This guide will help you to make a decent signature. If you want a normal signature like Example(talk) than that is automatically set in you're prefrences. If you want a signature with HMTL (i.e Atelda1001talk ) than you can follow these steps below.

Step 1

You will need to create a page titled "User:Your username/sig" (i.e User:JohnLocke/sig).

  • Add you're HTML or the normal signature
  • Then make a page "User: Your username/autosig (i.e User:JohnLocke/sig)
  • In Special:Preferences go to the bottom where it states "Signature" add the following '''''{{User:Your username/autosig}} Remember to mark the box "Add Wikitext"
  • Then You're good to go! When ever you leave a message, Type in ~~~~

Adding HTML

If you want to add HTML to you're signature, so it looks fancy or just add some basic color. You would put <font face="your font name here> Make sure that the font you choose comes manually in Microsoft word, because if you have that font that you downloaded, you can only see it unless other people have that same font. 

<font size="5" face="Impact">[[User:JohnLocke|<span style="color:#FF0000">John</span>]][[User talk:JohnLocke|<span style="color:#0000FF">Locke</span>]]</font></span>

That is rendered as JohnLocke

If you want to make it smaller than make the <font size="5" smaller by making the "5" to a different number.

Remember to put "{{User:Your username/autosig}} in you're prefrences so you don't mess up anyones talk page :). If you want to add you're contributions it you be

<font size="5" face="Impact">[[User:JohnLocke|<span style="color:#FF0000">John</span>]][[User talk:JohnLocke|<span style="color:#0000FF">Locke</span>]][[Special:Contributions/JohnLocke|<span style="color:#FF0000>Contributions</span]]</font></span>

that is how you would add you're contributions or simply copy the code and just add you're name to "User:JohnLocke to, User:your username

Sig + Autosig

You're sig and autosig always MUST always be the same. If not will not be a proper. To make it the same, make a autosig page (i.e User:your username/autosig) edit that page and put in the following {{User:your username/sig}} now you're all set!

Thank you for Lostpedia, for helping with ideas!

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