Welcome to the 99th Hunger Games!

This is the 3rd games I've created, which will be a standard games with 12 districts and 24 tributes but I'm going to try to make them very deep so these games could take awhile. There will be reapings then training and finally the games.

You may have up to 4 tributes.

Tribute Form










Bloodbath Strategy:


District Tribute Age Height Weapon User
1 (M) Rosevelt Goldernes 17 - Spear & Throwing Knifes HungerGamesFanatic21
1 (F) Addison Chrone 18 5'3 Knifes, Bow and Arrow, Spear Girlgirl411
2 (M) Mason Nance 18 6'7 Spear, Axe, Sword, Knife, & Mace Jo34546564
2 (F) McKenna Ecelenti 18 - Bow and arrows, mace Pierulesnotyou
3 (M) Compton Onaway 16 5'9 Spear & Traps LightStone123
3 (F) Bethunia Underium 16 5'6 Sword & Spear HungerGamesFanatic21
4 (M) Flick Rivers 18 6'4 Trident, Spear HungerGamesFanatic21
4 (F) Aquira Watomjut 15 5'2 Trident, Awl/Knife HungerGamesFanatic21
5 (M) Alex Serint 12 4'7 Spear, Knives Amberfang123
5 (F) Hattie Potan 15 - Spear Pierulesnotyou
6 (F) Carmen Odalis 15 - Sword ChrisoZuniga
6 (M) Mike Gratlin 15 5'3 Trident Amberfang123
7 (F) Kira Nissel 17 5´7 Axea, Throwing Axes Ougi-kun
7 (M) Jaren Moss 17 6'3 Sword or Axe LightStone123
8 (M) John Madrick 17 5'4 Machete, Club Theman77
8 (F) Teddy Gerzy 12 - - Foxface D5
9 (M) Cashew Fallow 16 - Throwing Axes AxedFox
9 (F)

Aleyen Meyer

13 5'2 Axe, Bow and Arrow RossInSA
10 (M) Eli Dawn 18 6'9 Bowie knife, Slingshot, Crossbow Theman77
10 (F) Kiona North 16 - Sword & Spear AxedFox
11 (M) Maxwell Galenti 13 - Sword, bow and arrows Pierulesnotyou
11 (F) Rosie Galenti 17 - Throwing knives, trident Pierulesnotyou
12 (M) Jonathan Magas 18 6'0 Spear, Axe Theman77
12 (F) Alana Reddal 14 5'3 Axe Amerberfang123


Careers: Addison (1), Rosevelt (1), Mason (2), McKenna (2), Flick (4), Aquira (4)

District 3: Compton (3) & Bethunia (3)

District 9: Cashew (9) & Aleyen (9)

District 11: Rosie (11) & Maxwell (11)

Alex (5) & Mike (6)

Jonathan (12), Eli (10), & John (8)


-Everyone will get 500$ per tribute

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Battleaxe $275

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $125

Crackers: $15

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Electrocution Trap: $250

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Machette: $150

Matches: $75

Gasoline $100

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $200

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Whip: $75

Wire: $75

Tribute Gallery


District 1: Addison Chrone

I enter the kitchen and find my parents sitting at the kitchen table. “It’s reaping day honey.” My mom says.

“Your volunteering today aren’t you?” My dad asks.

I nod and I can see a tear in my mom eye. “Mom I’ve been training my entire life. I won’t lose.” I say trying to comfort her.

“I know.” She replies wiping away the tear.

We eat breakfast together for what could be the last time. I say goodbye to them and head off to the reaping by myself because if I see my mom cry again then I could possibly cry, which would just make me look weak to everyone watching. On my way I pass some boys from the training academy. “What’s up bipolar girl!”One of them says and the other boys begin to laugh.

They make me so angry that I slap the boy across the face and take off sprinting towards the square before he can retaliate. I hate being bipolar and these kids who continually make fun of me for it makes it worse.

