Hey, everybody, this is my very first Hunger Games, so I hope you guys enjoy this, give me some feedback if you will, and hopefully some people can join this, so lets go for an amazing games!

Years ago when the flood, swept 106th Hunger Games came to an end, the third, and hopefully final rebellion started in district 9 wiping out thousands of thousands of peacekeepers and citizens. The rebellion was started when nineteen tributes in the 106th games committed suicide in order to show the capitol that Panem, IS unfair. Of course this went down extremly unpleasent and the tribute in charge of this, was from the grain district of 9.

Over, years and years of bombing, killing and riots the unknown untill then nation of Australia, bombed the so called capitol, destroying everything, even shaking the houses of district one. Snow, was... dead. The capitol retreated to their mountain base in Alaska, leaving behind most but saving little. The nation of Australia, now called Sydnopalius, lost the battle in the Swaziland Savhanna's retreating back to their homeland and regretting their involvment.

The Capitol finally ceased the battle destroying 12, 9 and 3 in the process, whilst also, causing satisfying chaos in all districts. In the years after the rebellion, in 2278, 2 districts were made in order to pay respect. The games continued, however, in unique arenas which included, district 9, district 12, the himalayas "The old towers" and finally a battered, bruised and burnt London. Now, the 124th Games will take place in a forecfield covered CAPITOL!

Rules for Play

  1. Do not swear, threaten or discriminate anyone during the games or any tribute, however negative comments are allowed but monitered.
  2. I will not include anything sexual, or swearing and nor do i want you too.
  3. Not too many strengths and weapons and not too little weaknesses. Age must be 12-18
  4. Please don't have any tributes with superpowers!
  5. Use the following template and feel free to add anything to it.
  6. You will start off with $250 Sponsor money, which will be added by killing and training results.
  7. ===ENJOY :D===

Tribute Template:





Appearance: (If you make a Lunaii, you get 25 sponser money :P)





(You can add any strategies, alliances or token items, as well as their backstory for 10 extra sponsor points each)


Justice and Lily are allianced and are still open to anyone!

Eugene has an alliance with Derpy and anyone can come join!

The Careers are the following: Bronze Lucrian, Helena Krisp, Karla Flake, Ryker Ashlar Styx

Rebekah Ure is allianced with Grimm Shynx and Charm Shynx, 

The Anti Careers will most likely be lead by Toph Beifong and contain Willy Fry, Lulu Glades

Tributes, and districts

District / Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
1. F Toph Beifong $355 13 Throwing Axe Cute / Strength Swimming / Fire / Running
1. M Bronze Lucrian $325 17 Spear / Kukri Strong / Accuracy / Traps Arrogant / Weight

2. F Ditzy Doo "Derpy"Hooves


 14 Sword / Traps / Muffins Swimming / Climbing / Fun Sprinting / Clumbsyness / Teased
2. M Ryker Ashlar Styx $300 18 Sword / Spear / Axes Hand-To-Hand Combat Climbing (due to size)
!Rebuilt! 3. F Karla Flake $355 16 Knives Intelligance Communication
!Rebuilt! 3.M Mikal Fuse $345 14 Knives / Machete / Technology Hand-To-Hand Combat / Hunting Swimming / Strength
4. F Nymph Mere $325 18 Throwing Axe Poison / Climbing Survival / Strength
4. M Olly Waves $295 17 Trident Swimming / Diving Sprinting / Land Knowledge
5. F Clarisse Winters $335 14 Spear


Poison / Plants

Sprinting / Not having Poisons / Strongness
5. M Grimm Shynx $285 14 Teeth / Blades Teeth / Swimming / Climbing Sprinting / Killing & Death
6. F Charm Shynx $285 14 Spear / Wire / Teeth Aiming / Swimming / Thowing Sprinting / Climbing / Death & Stress
6. M Blade Spectrus $355 14 Spear / Knife/ Sword Speed/ Strength/ Agility Climbing / Sleep
7. F Lily Endeavour $325 13 An Axe Intelligance  Sprinting / Power
7. M Crayolaya Licorice $310 18


