Hello fellow detectives. Welcome to the Mysterious Capitol Society a camp involved in investigating strange occurences. I hope you enjoy your last few days if you sign up to go to the most grewsome camp of all...

Email to Capitol Citizens

5.46pm, Training Centre, Capitol, Panem

Robel Roberts

SUBJECT: The Mysterious Capitol Society

Good Evening, Fellow Capitol Citizens,

It is today that you may join TMCS, for a cost of: 0.00. However this offer WILL self destruct soon. To apply please enter your Name, Age, Experiances, Code Name, One of Six Traits and Fake Email Adress. You'll be transported to TMCS Lab Camp for further instructions,

The World is Quiet Here, Robel


If you apply, you will be divided into one of four scientific reserach parties which will together investigate mysteries however there is a murderer at the camp. You must find him / her and execute them. Please stay tuned for more at the TMCS.

Spreadsheet of TMCS Lab Camp Parties, 3.00pm

Trait Murder- Research Animal- Research Technology-Research Food-Resarch
Stealth Philup~SAM SweaterScout~SUMMER
Stalker PumPum~ERLEND



Day One, 6.59am: The Murder in the Light

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