G stands for girl and B stands for boy. A boy can't be described as glamorous. I do not mean to insult any tributes! Haha enjoy this quiz! (This took me 2 hours to make, so I hope you like it! Please don't leave any negative comments or spam in the comments! Make sure you post your answers and/or results below!)

1. What do you want to do when you grow up?

A. A famous celebrity with millions of fans screaming my name and dying to know what I put in my hair

B. A warrior who can easily kill anyone in your way

C. A blogger because I'm really good with technology

D. A fisher so I can make multiple recipes using seafood

E. Working at a power plant

F. A worldwide traveler who plans to visit every country that you have interest in

G. A world-famous trilogy or epic saga writer

H. A designer of anything, bathroom floors, fashion, interior, even dog outfits!

I. Inventing foods using grain such as your famous cereal called Wheaties

J. A famous horseback rider because you love being around nature and animals

K. A farmer because you're inspired by history and want to grow your own food to save money

L. A miner so you can find diamonds and sell them to make quick bucks

2. What is an adjective less than 3 words used to describe you?

AG. Glamorous

AB. Heartless

BG. Moody

BB. Evil

CG. Klutzy

CB. Tech-savvy

DG. Fastly reactive

DB. Tiny

EG. Elusive

EB. Serious

FG. Talented

FB. Never-Say-Die

GG. Calm

GB. Fighter type

HG. Mistakeful

HB. Clever

IG. Fast

IB. Adorable

JG. Hopeful

JB. Quiet

KG. Friendly

KB. Violent

LG. Memorable

LB. Doubtful

3. What would your weapon be?

A1. A spear to spear innocent tributes

A2. A spiky ring to poke out random tributes' eyes

B1. A machete to slit tributes' throat

B2. A knife to throw into innocent 12 year olds' backs

C1. My technical knowledge to set up a trap

C2. Running towards the tributes and hoping I could knock them out

D1. An axe to amputate the hottest tribute's legs because I couldn't bear it if someone else did

D2. My excellent hiding skills because I'm so short

E1. My elusive plans to hide out and figure out traps

E2. A sword to attempt to slit other tributes when they get in my way

F1. My bow and arrow to shoot other tributes in the face

F2. My arm to block any upcoming objects and blood from my face

G1. My ability to maul other tributes

G2. An axe to try to trip other tributes

H1. My ability to set fires wherever I want to

H2. My clever trickery so I wouldn't be aimed for by the careers

I1. Running as fast as I would be going to a sale at my favorite store

I2. Using an axe to throw at other tributes

J1. Managing to be the last tribute dead in the bloodbath

J2. Hand to hand combat because I could snap someone else's arm like a twig

K1. Hiding from a distance

K2. Stoning people in the skull

L1. The bow and arrow to hunt

L2. Camoflauge so other tributes don't see me

4. What color would you want to wear to the interviews?

A. Mauve

B. Gold

C. Silver

D. Aquamarine

E. Powder blue

F. Sparkly yellow

G. White

H. Neon pink

I. Beige

J. Yellowish-gold

K. Forest green

L. Black

5. What is the first thing people notice about you?

A1. The sparkly clothes I wear

A2. My baby cheeks

B1. My braided ponytail

B2. The evil stare in my eyes

C1. How dazed out I can look

C2. My dark brown eyes

D1. How tall I am compared to my partner

D2. How adorable I am

E1. How poised I am

E2. The way my eyebrows slant

F1. My long blonde pigtails

F2. My ashen brown hair and how it matches my eyes

G1. My dip-dye colored braid

G2. The way I part my hair

H1. My bright curly red hair

H2. My serious stare

I1. My pin straight Cat Valentine colored hair

I2. How short, sweet and innocent I really am

J1. My big hazel eyes

J2. My broken ankle and the way I limp wherever I go

K1. My adorable pigtails

K2. How tall and muscular I am compared to everyone else

L1. My bright red dress compared to how casual I am

L2. How well I can clean up

6. How will you try to win sponsors?

A1. Being known for looking my fanciest

A2. Being a comedian

B1. Being nicer than normal

B2. With my killer techniques on how I plan to win and bring pride to my district

C1. Making the fastest recovery

C2. My impressve technologicial skills

D1. My spectacular training score

D2. Being cute like I am

E1. Explaining my clever plans

E2. Explaining how I will use my sword

F1. Explaining how I will try to win and collect my weapons

F2. By being known as the comeback kid

G1. By having the ability to maul others

G2. By promising to avoid being killed

H1. Explaining how I will survive if I end up unlucky and where I will set my fires

H2. Proving and explaining how clever I am

I1. By attempting to bring pride to my almost victorless district

I2. Being a cutie and melting hearts with my adorable voice

J1. Keeping my faith strong

J2. With my sympathetic story on how I broke my ankle

K1. By telling everyone that I am sweet and I won't hurt a soul

K2. By telling everyone how strong and tall I am

L1. By making a great first impression

L2. By admitting my love to my crush and wooing the hearts of others

Answers!! Woot woot!

