Unlike my previous Games I WILL finish these.


The 138th Hunger Games - Day 8 - Final Five

I watch the limestone shatter, and fall down into a dark abyss. I watch the boy from Eleven fall into it. I watch the other three of us running from the black hole. None of us wanted to share Al's fate.

Erin sprints past all of us, her brown eyes focusing on the golden Cornucopia. Maybe she would win. Maybe Seven would have a victor this year.

Or maybe Tom would win. The second victor from Twelve, first from the Seam.

Unless Terrence won. Despite being the youngest tribute and being from Five, he was still here, living past everyone's expectations. But then, the African-American boy gets pushed into the darkness by a pale figure. It's Erin, but what's she doing back there? I don't have time to find out, I'm almost at the gold horn.

Finally, I'm able to grab onto it. My tanned hand hits the cold metal and I pull myself up. I see a black haired boy up top already - Tom. Neither of us have weapons. I need to grab one before Erin comes. She could easily take out both of us with her silver ax. The brunette girl is pulling herself up. I need to get a weapon and quick.

As fast as I can, I jump into the glistening horn's mouth and right there is a copper-colored sword. Equally as fast as I jumped down, I come back up and land right beside Tom. "Hey, allies?" He asks.

"What the hell? It's the final five, retard!" I yell as I take off his head.

Erin steps beside me, he grey boots making a squeak every step. "Just you and me," she growls. "and I'll be the one to win."

"You sure?"

"O-" Erin's cut off by my blade hitting her stomach. She falls into the pitch-black hole and my blade, dyed crimson comes down with her. BOOM!

And the voice of President Winchester himself echoes throughout the destroyed arena. "May I present this years victor, Blue Formen, the Capitol male!" Winchester's a year older than me, seventeen years. One day, I'll take his place, but it won't be for a long time...


  • These are a selection Games, meaning you comment if you'd like to participate and I choose a few tributes that you've made.
    • However, this doesn't mean you will have any tributes in. One user could have one tribute, another could have ten. It depends on detail, how realistic your tributes are and if they follow my guidelines.
  • I'm more active on THGRP but I'll come here often to update.
  • These will contain cussing, but not much.
  • I'll complete this as long as people keep following these.
  • Unfinished, undetailed and unrealistic tributes will not be chosen. I also will not pick tributes with colored hair living outside of the Capitol unless there's a good reason for it.
  • If a tribute I select doesn't have an RL pick I'll find one for them.
  • I will be moving around tributes districts if their spot is taken.
  • Tributes following this template will be accepted:
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • District: (0-15 and the Capitol)
    • Weapon:
    • Strengths:
    • Weaknesses:
    • Weapon:
    • Personality: (must be detailed)
    • Backstory: (at least 2 paragraphs)


District Male Age Weapon Mentor Female Age Weapon Mentor
Zero Alexis Sanches 14 Scythe Jomack03
One Robin Blanchard 13 Axe Jomack03 Moltra Flare 17 Battle ax, mace SirEatAlotISTK
Three Caspian Mahoney 17 Sword, chakram CTOADURN Dolly Mentalium 14 Poisoned needle, eyes Wolfgirl23c
Four Venus Valentine 12 Trident, dagger Wolfgirl23c
Five Vernon Payne 12 Knife, net CTOADURN Xia Warden 15 Throwing axe, knife CTOADURN
Six Hope Timer 14 Whip, finger nails
Ten Madeva McGranger 18 Whip, knives, spear Wolfgirlc23
Eleven Timberly Cortlain 17 Machete, Katana SwimmingLion
Twelve Sophie Carmwell 14 Knife SwimmingLion



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