I reach the square and register. Soon our escort Puffy Rains a plump purple skinned woman who’s recently shaved herself bald comes on stage to massive applause. She reads the list of victors from District 1 then talks about the first rebellion that led to the creation of the Hunger Games and the 2nd rebellion where the Capitol defeated the Districts once more. “Now lets choose our lucky tributes. Ladies first!” Fluffy declares taking out a name. “Hanna Lane!”

A girl comes up on stage and then Fluffy asks for volunteers. I yell out with a few others girls. “Let’s see how about…you!” She says pointing to me.

I run up on stage and she asks me my name. “Addison Chrone!” I say and the crowd begins to cheer for me.

I’m soaking in the applause when they choose the boy tribute. “Rosevelt Goldernes.” A large boy comes barging on stage and steals the microphone from Puffy. “No one better volunteer!” He says and those who were about to stop themselves. “I love it when tributes are so aggressive!” Puffy says grinning.

I shake hands with Rosevelt and he squeezes my hand so tight it almost breaks. “Ouch.” I say snatching my hand away.

He just stares at me blankly. “Ok times a wasting.” Puffy says grabbing us both by the hands and practically dragging us into the Justice Building.

District 2: Mason Nance

“So today’s the day son?” My father asks as my entire family sit around the kitchen table eating breakfast.

I nod anxiously. “Just imagine it my son Mason being the 99th Hunger Games victor.” My mom says clapping her hands together.

I’ve been training my entire life for this day, the day when I volunteer for the Hunger Games. I’m at the top of my class in the training academy and everyone in the district is saying I’m a lock to win, so I’m not nervous at all about having to fight 23 other kids to the death.

“I’m going to volunteer when I’m 18.” One of my younger twin sisters declares jumping out of her seat.

“No, I’m going to!” The other twin says and they begin shoving each other out.

I laugh. “Save the fighting for when you do volunteer.”

They both run over to me and hug me. “Good luck in the Hunger Games Mason.” One says.

“Yeah we’re going to miss you, while your gone.” The other says.

“Don’t worry I’ll be back before you know it.” I say. “Then when I get back we’ll be able to move into the Victor’s village.”

When I’m with my family I act completely different then I do when I’m out in public where I’m a mean, brutal killing machine who is expected dominate the Hunger Games and will do anything to win. And I mean anything.

I arrive at the reaping early and am one of the first to register. I stand by myself waiting for the reaping to begin. I move around, jog in place, and do some jumping jacks to keep my blood pumping. After half an hour the square fills up and our brand new escort appears on stage. He’s a tall dude almost seven feet but he’s very skinny. You can practically see all his bones. He carries a cane and has a very very curly blue mustache. “Hello District 2!” He says. “I am your escort Bernard Skulloff."

He continues on about why we have the Hunger Games and then reads the list of past District 2 winners. Eventually he finishes speaking and reaches in to pick a name but before he can several girls call out. “I VOLUNTEER!”

Bernard looks all the girls over for a few seconds and chooses a girl with dark hair, McKenna Ecelenti who I recognize from the academy. He doesn’t even bother reaching into the boys bowl instead he just asks. “Any volunteers?”

“I VOLUNTEER!”I yell out.

I'm the only boy to volunteer as everyone in the entire District knows this is my year. I run onto stage and turn to the crowd. “I’M MASON NANCE AND I’M GOING TO WIN THE 99TH HUNGER GAMES FOR DISTRICT 2!”

The crowd goes nuts cheering and chanting my name. “MASON! MASON! MASON!”

District 3: Compton Onaway

I wake up and lay in bed for a few minutes then I remember it’s reaping day. I climb out of bed and sleepily walk to the bathroom where I brush my teeth. I go to the kitchen then and quickly eat some cereal. When my parents enter the kitchen they begin to stare at me. “What?” I ask.

“Are you nervous about the reapings son?” My father asks.

“No I’m practically jumping in excitement.” I reply sarcastically.

