the stage and the room goes quiet. She shakes the jar and shuffles the slips of paper. She grabs one and says, "Ladies first." She holds up the slip of paper and recites the name Leven. Leven turns around and takes her step on the stage. She looks anything but nervous. Nessie takes a slip of paper from the boys' jar and recites the name Jack. He walks up to the stage as confident as Leven. Nessie congratulates the tributes and tells the citizens, "Congrats to our tributes for the 76th Hunger Games!"

District 2-Everyone is gathered in the City Hall building as their escort, Lacie, walks up to the podium. She shows a small video of a previous games and mocks the lines. After the video, she walks over to the jar with the girls's names inside. She shuffles the cards around for a few minutes as she create suspense. She draws out a slip of paper and reads the name Isabella. She takes her step up to the podium and waves to everyone. Lacie draws a slip from the boys' jar and reads the name Colton. The young blonde boy heads up to the stage, but Alexander stops him and volunteers. Lacie is shocked as Alexander confidently walks up to the podium. Lacie says, "Congrats to our first District 2 volunteer, Alexander, and congrats to our tributes!" The citizens give Cato the goodbye gesture, the same from District 11.

District 3-Everyone exchanges nervous stares as the crazily dressed escort for their district, Kayleigh walks upon the silver stage with her two name jars. She greets all of the citizens and shows the same video from District 2. She walks over to the boys' name jar and pulls out a name real quick. She recites the name Ian. He turns and exchanges nervous looks with the other people his age and slowly walks up. Kayleigh shakes his hand and welcomes him. She grabs a name out of the girl jar and recites it slower. The piece of paper read the name Kalia. The nervous girl walks up the stairs and onto the stage. She and Ian lock hands as Kayleigh congratulates the tributes for District 3.

District 4-As the mentor, Elizabeth enters the boardwalk, nervous stares are exchanged. She welcomes everyone to the reaping and gets right to drawing names. She has little hesitation reciting the female tribute's name, which is Tara. She walks upon the boardwalk and waves at everyone. Elizabeth draws a name from the boys' jar and reveals the name Ethan. He is quite young and he doesn't look like he's older than 12. Elizabeth silently waits for any volunteers and gives up. She recites, "These are our tributes for the 76th Hunger Games!" "Good luck to all, and may the odds be in the favor of the victor."

District 5-As the citizens nervously wait for their escort to arrive, everyone's constantly talking about the reaping. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Melina, walks up to the sparkly platform with her name jars. She talks to everyone about how the games and reaping work, and she walks over to the boys' jar. "Chris?" "Anyone here named Chris?" Melina asks. Chris walks up to podium and shakes Melina's hand. He walks to the side as she draws the girls' name. "Jacqueline?" She stands there frozen. "Jacqueline, come on, dear." Melina tells her from the podium. Jacqueline slowly walks up to the platform and nervously waves at the citizens. "Good luck in the games, tributes." Melina states, then, she takes Chris and Jacqueline away.

District 6-The citizens arrived just on time for the reaping as Brielle, their mentor, steps out of a shiny goldish-yellow hovercraft. Everyone nervously stands and waits for her to reach the stage. "I welcome all of you to the District 6 reaping." Brielle states. She shows pictures from the District 6 victors from previous games. She grabs a name out of the girls' jar and reads the name Kara. Kara steps up to the platform and gives everyone a smile. She does a great job of hiding her nervousness. She steps to the side and Brielle walks over to the boys' name jar. She shuffles around the slips of papers once and grabs a name. She recites the name Jason. Jason walks up and nervously smiles at the crowd. "Good luck to our spectacular tributes, Kara and Jason!" Melina says as she takes the two of them away.

District 7-Everyone within the ages of 12-18 and their families gather at the reaping. Joanne, the mentor, welcomes everyone to the reaping. She introduces herself and tells about their victors. She eventually walks over the the girls' name jar and shuffles around the names for a few minutes. She grabs a piece of paper and says, "Leigha, come to the podium." Leigha slowly walks up to the podium and is greeted by Joanne. She walks over to the boys' jar and grabs a piece of paper reading the name Sam. He walks up and shakes Joanne's hand, hiding his emotions. Joanne gives a wave to everyone and takes the triubtes with her as she exits.

District 8-Everyone is gathered into one tiny room as Katrina, the mentor from District 8 walks in. As she talks about the games and the victors, she attempts to put as many people at ease as she possibly can. She walks over to the girls' name jar and reads the name Mackenzie. She walks over to the small platform and waves to the citizens. Katrina walks over to the boys' name jar and pulls out a piece of paper that said the name Samuel. She recites his name and he slowly trudges up to the platform. Katrina links the two hands of Mackenzie and Samuel together and raises them up. She then says, "Congrats to our tributes, hopefully victors."

District 9-Everyone is gathered in a small grain field as they nervously await the mentor, Annabelle. The scenery is beautiful, which doesn't blend in with the mood. Annabelle walks up to the podium and introduces herself. She reads flash cards about the past tributes and victors from their district. She slowly walks over to the girls' name jar and grabs a piece of paper. She name she calls out is Annie. She nervously walks up and smiles at everyone. "It's ironic how we have the same name." Annabelle tells Annie. She walks over to the boys' name jar and pauses for suspense. Everyone nervously waits as she grabs a piece of paper out of the jar. She wastes little time and reads the name Imanol. He steps up to the platform and shakes Annabelle's hand. Annie says, "Here are our tributes for the 76th Hunger Games!"

