So basically I'm a bit bored and tired and I wanted to write these. I don't know if these will work out well, since they're not traditional games, but I hope they do turn out fine! Be sure to read the rules before starting, too.



North America is no longer known as Panem. Rather, it is known as The Kingdoms United. There are twelve houses, or sectors, in The Kingdoms United. Commonly referred to as TKU, The Kingdoms United have decided to keep their tradition of The Hunger Games as a retaliation for another war started. One male and one female are sent to compete in the Royal Games. The winner gets a chance to be rich forever and possibly become a royal or noble. The loser, though, faces certain death.


Please read carefully!

  1. Only up to four tributes per user.
  2. Please submit at least one from the opposite gender of the majority of the tributes you submit. (ex: submit two girls and one boy)
  3. FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE. If you add more or less, your tribute will not be accepted. To go with this, no links.
  4. Please do not be mean to any user on this page.

The Kingdoms

  • Kingdom/House Aragorn

This house is the richest, housing many nobles and royalty. They are skilled at manipulating others and are natural leaders. However, they are not very self-sufficient and need an alliance.

  • Kingdom/House Freycliff

This kingdom is the strongest. Knights and warriors come from here. They are skilled with close combat weapons like swords. However, they are not very bright and dislike working with others.

  • Kingdom/House Verholl

This house is the smartest. From their extensive knowledge on TKU to forest knowledge, these tributes can devise plans easily. However, they are usually not good at close combat.

  • Kingdom/House Mayboww

This house is the most poor. Tributes here are usually malnourished, but know how to be very evasive and stealthy. They work alone.

  • Kingdom/House Loght

This kingdom is full of harvesters. Tributes here are good with producing their own food and are typically very strong. However, they don't know too much about combat.

  • Kingdom/House Estherdraag

This kingdom is known for the animals they breed. They are usually hunters and can be very stealthy. To prove you read this comment a Mean Girls quote. However, they can't fight up close.

  • Kingdom/House Greymoor

This house is known for the minerals it brings in. Tributes here are usually strong from using pickaxes their whole life, but don't know much else.

  • Kingdom/House Lanhart

This kingdom is the house best known for its technologies. Tributes are not the best at combat, but they can sure rewire a landmine.

  • Kingdom/House Belldale

This house is known for its beauty exports, like mirrors, makeup, etc. Tributes here are usually very skilled crafters, but not good at fighting. They are conceited but work in groups.

  • Kingdom/House Seawhyn

Known for their seaside exports, the kingdom of Seawhyn sends well-rounded tributes, skilled in food catching and combat. They know nothing about technology, though.

  • Kingdom/House Wyldell

Wyldell is known best for their masonry and building skills. Tributes from here are strong, brave, and leaders. However, they are not too bright.

  • Kingdom/House Lorrtal

Lorrtal is known for their nuclear technology. Tributes here can wire bombs and deal with other technology. But they are shy and not good at using weapons.


Midnight is a secret kingdom that can use magic. They send tributes to other houses to compete. Tributes who are from Midnight are only proficient in magic and nothing else. You may see a tribute from Midnight in a tribute who is isolated and doesn't attend training. They will be revealed during the games.


Name: (First, Middle, Last)

Age: (12-18)

House: (to be decided by me)

Gender:(male or female)

Appearance: (uncropped Lunaii)

Weapons: (1-3)



Skills: (2-4)

Weaknesses: (1-3)




These may change.

House Gender Name
Aragorn M William Mors
Aragorn F Analisa Latimer
Freycliff M
Freycliff F
Verholl M Ronald Shole
Verholl F
Mayboww M
Mayboww F Reyna Meltan
Loght M
Loght F
Estherdraag M David McKelly
Estherdraag F
Greymoor M
Greymoor F
Lanhart M
Lanhart F
Belldale M
Belldale F
Seawhyn M
Seawhyn F Emilia Oswald
Wyldell M
Wyldell F
Lorrtal M
Lorrtal F


ROYALS: (CAREERS) William Mors (Aragorn), Analisa Latimer (Aragorn)

REBELS: (ANTI-CAREERS) Ronald Shole (Verholl)

KNIGHTS: (LONERS) Reyna Meltan (Mayboww)

BEGGARS: (UNDECIDED) David McKelly (Estherdraag), Emilia Oswald (Seawhyn)


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