My father frowns at me but I don’t care. I get up from the table and leave to go to the reapings without them. Waiting outside is my neighbor Bernie; the most annoying kid on earth. “Hey Compton.” He says waving to him even though he’s only a few feet away.

“Hello stupid.” I say.

He laughs like I’m joking even though I’m not. “I hope I don’t get reaped.” He says as we begin walking.

“If you did get reaped you’d probably set off the mines and blow yourself up before the games even begin.”

Bernie laughs again. Man this guy can’t take a hint. We soon reach the town square where we join the other 16 year olds in line. Our escort Barry Quigley appears on stage, he has puffy blue hair that is about two feet tall and wears no shirt so his potbelly that someone drew a face on is visible. “Happy Hunger Games!” He roars and then goes on about the first rebellion that led to the creation of the Hunger Games and the 2nd rebellion where the Capitol defeated the Districts once more. Barry reaches into the girl’s bowl and pulls out a name. “Bethunia Underium!”

A girl walks up onto to stage and I know I’ve seen her before but I can’t quite put my finger on where. Barry reaches into the boys bowl and pulls out another name. “Compton Onaway!”

We wait and wait and whoever the kid who just got reaped is doesn’t come on stage. “COMPTON ONAWAY!” Barry shouts annoyed.

Bernie nudges me. “What?” I ask.

“That’s you.” He whispers.

Of course I knew that. I was just building suspense. I walk up onto stage where Barry glares at me. He then instructs me to shake hands with Bethunia. “Hello Compton.”She says friendly.

As I see her face close up I finally realize where I’ve know her from. Her mom is a doctor who is always sending Bethunia out to get medicine from the hospital. She must run past my house like every day. With her knowledge of medcines she could be very usefull in the games…usefull in helping me win of course.

District 4: Flick Rivers

I stand back and admire my day’s catch. I caught five fish, which means my family will eat well tonight… well by family I mean my dad, my sister Hillary, and me. You see my parents got divorced when I was only 5. They spilt the kids between them with Hillary and me going with our dad and the other five staying with our mom.

On my way home I pass my mom and siblings house, I pause and observe the building. I always fish on this part of town so I can check up on my siblings without them knowing. I never talk to any of them as half of them don’t even know about me and the others haven’t seen me since we were kids.

I see no activity in or around the house. They all still must be sleeping as it’s very early in the morning and because it’s reaping day, which means no school or work. I continue on my way to the market where I trade two of the fish for fish bait, cheese, bread, and some fruit.

Once I reach home I put two of the remaining three fishes into the freezer and prepare the other one too cook. Soon Hillary and my dad wake up and we eat the fish. “This is your last year in the reaping right?” my dad asks.

I nod. “Are you volunteering?” He asks.

“Of course not. Otherwise who would get all our food?”

“I was just asking Flick.” He says taking his dish to the sink.

“His girlfriend is volunteering.” Hillary says nonchalantly.

“Is she?”

“Yes she is but hope someone else volunteers before her.” I reply not really wanting to talk about it.

My dad shrugs. “Maybe someone will.”

Soon I find myself in the square waiting for the reapings to begin. I spot Hillary and my other siblings among the groups of kids. I then spot my girlfriend who waves to me. I wave back, while hoping in my mind someone else will volunteer.

Our escort comes on stage and repeats the same thing she says every year. “Now let’s the lucky individuals who get the honor of representing District 4!” She says and reaches into the girl’s bowl. “Oceana Watomjut” Oh no that’s one of my sisters. She’s only twelve years old so someone better volunteer for her! Just then I hear a voice yell out. “I VOLUNTEER!”

I look at me girlfriend and see that it’s not her. Good. The girl who volunteered comes on stage and when I finally see who it is the color drains from my face. It’s my other sister Aquira!

I’m so stunned I don’t even notice our escort reach into the boys bowl and pull out a name. I another 12-year year old named Thomas begins slowly walking towards the stage when I come back to my senses and realize what I must do. “I VOLUNTEER!” I yell out and run towards the stage.

