:DHey Everyone! Now, I know my other games are late, I'm going to work on them in a week or two, but anyway, here is an IDEA! of mine, which if you want to copy, just ask! There's going to be six rounds, related to this wiki, that 24 users will participate in! There will be 6 teams (like countries in the Olympics), which help each other to survive and not get eliminated. You can nter twice, once with your name and second with any name you like! I hope you guys enjoy!

The teams will be on a 'Human-Job-Based-Theme'. Eg. Carpenter, Painter. Each team will have a special ability to be used throughout the games.


Name: (Simple, I'd prefer if you use the name of yourself!)

Age: (Any age between 12-18)

Gender: (Easy as 1,2,3)

Preferred Team: (You might not get it!)

Strengths: (Related please)

Weaknesses: (Also Related)


Team Assasins (Ability: Very smart and strategic, but always listen to orders) Jinx(15) Kyle(14)
Team Magicians (Ability: Can Read minds and make illusions, but are very weak)
Team Artists (Ability: Very good at convincing and camouflaging, but quite dumb) Danny(15)
Team Zoo Keepers (Ability: Amazing Climbing, Running and Swimming, especially with animals) Natalie(16)
Team Stalkers (Ability: Extremely Steathly and sly, great with darkness, but weak in light) Blake(14) Rebekah(13)
Team Guiness World Record Breakers (Ability: Very flexible and talented but dumb-witted) Kaeghan(13)

In the template Type your preferred Team, but if you don't or don't have a good reason, I'll sort you according to your well, personality? Mwa HaHaHaHa!

Opening Ceremony...

I'll write it once all spots are filled :D

The Olympics...

There will be SIX rounds, all different, which I will write, like a Hunger Games! 3 of them will be written by ME! and 3 will be written by all the comments, just like a roleplaying games! No godmodding please :D. In the first three (by ME!) just type in advice!

Assasins Stalkers Zoo Keepers G.W.R Breakers Artists Magicians
Jinx Blake Natalie Kaeghan Danny
Kyle Rebekah

ABOVE is the elimination table, for when people get eliminated!

Round One: Lunaii Competition

Round Two: Hide 'n' Kill

Round Three: Amazing Race of Death

Round Four: Survivor (Like the T.V Show)

Round Five: Capture the Flag

Round Six: Fight to the death Arena

Enjoy! Please spread the word!

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