/ Spear

Climbing / Weapon Craft Swimming / Hand-To-Hand Combat
8. F Lulu Glades $325 14 Kama / Blowgun Camouflage Insane / Dumbness
8. M Albert Heller Brites $305 16 Combat Knives / Poisonus Blowgun

Speed / Startegies / camouflage/


Swimming / Strength / Pessimistic
!Rebuilt! 9. F Rebekah Ure $295 12 (13 on 3rd) Hands / Blowgun / Teeth Sprinting / Climbing / Choking Swimming / Broken Heart / Crying
!Rebuilt! 9.M Eugene "Ugly" Tuxedo $285 18 Scythe Very Strong Very Ugly?
10. F Helena Krisp $355 18 Katana Easily Kill Water / Ocean
10. M Justice Endevour $325 17 Survival / Animals Stealth / Animals Too Emotional / Triest to be Hero
11.F Kyron Zhang $325 16 Knives / Bow 'n' Arrow Running / Climbing / Hutning Very Low Strength
11.M Willy Fry $315 13 Bow / Dagger Medicine / Itelligance / Friends Killing / Strength / Accuracy


The Arena, will be a massive rundown, ruined version of the Capitol featuring everything in there, as there was during the 74-75th Hunger Games. The Force Field will make its way around the city starting at the Rockies and ending in a collosal dome, behind Snows mansion. The cornucopia will sit in the middle of the tribute parade runway (right), with tributes standing 20 metres away above massive lava pits. It will be a parkour to the middle and back, which is surrounded by glass buildings (also right, below Capitol Runway), which is used for spectating. There are also 3 hidden instant revive spots around the arena, which can save a tributes life! Look out!
Capitol 1



Spear / Throwing Spear: 225

Thowing Axe / Axe: 215

Machete: 195

A small knife: 165

A medium pack of Knives: 215

A large pack of Knives: 265

A Bow: 200

12 Arrows: 195

24 Arrows: 245

Blowgun: 250

Saw: 185

Security Cameras (special!) : 300

Dagger: 205

Katana: 225

3 Poisons: 235

Foods / Waters:

6 Breads: 135

12 Breads: 200

Blueberry Muffins: 215

Bag 'O' Apples: 185

Hot Chocolate: 30

1 Liter of Water: 185

2 Liters of Water: 230

Bucket 'O' Water: 275

Murky mud water: 35

Other / Medicines:

Lava Medicine: 305

3 Pack of band-aids: 205

6 pack of band-aids: 240

Hand / Mouth Sanitiser: 130

Instant Relief (clears away all pain): 325

Lava-proof boat + life jackets: 300

Grabbling Hook: 310

The Ultimate Gourmet Buffet: 375

Name of Tribute / Traing Score/ Odds Sponsor Cah
1. F Toph Beifong 8 7-100 $355
1. M Bronze Lucrian 9 6-100 $325
2. F Ditzy Doo Hooves 7 13-100 $295
2. M Ryker Styx 7 11-100 $300
3. F Karla Flake 6 21-100 $355
3. M Mikal Fuse 10 4-100 $345
4. F Nymph Mere 8 9-100 $325
4. M Olly Waves 5 32-100 $295
5. M Grimm Shynx 7 14-100 $285
5. F Clarisse Winters 7 12-100 $335
6. M Blade Spectrus 11 3-100 $355
6. F Charm Shynx 8 10-100 $285
7. M Crayolaya Licorice 7 17-100 $310
7. F Lily Endeavour 6 21-100 $325
8. M Albert Heller Brites 9 8-100 $305
8. F Lulu Glades 9 5-100 $325
9. M Eugene UGLY Tuxedo 8 11-100 $285
9. F Rebekkah Ure 7 11-100 $295
10. M Helena Krisp 7 15-100 $355
10. F Justice Endeavour 8 13-100 $325
11. M Willy Fry 8 12-100

11.F Kyron Fang  9  6-100                                                $325

Chariot Rides

District One: 'Confetti'

I reach into the glass commentating capsule with Yoshi Templesmith and flicker over the tributes names for this years Chariot Rides. "Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman an wecome to the 124th Annual HUNGER GAMES!" I yell as the crowd errupts into excitement. "This year will be a year to remember as we spectate on the streets of Grenwhich, everybody please give a round of applause to President Stoshia!"