“That is fantastic!” Our escort says giggling in excitement. “What’s your name?”

“Flick Rivers.” I reply.

I then suddenly realize joining the Hunger Games to protect Aquira and help her win means that I’m turning my back on my dad and Hillary who have relied on me to provide food for us over the years. Aquira and me go to shake hands. “I’m your brother.” I blurt out.

“What?” She asks laughing.

As our escort continues talking to the crowd, I quickly explain to Aquira about our parent’s divorce and the splitting up of the kids when suddenly she faints. “I guess someone’s a little excited.” Our escort says.

District 5: Alex Serint

“Reaping day is the worse day in the year in my opinion” is what I keep thinking over and over as I wait in line to register for the reaping. A classmate of mine is in front of me in line but two larger older boys pull him out of line. “Where’s the stuff kid?” One of them says grabbing my friend by the collar.

“I…couldn’t afford to buy any…” He whimpers.

“Then steal it!” The other boy says and punches my friend in the gut.

I decide I’ve seen enough and confront them. “Knock it off.” I say.

The two boys turn towards me and laugh. “Go away kid before we make you our new errand boy.”

I hold my ground and continue to stare them down. “Seriously kid, go away!” One says walking up to me.

I kick him in between the legs and falls to the floor clutching his groin. The other boy releases my friend and throws a punch at me. I try to block it but he’s stronger so his punch makes contact and I fall to the floor. “STOP FIGHTING!” I hear a voice roars.

Two peacekeepers come running over to us. One pulls the boy who punched me away, while the other pulls me to my feet and drags me over to get my finger poked. He then throws me in line with the other 12 year olds. “Keep your hands to yourself!” The peacekeeper says before walking away.

My head really hurts from the punch and I can tell by feeling that it’s bruised but I’m still glad I stuck up to those jerks. Our escort soon comes on stage. She’s a short women with curly hair and I big scowl on her face. “HELLLLLLLLO District…5!” The women says reading everything she says off a piece of paper. “I…am…Hellie Hall…And I am your…escort…Oh screw it lets just choose our victims!”

Hellie reaches into both bowls at once and takes out two names. “Hattie Potan and Alex Serint!”

WHAT! How could I have been chosen, my name was only in there once where some other kids have there name in there over forty times. I slowly walk towards the stage along with a blonde hair girl who must be Hattie. “Hurry up you brats they aren’t paying me to do this you know!” Hellie says annoyed were not already on stage.

“Actually they are.” The mayor says from his position behind Hellie.

“Oh shut up!” Hellie snaps and the mayor begins to scribble something into a notebook.

When Hattie and me get on stage, Hellie grabs us by our shirts and pulls us towards a car parked near the stage. “Aren’t we suppose to go into the justice building so we can say goodbye to our families?” Hattie asks.

“I don’t have time for that!” Hellie replies and soon were on our way to the train station.

We’re now on our way to the Capitol and certain death, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my parents. How could things possibly get any worse?

District 6: Carmen Odalis

I climb out of our car and walk with my mom to the square for the reaping using my cane for guidance. It’s tough being blind but I’m used to it as I’ve blind since I was born. My mom helps me get in line to register. “Don’t worry about a thing Carmen, everything will work out fine.” She says kissing me on the forehead before departing into the crowds.

After registering I make my way to the line of 15-year old with the help of one of my friends. We stand in silence until someone who I presume is our escort comes on stage “Hello District 6! As you all know I’m Peggy Cruz” says the person in a high-pitched female voice. “Today is a very exciting day as we get to choose our lucky tributes.”

I can hear Peggy walk towards the bowls and reach in “Carmen Odalis!” She screams.

I’m stunned. As I slowly walk towards the stage trying hard not to bump into people. The only thing I can think is that this all must be a dream; I can’t possibly have been reaped. I can hear people in the crowd sigh some feeling bad for me that I’m being sent to fight to the death, others angry about a blind girl being reaped because they want District 6 to win the Hunger Games.

