Daily Basis with a Moihomie.

Okay, so, this is a list of things us Moihomies do on a daily basis. Most of these are from Twitter.

What you can do.

  • Go free running! (Do it all the time)
  • Curl your hair to the right, just like District 6 Male in the chariot rides. (Haha my hair looks pretty curled.)
  • Start golfing. (I'm a pro at mini-golf! Oh yeah buddy!)
  • Wear a green denim jacket. (Wear it all the time.)
  • Pose in the same way as he does. (haha I'm a pro.)
  • Cuss every once of a while on Twitter. (okay, so I'm not a victim of this.)
  • Go hi-jack random cars. (Haha Let Me In.)
  • Jump off buildings. (Never done.)
  • Run away from axes. (Haha just like district 6 male.)
  • Wear plaid shirts. (I have so many.)

Who should I add next?

I want to know YOUR!!!! opinions! Let me know sometime!

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