My 1st blog post games, so be warned, this may be crappy.


  • ONLY 3 tributes per user
  • Wikia contributors Are Allowed
  • Users Must have a Lunaii, Wikia Contribs must have an RL, I can provide either


District Male Age Preferred Weapon Female Age Preferred Weapon
Capitol Rose Wells 18 Poison-Tipped Throwing knives, Pocket Knife
District 0 Alluria Nexus 15 Mace, Flail, Machete
District 1 Imogen Wildor 17 Tomahawk, Double Sided Axe, Throwing Hatchet
District 2 Analisa Latimer 18 Katana, Shuriken, Nunchucks
District 3 Luna Tick 18 Sickle, Hand-to-Hand, Kunaii
District 4 Electra Fischer 15 Trident, Throwing Knives, Spear
District 5 Yun Zhao 15 Bare hands, Katana, Shuriken Trinity Moon 17 Sword, Knives, Bow
District 6 Sage Wells 15 Hand-To-Hand, Knives, Gun
District 7 Morgana Wells 15 Katana, Scythe
District 8 Max Muzzle 17 Hand-to-Hand Iris Rainbow 14 Ax, Bat, Dagger
District 9 Jacob Antio 14 Scythe, throwing knives, bow Calliope Antio 17 Curved sword, crossbow, mace
District 10
District 11
District 12
District 13
District 14
District 15


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