When I reach the stage Peggy helps me up. “Any volunteers?” She asks.

Surely someone out there would feel pity for me and decide to volunteer right? Wrong. There is complete and utter silence. Peggy goes to choose another name, while I begin to silently cry. “Mike Gratlin!” Peggy calls.

Soon I’m joined by my fellow tribute and Peggy tells us to shake hands, as she does I actually think I hear sadness in Peggy’s voice.

District 7: Jaren Moss

My brother and me walk silently into the square for the reapings. This is my 2nd to last year of eligibility, which most would be happy about but not me. I don’t want to volunteer of course but I also don’t care about being reaped as I’ve been training incase that happened since I was twelve but what I do care about is my younger brother being reaped. The thing I dread most is him being reaped once I’m too old to volunteer.

I join the other 17 years old whom I take little to no notice of, as I just want this to be over. Our escort who only goes by he name Zebro comes out. His face is painted with black and white stripes and he has his long black tied in a ponytail, also he always wears sunglasses. “Let’s just get this over with, ok?” He says and many people nod in agreement as District 7 hasn’t done that well in past games. “Kira Nissel.” He says and a pale skinned girl from my class goes up on stage.

Zebro goes over to choose a boy and I see my brother starring at me. I nod to him letting him know it’s going to be alright. Zebro pulls out a name. “Jarrod Moss.”

“I VOLUNTEER!” I scream and run up onto stage.

“What’s your name?” Zebro asks.

“Jaren Moss.” I reply.

Zebro nodds solumenly realizing that Jarrod is my brother. Kira and me shake hands. Now my brother is safe for atleast one more year and the only thing I have to worry about now is killing 23 other kids and winning the Hunger Games.

District 9: Aleyen Myer

Usually during the reapings our escort comes up on stage, chooses two tributes, and that is that. It’s been like that every year in every district but some reason instead of an escort District 9’s head peacekeeper Rupert Romero comes on stage. He’s a large man with a shaggy beard, he’s dressed in uniform and holds a small pale in his hands. “As you all know each year we randomly choose two kids between the ages of 12 and 18 to be our tributes,” He says. “But due do to some new information that has come to light we’re doing it differently.”

Everyone in the square begins talking at once. Rupert Romero raises his hands to silence them. “We have learned that a group of citizens we’re planning to rebel against the Capitol, that cannot be tolerated.” Rupert holds up the pale in his hands. “In here are the names of the children of the those who we know are apart of this rebel group. We will choose two names and these two will be our tributes in the 99th Hunger Games.”

Well this is all fine with me, my parent’s aren’t in any rebell alliance. Actually they are pretty boring. Each day they just go to work, come home, make dinner, go to sleep, repeat. Rupert Romero reaches into the pale and pulls out a name. “Aleyen Myer!” He says.

WHAT! This has to be somekind of mistake. I backaway from the stage when suddenly I’m grabbed by two peacekeepers and carried on stage. I want to scream out about how my parents can’t possibly be trying to start a rebellion but I can’t make even a sound I’m so stunned.

He reaches back into the pale. “Cashew Fallow”

A boy around 16 walks up onto stage without resistance. In fact when he comes on stage he just smiles. A peacekeeper quickly handcuffs us both and before I know it we’re both on a train to the capitol.

Cashew and me are seated next to each other, while Rupert Romero sits across from us. “Tell us everything you know about your parents and everything will be fine.” He says.

I’m too choked up to say anything but Cashew isn’t. “I’ll never tell you anything!” He says spitting on the head peacekeeper’s shoes.

Rupert laughs. “Jones take the boy to my office, I want to…talk with him”

Another peacekeeper grabs Cashew and drags him away. Ruper stands up to follow but looks back at me. “If you don’t want your time in the games to be a living nightmare then I would coperate.” He says before walking away leaving me by myself wondering how my parents could be apart of a rebellion without me knowing.

District 11: Rosie Galenti

“Come on Max I know your nervous but you have to eat something.” I say to my little brother has he pushes away his bowl of oatmeal without taking a bite.

