The informational chizz about AshtonMoioLover

Here's the random factoids about me, the coolest female ever.

My favorite celebrities (There were too many to add, so I just picked my all-time favorite celebs in the movie!)

Moio rocks

Ashton Moio. <3

Ashton Moio. If you haven't noticed, he's my husband. Haha our kids will be so cute. Okay...I'm a huge fan girl. At least I have a bigger chance than his other fangirls. We tweet each other a lot. :)

Samuel Tan. He is so hot and he is such a great actor. I was hoping he'd be a victor of the Hunger Games, but that sadly didn't happen. Stupid Gary Ross. haha :)

Samuel Tan!!!!

Kara Petersen is so awesomesauceness! She is very talented and she seems really nice. People always compare me to her for some reason. Maybe it's my eyes or my personality? Rofl. :D

Kara ths

Kara Petersen!

Leigha Hancock is an amazing gymnast and she is very talented. She is a very nice person and she called me creative on Twitter! What a good friend!

Leigha for banner

Leigha Hancock

Jacqueline Emerson did a great job as Foxface. She can also sing! I love her hair! It's so awesomesaucesness. I'm also compared to Foxface for many reasons.


Jacqueline Emerson as Foxface

Isabelle Fuhrman is an amazing actress and she perfectly portrayed Clove. She looks just like I pictured her to appear in the books.


Isabelle Fuhrman as Clove

Annie Thurman is another celebrity who I'm always being compared to. She is a really good actress and she's very calm! She tends to be such a normal person! :D

D9 tribute

Annie Thurman

Taylor Swift is the best singer on the planet, no doubt about it. She has a great voice and her music is the bomb!
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift!

Mackenzie Lintz is really talented and yes, people often compare me to her also. She can sing and act. She's also got a friendly personality.
Mack lintz my twin

Mackenzie Lintz

Last but not least, the adorable Imanol Yepez-Frias! He is such a little cutie! He is so talented and he is so freaking adorable! Who wouldn't love him?


Imanol Yepez-Frias

Official pictures to prove that I'm an awesomesauceness person. (Approved by the cast.)

Katniss approves

Katniss approves my relationship with District 6 Male, Jason, and she wants to be our kid. :)

Cato approves

Cato approves.

Peeta approves

Peeta approves that I'm a sexy beast.

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