Hi! I'm Athalia from District 2. So, I've been spending time on a Hunger Games Roleplaying Wiki, but, it's really just fan-fictions. I decided I should host a role-play (in the comments) on here, so, yeah. And guess what? *acts as if it's a big surprise, even though it's really boring* I'll be roleplaying two. ^-^


RULES ARE BORING, but what the heck?

  • One character.
  • Don't make your character too overpowered.
  • No reserves. There's really no need for them.
  • Out of rules already.

Character Template

Name: First name and surname please. No tributes without a surname will be accepted.

District: Districts One to Twelve.

Gender: Only male or female. Nothing else or "unknown".

Age: Traditional Hunger Games. Ages twelve to eighteen.

Other: Anything else you need to say?

I also ask for a real life model picture. Just, like, go to google and search up your tributes characteristics. (e.g. 13 year old girls with dark brown hair)

Accepted Tributes

District Female Status Male Status
District One Alive Eli/Marvel "Elias" De Leone [YourFavoriteSalmon] Alive
District Two Marina Déclore [MarinaTheTenkaiKnight] Alive Nathaniel Cabove [Nlby001] Alive
District Three Luna Tick [1Echo2] Alive Blake Rywell [Tehblackdeath] Alive
District Four Alive Martell DeFinch [Hybrid Shadow] Alive
District Five Emilia Oswald [Summer bee 13] Alive Connor Blade [Can't think on a decent username right now] Alive
District Six Alive Alive
District Seven Octavia Blake [Rayplayzlol70] Alive Alive
District Eight Jolee Silverthorn [Wolfgirl23c] Alive Alive
District Nine Bee Clio[Pippycat] Alive Alive
District Ten Alive Alive
District Eleven Alive Alive
District Twelve Alive Alive


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