He shakes his head. “If you don’t eat now you’ll hungry later.” I say trying to reason with him.

He gives in and pulls back his bowl. Max is 13 but rarely ever talks and hates being around any one other then me. Our dad is usually off drunk somewhere so it’s been my job for the last 7 years to take care of the family. After he finishes eating I put his bowl in the sink and we walk to the reapings. When we get to the reapings Max almost runs away when he sees the needle they use to get our blood sample for registering again. Last year was easy because he didn’t see it coming but now that he knows about it. After a few minutes of convincing him that it only hurts for a few second he allows the peacekeeper to poke his finger.

We then spilt up he joins the other 13-year olds, while I join the 17-year olds. I stand next to my friend Melrose.

“Is your dad even here?” She asks.

I shake my head. “If I got reaped he probably wouldn’t even know till he saw me in the arena.” I say.

Our escort then comes on stage. His names Al Waysoul, he’s a thin man with lime green hair who also wears a tight green shirt and blue sweatpants. He may not be the weirdest looking escorts but he sure is one of the craziest. Al begins jog in place on stage, then begins to stretch. No one knows why he does it; all he’s doing is picking two names nothing that would require much work. He steps up to the microphone and begins to rant about eating healthy and how we should exercise each day even though most families in District 11 struggle to feed themselves each day. Eventually he reaches in to pick a name. “Rosie Galenti.”

I CAN’T BE IN THE HUNGER GAMES! Who will take care of Max, certainly not our dad and I hate to think of him being sent to a community home. However I don’t wonder for long because Al picks another name. “Maxwell Galenti”

Max comes up on stage with me and I’m completely and utterly stunned. What are the odds of both of us being reaped? Al tells us to shake hands but instead I pull Max in for a hug. As I hug him the only thing I can think about is how only one of us can make it out of the arena alive.


Day 1

District 6: Mike Gratlin

Carmen and me are the last to arrive at the training room. Once we joined the others the head trainer begins explaining training, as he does I take a look at my competition. The career tributes look menacing especially the boy from 2. The other tributes aren’t as intimidating but I think I should keep my eyes on the boy from 7. The head trainer finishes speaking the tributes begin to break off and go to different stations. The careers go to show-off with the weapons, while I see the pair from District 3 arguing over the proper way to build a fire at the fire making station. It soon becomes clear to me if I’m going to win I’m going to need an ally. I can’t be Carmen because she maybe nice but in the games her being blind in all will be more of a burden then helpful. As mean as that might sound.

I walk over to the edible plant stations, where the trainer begins telling the boy from 5 and me on how to tell which plant are inedible and where to find edible ones. After 15 minutes Alex the boy from 5 and me go to the knot tying station where we talk a little. As we talk I realize Alex may be small but I can tell he’s a fighter and could potentially be a good ally in the games.

District 2: McKenna Ecelenti

I set down my bow and smile. I shot 6 arrows and five of them hit the bull’s-eye perfectly. “Easy!” I say to the other careers that are watching.

I turn to Mason who smiles at me. I wink at him and flick my hair over my head. I then see Addison pick up the bow. Her first arrow misses the target by a mile and I laugh along with Rosevelt. Addison groans and shoots again this time hitting a bulls-eye. She shoots again and again hitting the bulls-eye each time until she’s matched my mark of five.

She sets the bow down and the other careers clap for her. Addison looks over at Mason and bats her eyelashes at him. Ugh, she makes me so sick. She must know I like Mason and is trying to play mind games with me, but it’s not going to work.

District 11: Rosie Galenti

I throw the spear and it hits the outer edge of the target. Not bad but a spear defiantly wouldn’t be my weapon of choice inside the Hunger Games. Max’s who is on my right throws his spear. While it sails across the air it spins around and hits the target the wrong way. Max sighs and I pat him on the back. “Don’t worry there are plenty of different weapons to try out.” I say.