As Stoshia takes us through a breif history of The Hunger Games and concludes with a bang of fireworks, Yoshi whispers into the microphone "Began!" and the clang of the building door releases. "Look, at Toph Beifong and Bronze Lucrian, everybody!" I say pointing.

Toph is wearing an amazing velevet dress of sorts, with a pink undercoat which has pictures of bright glimmers and twinkles. The dress waves up and down, hanging of the Chariots rear before an erray of confetti dazzles the air. "Look at that! Their she is Toph Beifong the girl on glitter!" I remark and nod on over to Yoshi who begins his talk on Bronze.

"This year, is-is -is incredible! Look at that Purple and Bronze Confetti!" Yoshi screams and i peer over at Bronze. He is wearing an eye-blinding Bronze Tuxedo with thousands on thousands of buds attached to it waving up and down at the Bronze confetti around him. He smiles at me waving hands and continues his journey down the streets of London. "That sure, was incredible and judging by that lets see District 2!"

District Two: 'Bricks'

As Toph and Bronze veer around a corner, Ditzy Doo and Ryker come on out dressed in the most stunning of costumes. "Look at that Muffin lady! Browns, oranges, greys and blacks everywhere!" I yell. The chariot suddnely topples over sideways releasing a large thick thread which wraps around the chariot, and like an illusion the transport suddnely transforms into bricks.

"Holy Tracker-Jacker! Look at that first!" Yoshi says about to faint. The chariot is patterned with a million bricks all covering it, like a building shifting and turning wildy. The tributes begin dancing like their the best in the world showing of their costume and chariot. "Now, now. Lets focus on the tributes, shall we?" he says. Ryker is dressed very limetly with an orange strap of armour covering his lower body and a greek cloak covering his upper. His eyes turn to me and slowly subside, turning red? He makes a rude hand gesture and pokes his tongue out and goes back to wordk.

"That was orkward? Lets go onto Derpy? Wow, look she sure likes her muffins!" I say and start peering over her outfit. She is dressed in a Greek Godess outfit all white and brown that is at least a kilometre long! She does a cute Queen Elizebeth wave since where here in England and points at her dress. Closely, you can see thousands of tiny muffins getting larger and larger and a- POOF! The muffins suddnely explode and she laughs turning to me and whiping the cupcake off. She smiles and vanishes around the corner.

District Three: 'Wires'

The two tributes from three, suddenly *PLOOMTH* out of the building vanshing in sight and popping up to our left like a glitching technology equipment. The chariot kept on doing this until it finally ceased and the audiance clapped like some freky monkey on ice-cream. The tributes giigle polietly and begin their waving and smiling.

"Wow! Karla and Mikal! There whizzes, total computer whizzes!" Yoshi says eagerly. "And look at those Wires!" I peer at the pair closely on the glass television and rainbow wires, that of inside of a computer coming to life on their creamy-white costumes.  Red, Blue, Green and Yellow like the colours of Microsoft's logo all illuminating their costumes. The pair smile and blow kisses at severel Citizens.

"Karal, wow that White Shirt really does show of her tough side!" Yoshi explains and points at her hips. The shirt is quite short ending at her Yellow belt, which has a light running around it, slowly making laps and below that short Red Elegant Pants, are strapped to her! She makes a fist at everyone and i look back at her records. Shes not that tough or strong so why is she doing this? "To Impress everyone!" Yoshi whispers releasing my expression. "Well, that'll do Karla!" I say and she blushes.

Mikal, ignores her and begins waving at everyone showing his muscles on his arms and legs. He is wearing a black pharoh-like suit with a sparkling bowtie glittered with thousands of lights. Towards his legs are Grey jeans that disappoint the audience due to their lack of wires unlike Karla. "That sure is one suit! Lary as! Hope the rest of the districts are as good as these three ones!" I say before they glitch of into the distance.

