Hello, everyone it's Aspen here, back after a month on vacation from somewhere, I can't remember all that well, but I have decided to do a games: The 75th Hunger games, however this is written if there was no, 'Save Katniss!' Alliance. This will also have a twist named: 'Elements!' that will be revealled as the Quarter Quell progresses. Get your tribute token ready, choose up to two tributes to mentor and: Let the 75th Hunger games begin!

Guidelines of Entry...

To enter in these games simply comment on what tribute you would want to mentor, make sure it is not taken up. These games you will not get to decide most of the tributes however these tributes will require Names, Ages, Weapons, Backstories, etc:

District 5 Male / Female

District 6 Male / Female

District 9 Male / Female

District 10 Male / Female

Another rule of course is no swearing or complaining that your tribute became dead, or you will not recieve a Mutation Pass.

The 75th Quarter Quell Tributes...

Victors: Weapon: Games Won: Alliance: Age:
Cashmere Emerald Blake Knives 64th Careers 27
Gloss Emerald Blake Dagger 63rd Careers 27
Enobaria Granite Sam Hand-To-Hand 62nd Careers 30
Brutus Shakespear Spears 48th 42
Wiress Electron Wires 38th 56
Beetee Weirs Niby Wires 35th 58
Mags Kelp Sharp Hooks 9th 80
Finnick Odair Lexi Trident 65th 24
Jamie Fox Ms Clueless Axe 'n' Sword 57th 33
District Five Male 61st 30
District Six Female 27th 62
District Six Male 73rd 21
Blight Aspens Throwing Axe 49th 46
Johanna Mason Alyssa Throwing Axe 71st 21
Woof Velvet Knives 17th 75
Cecelia Twines Sickle 58th 30
District Nine Female 51st 38
District Nine Male 53rd 36
District Ten Female 68th 23
District Ten Male 59th 29
Seeder Lightheart Knives 33rd 59
Chaff Anchordale Mace / Sword 45th 44
Katniss Everdeen Lexi Bow 'n' Arrow 74th 17
Peeta Mellark Niby Knives  74th 17

Choose Any Victor you would like and post in comments with their alliance and / or if you would like to add a backstory for bonus Training Score Points.

The Capitol: Part One

Stay Posted for the Capitol Interviews, Training Scores, Chariot Rides and Element Sneak Peeks

The Quarter Quell: Part Two

Stay Posted for the Bloodbath, Games, Feasts and More Element Sneak Peeks

The Elements: Part Three

Stay Posted for the Massive Twist, The Rebellion, The Final Battle and The _________.

Winner Recieves a Grand Prize! So go on, claim those Victors!

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