District 10-All of the citizens are standing in a grassy plain. As everyone waits for Lauren, the mentor, you can hear the noise of the cattle loudly grazing in the background. Lauren eventually arrives and walks into the middle of the field. She then shows a video about District 10 and their tributes fighting in the games. She walks over to the name jars and takes a piece of paper from each one. As the video stops, she walks forward. "Attention everyone." "I am about to recite the name of our female tribute!" Lauren announces. She takes a deep breath and recites the name Dakota. Dakota exchanges a nervous stare with her mother as she slowly walks up. Her mother is seen crying, holding on to her son as they cry together. Dakota gives a nervous smile to the crowd and steps to the side. Lauren reads the boys' name, which is Jeremy. He walks up to Lauren and shakes her hand. Lauren takes both of the tributes with her as they say their goodbyes to their loved ones.

District 11-Everyone is united in one tiny and anything but homely building as Gemma, the mentor for their district, takes her step on top of a small platform. She welcomes everyone and tells about the games. She infers that they have had a couple of victors and how the past tributes have ranked. Gemma rolls up her plaid sleeve and takes a slip of paper out of the girls' name jar. She pauses and slowly recites the name Amandla to check for correct pronounciation. She looks younger than the boy from District 4, and she looks like it's her first year of being in the age group for the reaping. She stares at everyone and stands frozen. Gemma walks over to the boys' name jar and says the name Dayo. He looks too old to be a tribute, which means he couldn't be reaped anymore. She walks to her podium and says, "Give a round of applause for our tributes from District 11."

District 12-Everyone is walking over to the stage as Lizzie, the mentor for District 12 takes her step onto the stage. She welcomes everyone to the reaping and keeps a warming smile on her face to ease everyone. She shows a video and recites every line of it, not missing a single word. Lizzie walks over to the girls' name jar and shuffles around the names for a couple of minutes. Eventually, she grabs a piece of paper out of the jar and recites the name Victoria. She exchanges stares with her parents, and then walks up to the stage. Lizzie congratulates her as she walks to the side. Lizzie draws a name out of the boys' jar and says the name Austin. He walks up to Lizzie and greets her politely. He walks over to Victoria and Lizzie unites their hands. She tells the citizens, "These are our outstandingly brave tributes for the annual Hunger Games!"

District 13-Everyone is gathered into a large fancy recreation room as Marielle, the escort of District 13 takes her seat in a spiralling chair and lowers the microphone in front of her. "Welcome everyone to the reaping for the annual 76th Hunger Games." "If you don't know who I am, I am Marielle, the best escort this district has ever had." She plays a short video and walks over to the girls' name jar. Ashie's sister, Lily exchanges a nervous stare and says, "What if they pick me, Ashie?" "I don't want to die." "I'm only twelve." Ashie tells Lily, "Don't worry, I doubt they'll pick you because your name is only placed in the jar once." Marielle shuffles through the slips of paper and takes a piece. She pauses nervously and reads the name Lily. Ashie and Lily share nervous stares as Lily stands frozen. "Lily, dear?" "Are you out there anywhere?" Marielle asked. Lily slowly advances to the stage, but then, she's stopped by someone. Ashie runs up to Lily and says, "I volunteer as a tribute for the games." "I VOLUNTEER!" Ashie screams constantly. She hugs her sister as she cries into Ashie's shoulders. Her shoulders are covered in Lily's tears, but she doesn't care whatsoever. "Listen, Lily." "You've got Mother to take care of you and Louis will bring you whatever you need." "Don't worry, Lily." Everything will be okay, no doubt about it." Ashie tells her nervous sister. She attempts to pull Ashie away from the security guards, but Louis takes her away. Ashie waves goodbye and is escorted up to the stage. "I bet my diamond earrings that was your sister you volunteered to replace, huh?" Marielle asked Ashie. She nods her head yes. "What is your name?" Marielle asks. "Ashie." Marielle says, "Congrats to Ashie, the girl with the braided ponytail and the fiery red locks!" Everyone nervously smiles at me and I suddenly feel scared. I take a moment to pray for protection and smile at everyone. I wave to my sister, my mother, my father, my dog, and Louis. Marielle advances over to the boys' name jar and shuffles the names around until she's confident she has chosen one to make a lasting memory. She reads the name Josephe and he walks towards the stage, showing little nervous emotions. He actually seems excited to be representing our district. I stare and sigh, "Oh no, not him." A sudden flashback pops into my mind of our past. His mother kicked him out of the house constantly because of his negative attitude. I would always remember him stopping by my door and leaving me presents. He walks up to me and shakes my hand. He twirls me around a couple times to attempt to calm my nerves. Marielle links my hand with his and congratulates us. "Congrats to our amazing careers from District 13!" May the odds be in our victors' favors."

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