District Four: 'Octopusses'

"Now I got to say Yoshi, over the years District Four has probably been the best costume-suppliers ever! Don't you think?" I say. "They sure do make some fantastic ones, don't they!" he replies and with that the doors once again slowly crank open and an aqua coloured chariot rides out, with Nymph and Olly. And this year there better than fantastic, well that is their chariot we're talking about!

"They're dressed as Octupi?! Orkward!" Yoshi laughs pointing at the fishy pair. Their costumes are seriously the tentacle loving fish! The tentacles, the bulky eyes, the gills and the tail is all their, not even their face is in view. The tentacles wrinkle to life and two hand shaped shapes appear, and start doing waving motions. The crowd boos the tributes greatly and I can tell why!

"Well, thats unique but orkward! Seriously over the top as well!" I say. The mouth of octupuss costumes suddenly turn upside down into a n, a frown and the pair start trying to wave at the crowd.  The Capitol, is obviously fed up, with this costume, so a Lady throws a massive tyre at the chariot, before Peackeepers come to collect her. The tyre, jamms the Chariot and The chariot suddnely stops, bringing Olly over the handle bars and onto the Grenwhich streets. He lays their flat before i  talk into the microphone "Um, well we shall have a ten minute intermission and cancel District Four's Chariot Ride, we're so very sorry!" 

Whilst the crowd starts running and panicing all over the place Olly stands up, releasing a trident from his costme and unzipping the head. "I hate that little designer! He's a dwarf, an awful citizen of this unfair capitol! I hate Panem! The country is rigged! Unfair! INJUSTICE! President Stoshia is a real-" and with that a peackeeper releases a bullet at him, leaving him lying on the road and Nymph in total shock. "Five minutes, down please go back to your buisness!" I say and run down to the excitement!

District Five: 'Light-Bulb'

After the whole Octupuss incident the Capitol finally, came to a holt, Stoshia fired the Peacekeeper who injured Olly and the crowd settled in. "Ok, Yoshi, lets forget about se creatures and move onto Brightness and Electricity!" I say as i release the door for the building to open. For a moment it seems an asteroid ia about to hit, but i realise the tributes are dressed as massive lightbulbs! "Incredible, fascinating and amusing!" Yoshi says and I start the commentary on Clarisse.

Clarisse, is dressed basically the sam as Grimm, a lighbulb. Their smiling faces are surrounded by a huge yellow oval that hides their hair but illuminates their face. The lighbulb's strings represent Clarisse's hair and the straps down the bottom represent her legs. Her shoes are a fluro yellow, colour with swirls decorating her soles. Her hand is out wide gripped to a Scientific Poison bottle to show of her Poison-Weapon!

"Wow, look at that costume, very bright!" I say loudly. The Capitol tends to question the costume not likeing it nor disliking it. "Yes, indeed. They sure have a bright attitude as well! Haha!" Yoshi replies pointing to their smiles. Grimm, is of course dressed the same. His shoes are shaped as lighning bolts, with dancing shadows and roars of thunder. His teeth seem to sparkle with glitter on them and i realise we've got another Enobaria on us!

District Six: 'Welcome, Enjoy your flight!'

As the lighbulbs fade down and exit the Grenwhich roads, Yoshi releases his hand to the microphone and begans his talk on The Transportation district. "Now, as were half way MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a Happy Hunger Games Everybody! Now, Panem wouldn't be the same if it weren't for our transport so lets give a warm welcome to our District Six tributes: Charm and Blade!"

Suddenly, an extemely fast whoosh of air goes past our glass viewing panel and a flying chariot, with large wings and a propeller at the back, whizzes past us. "This-Is a first! And those tributes are the first absolute crowd pleasers!" I say as they come down and land on the road. The chariot makes a loud, screeching noise and they land, waving, smiling and bowing. The pair also, show their plane spirit and are dressed as flight attendants and captains!

Charm has her hair in braids down to her neck, and a captains hat on top with Panems logo attached. She is wearing a white and blue long-sleeved shirt, with, her sleeves rolled up to show her muscles. Her jeans have criss crossing patterns all over it and below them are aqua blue slippers. "She looks amazing, doesn't she?" Yoshi says. "She sure does, lets look at Blade, now and he looks even BETTER!"