If you answered A1/A for 3 or more...You are Glimmer! You always make things an event and try to be the fanciest person. Let's see if you can make being stung by over 75 tracker jackers a fashion statement.

If you answered A2/A for 3 or more...You are Marvel! You seem to throw witty jokes at everyone, but you still attempt to impress others. Let's hope you don't spear any innocent children because of your results.

If you answered B1/B for 3 or more...You are Cato! You always put up a fight and want to bring pride to your district. Dying is not an option for you. Let's see if you can avoid being mauled by District 7 female.

If you answered B2/B for 3 or more...You are Clove! Your moodiness can help you, but also harm you. You never plan on giving up. Staying away from rocks would be a good idea for you.

If you answered C1/C for 3 or more...You are Amber! Your 10/20 hand-eye coordination can sometimes cost you, but you can survive almost anything. Let's hope you don't plan on falling of any monkey bars and splitting your top lip open.

If you answered C2/C for 3 or more...You are Noah! Your ability to bring technology into the games will earn you a secured spot as a career, but one mistake and BOOM! Let's hope you don't get around any explosions.

If you answered D1/D for 3 or more...You are Azora! Your ability to fight keeps you standing for a while, but make sure to take cover for flying objects. I recommend you stay away for sharp and tall objects.

If you answered D2/D for 3 or more...You are D4 male! Your short height and young age will win you sympathy and make others think you're adorable, but beware Cato's knife as he creeps upon you with your black suitcase.

If you answered E1/E for 3 or more...You are Foxface! Your sleuth and elusive plans will cause suspense. You are a clever person who can hide anywhere and not be noticed. Don't hide in your fridge and eat all of the nightlock berries.

If you answered E2/E for 3 or more...You are D5 male! Your strong suit is carrying around a sword, but too bad it'd never come in handy. Avoid anyone who looks suspicious, like they want to tackle you.

If you answered F1/F for 3 or more...You are Tamora! You are talented with the bow and arrow and could kill anyone with it. You could even shoot Marvel in the face with your bow and arrow or slap anyone with your long pigtails. I suggest you avoid spears at all cost.

If you answered F2/F for 3 or more...You are Jason! Your clever acts and you chocolate brown eyes are sure to win the hearts of others. You have a strong attitude and you have the ability to stand up for yourself, which will spare you your life, but avoid flying axes if you love having legs.

If you answered G1/G for 3 or more...You are D7 female! Your ability to maul others will get you far, but you are also peacefully calm and do your best to avoid fights. Clove may seem like your friend, but make sure to avoid her at all costs.

If you answered G2/G for 3 or more...You are D7 male! You are a fighter who attempts to escape negative outcomes, but you sometimes fail. Just avoid any stalkers who look like they want to strangle you.

If you answered H1/H for 3 or more...You are Savannah! You have a very useful talent, but you seem to use it in the wrong way. You do things at the wrong time, which can cost you. Just avoid peetaphiles resting in trees with knives in their hands.

If you answered H2/H for 3 or more...You are D8 male! You are super clever and you put on a good show. You always keep people entertained, and nothing less. You are a good fighter, but avoid people carrying backpacks.

If you answered I1/I for 3 or more...You are D9 female! Your red hair is easy to notice. You are fast for your age and try to bring something for the people you know to remember. Make sure to avoid Marvel with his spear.

If you answered I2/I for 3 or more...You are D9 male! You are super adorable and nobody can deny it. You can sneakily throw axes wherever because you're so short, but avoid Clove and her knives.

If you answered J1/J for 3 or more...You are D10 female! You always stay strong in faith and can manage to crawl out of drama with the odds ever in your favor, but make sure to avoid Glimmer with her knife.

If you answered J2/J for 3 or more...You are the Crippled Foot Boy! You tend to win others over with your painful stories that bring you sympathy, if you even tend to talk at all. Make sure you continute to hide in a super clever spot and avoid anyone with weapons, especially angry careers at all times.

If you answered K1/K for 3 or more...You are Rue! Your friendliness will get you allies and keep you safe. You always have a smile on your face and make others smile, too. Make sure to avoid Marvel's traps.

If you answered K2/K for 3 or more...You are Thresh! You are strong and tall and can take anyone down who interferes with you, except for rabid mutts. Whatever you do, make sure you avoid any angry suspicious animal.

If you answered L1/L for 3 or more...You are Katniss! You are bound to make a memory based on how much you have changed ever since Day One. You still manage to add your own touches to what you do. Make sure you avoid Clove because she's out to get you.

If you answered L2/L for 3 or more...You are Peeta! You're a hopeless romantic who will do anything for your lover. You still try to hold your head high, even though you doubt a lot. Avoid your evil mother who throws bread at you and Cato with his sword.

Did you get mixed answers? You are multiple tributes! Jolly good! :)

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