Okay so I got asked to do this, this is Big Brother: User Edition hope you like!


Only 12 people, first come first serve.


Name Finished
Dani 4th Eliminated 5-1
Erlend 2nd Eliminated 
Mia 1st Eliminated 
Zack 3rd Eliminated

Day 1


After 11 people get in it's time to introduce them!

First one: Jade, the pretty, awesome one

Second one: Zack, Caylins boyfriend

Thrid one: Caylin, Vinny and Zacks boyfriend

The Rest: Awesome people.

"HELLO" Says Anna," I am your host for today. Today there will be three eliminations"

(DUN DUN DUN plays)

First person.. MIA sorry leave now!, Second Erlend! MOVE GET OUT! Third.. I'm sorry Caylin (Caylin bursts into tears) BUT Zack leaves MOVE GET OUT NOW" Says Anna

HOH Challenge

"Welcome", says Anna, "Today will be your HOH Challenge, HOH means Head Of Household, this means you will be able to put two people up for elimination. When you do someone will be able to win the VETO and save themselves or someone else. Get it. Got it.Good". "WAIT", screams Jackie "I need to use the potty!". "Awwwww, Too bad sista!",spats Anna.

"In this challenge you will have to run up a ladder and fall into a ball pit. Then you would have to find the purple ball and put it in your bowl. First person to have 3 purple balls win!" explains, Anna "GO!", Screams Anna!

Emma is the first one, then Dani comes up and punches her! They fall into the ball pit and have a fight! Wait Emma found the purple ball! She throws it! Awwww it lands in Lily's bowl! Lily jumps in and tackles Emma and fight. Dani finds a purple ball and throws, WOW it lands in Lily's bowl! Jackie jumps in and gets a purple ball! She throws! NOOO Jackie fell on a flat surface...What a talent! Lily grabs her ball and is about to put it in her ball when Caylin screams! "HELL NO" She tackles a screaming Lily! Then Alex Joins, Jade joins! Her perfect hair is blinding everyone she grabs three purple balls and puts in her bowl! Jade WINS!! HOH.

Congrats Jade! You have to tell me on chat which two people, you want to put for elimination!! Everyone else, good luck!


"Hello everyone, Today I have to hold a meeting for who I'm going to put up to get eliminated.."says Jade.. "Dani, I'm sorry but you are going to be one of the two who I'm putting up for eviction" says Jade (Dani starts crying) "Lily, don't worry your safe" says Jade. "OMG TANKS!!!!"screams Lily, "Jackie... Your safe.." says Jade "OMG THIS IS CRAY CRAY!" screams Jackie, She runs to hug Jade but again, trips on the flat surface. "Wesley.. Your safe" says Jade... "OMG YES" screams Wes. "Caylin.. Your safe" says Jade. "AWESOME" screams Caylin. "Alex, Your safe" says Jade. "Thanks Jade!"says Alex... "Two people left.. Will Emma be safe, or Vinny?" says Jade, 10 minutes pass, and Lily screams "SAY IT JADE", "Alright, Alright!, Vinny.. You are safe!, Sorry Emma and Dani.." "AWWWWWWWWWW,says Emma" "The reason is seems to hate you, sorry!"says Jade.. 

Tune in later to see who wins the VETO Competition!

VETO Competition

"Hello!", Says Anna "Today is your VETO Competition, this means if you win this, You get to save either Emma or Dani! Since I drew names from a hat only 4 people will be competing! Emma and Dani have to compete so two more people! Drum-roll please! (Drum roll!) Wesley and Lily!" (Lily screams) "Okay so what you have to do is climb a ladder, grab a bucket of water and throw the bucket with the water on someone! The first person to throw the bucket of water to everyone wins! GOOO!" screams Anna. Lily is first but gets tackled by Emma, then Dani joins in! There both tackling each other! They don't notice Wesley is climbing up! He screams "HALLO!" and they all look up at Wesley, but before they can react. The bucket of water drops on them and they are all soaked! WESLEY WINS! The Water hit all of the players so he won! "Congratulations Wesley!!" says Anna She gives him the VETO neckalace. (Wesley screams, like a girl) (Dani and Emma look sad)


"Hello!, Welcome back, this is the elimination! Wesley has not decided to use the VETO yet. He will decide right now!" says Anna, "I decide to use this, The VETO goes to... Emma!" (Emma is gonna cry of joy) "Looks like Emma is safe", says Anna "Jade who do you want to put up as a replacement?" says Anna "I put up.... ALEX" says Jade. "Alex you're in the spot with Dani.... Good Luck!"

The Votes Are In!

From a vote of 5-1, Dani you are evicted from Big Brother, I'm sorry. Alex you staying... Congratulations!

In The House

"I can't believe Dani left" says Jackie, "I'm so happy!!" Says Wesley, "She was a huge threat"... "What!?!" says Jackie, "How can you do that!?!, She was better than you. "No she was a threat she needed to get out!" Retaliates Wes. "Whatever, if I win HOH you're leaving" says Jackie, "In You're dreams sista" says Wesley

"Hello!, It is time for the HOH Challenge" says Anna "Today for the HOH Challenge, it would be a quiz!!, There will be answers A or B. If you get the question wrong you're out, Ready? Says Anna

Jade sits out because she has already been HOH, she can't be it two times already!

First Question: Why did Mia, Erlend and Zack leave?

A: They quit


B: It was a surprise 3 person elimination.

Jackie, Wesley, Lily, Emma and Vinny put B.

Caylin and Kekai but A

Correct Answer was.... B!

Caylin and Kekai, sit down you were eliminated.

Second Question: What was the vote that got Dani evicted.

A: 5-1


B: 4-2

Vinny, Emma and Lily put the Answer B.

Wesley and Jackie put the answer A.

Correct answer is... A!

Vinny, Emma and Lily sit down.

Now it's head to head... Who will win HOH? Jackie or Wesley

Third Question: How did Jade win the first HOH competition?

A: Her beautiful hair, blinded everyone


B: Her smarts 

Jackie put B

Wesley put A

The correct answer is... A

Congratulations Wesley! You got HOH, Tell me who you want to nominate for eviction!! UPDATE: Wes decided to put up Jackie and Kekai... Good Luck

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