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The submission period has ended! Thank you for participating. You can check out the final tributes and the WINNER here! A special congratulations to Eyda Lim for her winning design!


Hey there Hunger Games fans and fellow fashionistas!

To start getting in the spirit of the upcoming Catching Fire premiere, we want YOU to assemble the ultimate outrageous Capitol outfit. Let your creativity run wild in designing the biggest, boldest, and most exquisite outfit that would make even Effie Trinket turn around to look twice.


How to Enter:
1. You must be a logged in user. You can create an account here!
2. Choose FOUR or more of the following:

  • Hair
  • Accessory - hats, gloves, stockings
  • Jewelry
  • Top/Dress
  • Bottoms/Skirt
  • Shoes
  • Makeup/nails

Example Entry:My Pinterest Board
3. Show us your original outfit ideas by submitting a list of links, a Polyvore board, a Pinterest board, a drawing, or anything else that shows us what your dream Capitol outfit looks like.
4. Submit your final entry in the comments below. Entries MUST be complete for a winner to be selected.

How to Win:
The submission period closes on October 11. On October 16, the top entries (as determined by the Wikia staff) will be put up to a vote on the Fashion Wikia for YOU and the other users to vote. The entry with the most votes wins!

The winner will be announced on October 23. The prize for this contest will be an original Catching Fire poster and pin.

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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