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  • I live in District Seven Woods
  • My occupation is Lumberjack
  • I am Male
  • Aspen7783

    Hello, everyone it's Aspen here, back after a month on vacation from somewhere, I can't remember all that well, but I have decided to do a games: The 75th Hunger games, however this is written if there was no, 'Save Katniss!' Alliance. This will also have a twist named: 'Elements!' that will be revealled as the Quarter Quell progresses. Get your tribute token ready, choose up to two tributes to mentor and: Let the 75th Hunger games begin!

    To enter in these games simply comment on what tribute you would want to mentor, make sure it is not taken up. These games you will not get to decide most of the tributes however these tributes will require Names, Ages, Weapons, Backstories, etc:

    District 5 Male / Female

    District 6 Male / Female

    District 9 Ma…

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  • Aspen7783

    Hey Guys! I am really excited about this sequel to the sucsessful My District which got 201 comments! As always thanks so much guys and credit to Jade for allowing me to purchase the rights to the minigame XD

    1. In My District the aim is to create as many districts as you can until Valentines Day when the fun starts.
    2. To create / claim a district you must give me a reason: Eg. I claim this district cuz I'm in Ireland MD
    3. Put MD at the end of each sentence to confirm your district.
    4. You can only post once an hour or once three others have.
    5. Have FUN :D

    Once again there will be BONUS points (+5) and DeBONUS points (-5) and to get these impress me or annoy me XD

    For Valentines Day you can have Girlfriends and Boyfriends! To do this both of you must confirm…

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  • Aspen7783

    Hello fellow detectives. Welcome to the Mysterious Capitol Society a camp involved in investigating strange occurences. I hope you enjoy your last few days if you sign up to go to the most grewsome camp of all...

    5.46pm, Training Centre, Capitol, Panem

    Robel Roberts

    SUBJECT: The Mysterious Capitol Society

    Good Evening, Fellow Capitol Citizens,

    It is today that you may join TMCS, for a cost of: 0.00. However this offer WILL self destruct soon. To apply please enter your Name, Age, Experiances, Code Name, One of Six Traits and Fake Email Adress. You'll be transported to TMCS Lab Camp for further instructions,

    The World is Quiet Here, Robel

    If you apply, you will be divided into one of four scientific reserach parties which will together investigate…

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  • Aspen7783

    My District (MY HILL)

    February 1, 2014 by Aspen7783

     Hey Guys! I'm just using the 'My Hill' idea (Jadeinto a My District. Hope you guys enjoy!

    1. The Object of the game is to claim as many districts as you can!
    2. To claim a district you must give me a reason. Eg. I claim this district because I am an Aussie MD
    3. You must say MD (My District) or simply the words My District at the end of each comment.
    4. You can only post once an hour or once three others have made a post!

    You can win 5 Districts at a time if you give me a creative reason :D

    You can LOOSE 5 Districts at a time if you give me a bad reason :D

    User Districts Owned
    Jade 64 INJURED
    Uncle Eli 1 DEAD
    Sam 6
    Lexis 45
    Rebekah 56
    Summer 7
    Kaeghan 52 DEAD
    Ccmoco 29
    Blake 61 DEAD
    K.E.F 12
    Tara 10
    RainLiza 5
    RandomStuff !OMG! 10

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  • Aspen7783

    Hello Movie Stars! I have decided to make a RP Games, like everyone else is currently doing. This one will have a !HOLLYWOOD! theme to it, so I hope you guys enjoy!

    1. No godmodding whatsoever! You'll get 2 warnings, however if you fail to follow these you'll be fired from the Movie Industry!
    2. Cursing is allowed but don't go Pirahna over it.
    3. Have a Cracker time!

    (Alice) I throw the axe, as it hits JoJo in the face.

    (JoJo) I dodge the axe and clap my hands together releasing aliens killing everyone but me!

    (Maxatrillion) I see a Shrek Mutt, as it charges at me.





    Fav Weapon:

    The Arena is a massive floating island with gushing waterfalls falling off the edges. The Arena is split up into four quadrents from four different movies. T…

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