Athalia from District 2

aka Thalia

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female
  • Athalia from District 2

    Unlike my previous Games I WILL finish these.

    The 138th Hunger Games - Day 8 - Final Five

    I watch the limestone shatter, and fall down into a dark abyss. I watch the boy from Eleven fall into it. I watch the other three of us running from the black hole. None of us wanted to share Al's fate.

    Erin sprints past all of us, her brown eyes focusing on the golden Cornucopia. Maybe she would win. Maybe Seven would have a victor this year.

    Or maybe Tom would win. The second victor from Twelve, first from the Seam.

    Unless Terrence won. Despite being the youngest tribute and being from Five, he was still here, living past everyone's expectations. But then, the African-American boy gets pushed into the darkness by a pale figure. It's Erin, but what's she …

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  • Athalia from District 2

    Hi! I'm Athalia from District 2. So, I've been spending time on a Hunger Games Roleplaying Wiki, but, it's really just fan-fictions. I decided I should host a role-play (in the comments) on here, so, yeah. And guess what? *acts as if it's a big surprise, even though it's really boring* I'll be roleplaying two. ^-^

    RULES ARE BORING, but what the heck?

    • One character.
    • Don't make your character too overpowered.
    • No reserves. There's really no need for them.
    • Out of rules already.

    Name: First name and surname please. No tributes without a surname will be accepted.

    District: Districts One to Twelve.

    Gender: Only male or female. Nothing else or "unknown".

    Age: Traditional Hunger Games. Ages twelve to eighteen.

    Other: Anything else you need to say?

    I also ask for a …

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