The boy from 7 suddenly walks up the station, picks up a spear, and easily throws it. The spear strikes the target in the direct middle. Max and me both stare at the boy who just walks away like nothing happened. “Max, in the games remember to stay away from him.” I tell Max who nods in agreement.

District 4: Aquira Watomjut

When Flicks first dropped the bombshell on me that we are siblings, I didn’t believe him but once he started explaining, it was too much to take in. That’s why I fainted on the stage at the reapings.

“So you’ve been spying on us for years?” I ask Flicks as we stand together in the corner of the room.

“Well…kind of.” Flick replies.

We really should be training now but there’s just so much I want to ask Flick about and who knows how much longer either of us will be alive. We don’t talk in front of the other careers because we don’t want to know we’re brother and sister yet…well actually I don’t know I ever want them to know.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” I ask.

“Because our parents wanted to keep it a secret so I decided it would be better if I respected their decision.” Flick says.

Even sitting here talking to Flick, It’s difficult to believe that I had another brother and sister who I never knew about and that my father who I thought to be dead was still alive. The realization though that one or even both us will have to die soon makes it even harder.

District 1: Rosevelt Goldernes

Mason and me walk together to the weapon lifting station and each pick up a 50-pound dumbbell to warm up. As we begin to do some curls with them I notice Flicks and Aquira by themselves talking for like the 3rd time today. “Look at those two,” I say to Mason nodding my head towards them. “They’re inseparable!”

Mason narrows his eyes. “They could be dangerous late in the games.” He says.

“We better be vigilante then.” I reply.

He nods and we both move on to the 100 pounds weights.

Day 2

District 7: Kira Nissel

As we ride down the elevator to the training room for day 2 of training, Zebro turns to Jaren and me. “I’ve been hearing good things about you two in training.” He says and then randomly adds. “But remember only one of you can win the games.”

Geez, Zebro always so optimistic. When we reach the training floor, Jaren and me get off the elevator and join the tributes already here. While we wait for the others, the boy from 3 begins telling the careers that all of them volunteering is stupid because only 1 of them can get out of the games alive. This seems to annoy them. The others soon arrive and we resume training. Jaren walks away to try out the gauntlet leaving me by myself. I wonder around for awhile before going to the sword station but I realize immediately that I’m helpless with a sword. I then head over the throwing axe station.

I run my hand over the axes and pick one up. I examine it in my hand before giving it a toss. The axe hits the dummy right in the forehead. “Nice throw.” The trainer says. I pick up another axe and know that this is the weapon I want once I’m in the arena.

District 10: Eli Dawn

I tap Jonathon from District 12 and point at the careers. “What do you think of them?” I ask.

“I think I’m going to take one of them out in the bloodbath.” He replies.

During training I met up with Jonathon and the boy from 8 John and we decided to form an alliance. “Which one are you going to get?” I ask Jonathon.

He shrugs. “Probably, whichever one is closet to me.”

We return to knives at targets but when we I catch the careers out of the corner of my eye pointing at us. They’re probably talking about, which one of them is going to kill us in the games.

District 9: Aleyen Myer

Cashew drops his platter of food on the table and sits down across from me at our table in the cafeteria. He has a bruise under his right eye that he didn’t have until after his “talk” with Romero on the train. I tried to ask him what happened but he said it was better if I didn’t know. The only thing he did say was that shouldn’t tell Romero anything about my parents or the rebellion, which was fine with me because I don’t know anything. Cashew watches the boy from 8 who is sitting at the same table as us. Eventually he gets up and leaves to refill his plate. Once he’s gone Cashew leans in close. “They don’t know anything.” He says.

“What?” I ask confused, as this is the first he’s spoken to me since the train.

“The Capitol, they don’t know really anything about the rebellion other then both our parents are apart of it.” He says.

“But they had a bucket full of names of kids whose parents are apart of the rebellion.”

He shakes his. “No the only names in there were ours.”

“How do you know that?”