Blade, was wearing a sailors, hat all narrow and thin. His hair was mostly shaved off, and it made a good impression on how tough he is. His shirt, is waving, back and fourth like a ship and his belt is tucked over. The belt, has teo propellers on it as well, which wave, his sea blue pants that reach over his feet onto the Chariots floor. "These tributes are my favourite other than 1,2,3,4 and 5! This year is an incredible year!"

District Seven: 'Life Size Axes'

Here, we are District Seven. "Now, Yoshi District 7's Chariot Rides, over the years have been pretty disappointing, have they not?" I say remembering all the awful costumes, that i dare not think about. "Aha, remember Johanna! That was so lame!" he replies. "But judging by the costumes so far, i think this year the stylists might just step up a notch? An with that RELEASE THE CHARIOT!" 

The District Seven, chariot zooms out of the building on wood wheels interweeving the streets and showing off its amazing speed. "Wow, the chariot is fast! I suppose, but look the Bad Costume Streak hasn't ended!" Yoshi says pointing to two large weapons. "Holy- oh thats a costume? Oh?" I say about to call security. Lily and Crayolaya (Weird name?) are dressed as axes. Legs concealed in the handle and their head poking out of the sharp blad.

Lily, is wearing a green and blond one with a grey blade surrounding her head.Her hair is in a pretty pony tail, down to her shirt which is a paper, made dress. The handle of the axe finishes at her bark-like shoes that touch Crayolaya, shoes of the same kind. His axe, matches his hair, red and orange and is lsightly smaller. H is wearing a Red Tux, with Aspen (real tree) Trees decorate around it. "That is kinda creative - look the axe is chopping invisible wood. And as soon as wood came flying towards us the chariot turned around the street to Big Ben.

District Eight: 'Quilt!'

I browse over the list of tributes again peering at The Textile Loving district of 8. Albert and Lulu. Hmmm, rings a bell but who cares i got a show to perform. "Shall we?" I smile and look at Yoshi. "We shall, Ladies and Gentleman, heres District 8 Tributes, Lulu and Albert!" he replies. The doors open and a rainbow chariot comes dazzling into the square, with about a million peices of velevet attached to it!

The Chariot is decorated extremly elegantly with millions of velvet, cloth, and laces of material stranded together making a quilt like material surrounding the chariot. "That looks, just remarkable!" I say. The tribute slowly rises up out dressed exactly the same as the chariot but brighter. But Lulu's missing? "We've got one but wheres the other?" I ask Yoshi. He looks at me nervously and we see where she is.

In the corner of my eye a purple strand of hair appears, slowly appearing showing a young girl with a blowgun. Lulu! Suddenly the crowd applauses and we realise she's connected via a strong red, cloth, to the chariot. She slowly climbs down releasing the rope and jumping into the chariot from where she waves. Lulu os dressed in a bright pink costume with wings.

"Look at those wings!" Yoshi announces, like an angle. "She looks just like you: an angle! Bright Pink, orange laced shoes and thousands of material for the hat!" I say. Yoshi blushes and continues Lulu's commentating. Albert! "Why don't we turn to the male?" I say and start the talk on the fabulous Albert. The Amazing, Awesome, Antique, Aromatic and Alberty Albert! But with that the chariot rides around the corner, circles The Eye and zooms of...

District Nine: 'Grains'

"That sure was an impressive start of the last few tributes, wasn't it?" Yoshi remarks watching the replay, chin dropped. "Definitly, but we must continue, with the Grain District of 9, with tributes: Rebekah and Eugene. This districts chariot actually calms, down being normal, except for the occasional pink stripes. The horese are orange as well as the tributes who are dressed in similar costumes, with peices of grain attached all around them!

Rebekkah stuns the audience with a bright yellow dress reaching the chariots wheels and dragging along beside her. She's wearing an ivy crown on top of her braided hair. He dress is littered with orange-red clumps of grain. She waves at the audiance and smiles breigly before going back to her job of sprinkling more and more grain from her basket.

