Hello Movie Stars! I have decided to make a RP Games, like everyone else is currently doing. This one will have a !HOLLYWOOD! theme to it, so I hope you guys enjoy!

Rules / Template

  1. No godmodding whatsoever! You'll get 2 warnings, however if you fail to follow these you'll be fired from the Movie Industry!
  2. Cursing is allowed but don't go Pirahna over it.
  3. Have a Cracker time!


(Alice) I throw the axe, as it hits JoJo in the face.

(JoJo) I dodge the axe and clap my hands together releasing aliens killing everyone but me!

(Maxatrillion) I see a Shrek Mutt, as it charges at me.






Fav Weapon:


The Arena is a massive floating island with gushing waterfalls falling off the edges. The Arena is split up into four quadrents from four different movies. The first quarter is a murky Swamp from the movie Shrek. The feature mutt here is Shrek of course who has razor sharp teeth and can crush you in seconds (OP). The swamp there is Pirahna infested just like the movie Pirahna.

The next quarter is a vast lakeland filled with occasional islands and houses. This is the Jaws quadrent. The feature mutt is Jaws itself, which basically is a razor sharp teethed shark. There is also Nemo references from it with Nemo himself being a tribute protector. The water here is amazing to drink but lacks food.

The second laster quarter belongs to all those Superheros! The arena is a vaste wasteland with barren dry desert plains and train tracks. A train comes every hour delivering fresh goods to who knows who... The feature mutt is Iron Man alongside Hulk, Thor and Superman. There are easy to fight however a good fight will come on the line!

Finally the last quadrent is the center which has the cornucopia inside it. This is the Toy Story and Star Wars sector. The cornucopia is a massive lightsaber with floating rings which hold the tributes. the feature mutt is Darth Vader and Woody, who battle togteher to take you out. Around the lightsaber are massive battleships and Fluffy Animal Houses.


District / Gender User / Name
District One Female
District One Male
District Two Female
District Two Male
District Three Female
District Three Male
District Four Female
District Four Male Nick
District Five Female
District Five Male
District Six Female
District Six Male Eli :D
District Seven Female
District Seven Male Connor
District Eight Female Andy
District Eight Male
District Nine Female Fuuzbekka
District Nine Male
District Ten Female
District Ten Male
District Eleven Female
District Eleven Male
District Twelve Female
District Twelve Male


Weapon Who Has It...
Morning Star x 3
Spears x 10
Katniss's Arrows x 12
HawkEye's Bow x 3
Iron Man Jetpack x 1
"Up" Balloons x 200
Thor Hammers x 2
Throwing Clip Boards x 8
Weak Harry Potter Wand x 2
Simpson Donuts x 5
Movie Fan Showbags (Backpack) x 12
Hunger Games Pin x 1
Axes x 10
Iron Man Armor x 2
Nemo Camo x 6
Aspen replicas x 30,000,000

Let The Games... BEGIN!

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