"Amazing and creative!" I say nodding firmly. "I know, and look at that Tuxedo!" Yoshi replies. Eugene is dressed in an orange tuxedo with pink grain stripes circling it. His shoes are maid out of several seeds and before long he starts eating them? His face is covered with 20,000 kilograms of makeup, made to make him look nice and before long a pecking sensation appears. A hundred or so Mockingjays's flutter out of the bushes and perch on the pairs shoulders. "Rebellion?" I whisper as they fade around the corner...

District Ten: 'Chocolate Tributes'

"Ok, Yoshi, here we go with the dairy farmers, meat makers and chicken feeders of district ten!" I announce as Yoshi whispers into the microphone to open the building. The building clancks open and a black-white automobile charges out in the pattern of a cow, with two mud-covered tributes waving, smiling and licking at their costumes. "Mud?" I ask Yoshi. "No, CHOCOLATE!"

The crowd pauses for a minute and then starts cheering realizing that cow's make chocolate! The tributes bow and lick their costumes, which are white sheeths of cow fur coated with rich creamy chcolate! Helena, peforms a curtsy with her cow fur dress and Justice spirals down, jumping out, suddenly like a firework and throwing milk chocolate over the over-the-top crowd.

Helena, is holding a japanese style fanwaving it over the pair and piglets. She pretends to be some hot chick from an old reality show and frisbees the fan into the audience. Justice, snorts loudly realesing the chocolate covered pig from his hands onto the streets and collecting a katana from the bottom of the chariot. The pair hold hands and bow, together with the Katana, and relesing a whild whoosh of noise from the eager crowd!

"They are wonderful are they not? It's the thought that counts isn't it!" I say catching a blob of dark chocolate and spreading it around my mouth. "Aha! And the Katana, whats with that?" Yoshi asks the audience, rhetorically. They just shrug and point to the scoreboard, showing updated odds for the games: 'Previous for Helena - 15 / 100, Now 9 / 100. Previous for Justice - 13 / 100, Now 9 / 100. Stay tuned for  better odds for District 1,2,3 and 6!'

District Eleven: 'Sunflowers'

"Now, lets hope this final district can impress us tonight! So far, so good. So release the CHARIOTS!" Yoshi screams and I whisper into the mic. Once again i see the faces of two tributes, dressed as flowers? Creative, is the first word that comes to mind and I set my eyes on the Chariot made entirly out of grass. "Sunflowers... here we go!" Yoshi yells!

Willy Fry steps into sight, with his face criss-crossed black like the seeds of the flower. His hair is dyed Yellow and spike out to represent the petals. The hair twirls and a ray of sun bursts out of it. His thin body is green all over, like the stem, eyes being the leaves and flattering every now and again. He runs his hand along the chariot and feels the soft grass, reminding him of home.

Kyron, is twirling on the spot at this moment, messing up her untidy hair entirely, whilst showing the yellow colour off. Her face is again black and zig-zagged as well as her green costume as her stem. She glides throuh the chariot to the back collecting a basket full of real sunflowers and like a boomerang throwing them out to the crowd!

End of Chariots: 'Merry Christmas!'

"Good Evening everybody!" President Stoshia announces. "This years tributes have reached that level. The level of pride i feel when saving ones life!" "I'm glad to present to you, this years tributes for the 124th Annual HUNGER GAMES!" and with that the crowd goes wild, however the tributes look merely impressed realising it's probably their last Christmas.

"Thankyou, Stoshia! Tonight their shall be a replay for all on Channel Chariot Rides 124!" Yoshi announces handing it over to me. "And remember Interviews begin December the 31st the last day , after a week of Training!" I say into the microphone and glancing at a peice of Holly. "And Remeber MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New- HUNGER GAMES! and may the odds be ever in your favour!"


Interviews will be uploaded on December 31st! 

124th Games

The games shall start with the very first P.O.V. being posted at on 1st Januaray whenever I awaken!

If you would like sponsor money risen by 50, please post a traing P.O.V as big as one of the districts Chariot Rides!


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