“Romero left the bucket on his desk and I got a peak in.”

I shrug. “Well why does that matter anyway?”

“Because that means the only people they know to question are us and our parents. So if we don’t say anything and they don’t say anything they can’t afford to kill us in the Hunger Games.” He says grinning.

“Well I don’t know anything anyways.” I say truthfully.

Cashew frowns then goes back to eating as the boy from 8 returns to the table. After talking to Cashew it’s apparent that he was already aware of this “rebellion”, while my parents left my in the complete dark. I wonder why?

District 10: Kiona North

I hold up the knot I just perfected and examine it; I smile and go to work untying it. I’ve been doing pretty good tying these knots but knots aren’t really going to kill anyone in the games. Not that I want to kill anyone anyways but if I’m going to survive, I just might. But I do remember this 12-year old girl named Kattie from District 10 who won the games without killing.

The games came down to her and the boy from 5, who had just finished off the boy from 7. The entire arena was flooded except for the area around the cornucopia; the girl was a good swimmer so she tried to escape the boy by going into the water but he found a lifejacket and followed her. Right before he could kill her though I shark mutt came up and eat him, allowing Kattie to win. Hopefully the games will work out like that this year too.

A 13-year old boy whose name I remember as Max comes up besides me and begins tying some knots. “Hi Max, I’m Kiona.” I say.

He just stares at me like I’m about to attack him or something. “What’s wrong?” I ask him.

“STAY AWAY FROM HIM.” A girl screams.

I turn around to his Rosie sister running towards us. She pulls her brother away and shields herself in front of him. “What’s your problem?” I ask.

“We don’t trust you,” She says backing away. “We don’t trust anyone.”

I just shrug and watch the two walk away. Some people sure are crazy.

District 12: Alana Reddal

“I HIT IT!” I scream excitedly to the trainer at the bow and arrow station. “I HIT IT!”

After just twelve attempts I managed actually hit the target with one of my arrows. I’m so happy! I jump up and down screaming when suddenly SNAP! “Umm…sorry.” I say holding the now broken bow back to the trainer.

I guess I can get a little took excited sometimes. I look around the training room and see that many of the tributes are starring at me. What are their problems?

I leave the bow and arrow station and walk towards the plant station, where I join the girl from 5, Hattie who has the same knowledge of plants as me. “We should like team up!” I say.

She just shrugs, which I take as a probably.

Scores & Odds

Tribute (District) Score Odds
Addison Chrone (1) 7 10-1
Rosevelt Goldernes (1) 9 6-1
McKenna Ecelenti (2) 9 6-1
Mason Nance (2) 11 2-1
Bethunia Underium (3) 6 20-1
Compton Onaway (3) 5 29-1
Aquira Watomjut (4) 8 8-1
Flick Rivers (4) 9 5-1
Hattie Potan (5) 5 33-1
Alex Serint (5) 6 22-1
Carmen Odalis (6) 1 100-1
Mike Gratlin (6) 7 12-1
Kira Nissel (7) 6 21-1
Jaren Moss (7) 10 4-1
Teddy Gerzy (8) 3 44-1
John Madrick (8) 7 10-1
Aleyen Meyer (9) 4 34-1
Cashew Fallow (9) 8 9-1
Kiona North (10) 7 17-1
Eli Dawn (10) 6 20-1
Rosie Galenti (11) 7 17-1
Maxwell Galenti (11) 3 43-1
Alana Reddal (12) 4 35-1
Jonathan Magas (12) 9 7-1


The corncupia is on flat surface that is surrounded by a dense forest with various paths. Some of the paths lead to a meadow, a lake, a valley, deeper into the forest, the swamp and towards a small mountain. Mutts in the arena inculde trackerjackers, tiger mutts, and fish mutts.

The Games

Day 1

The Countdown

Alex Serint’s POV

The light temporarily blinds me as my tube rises up into the arena. “Let the 99th Hunger Games begin!” booms the voice announcer Edger Templesmith.

60…59…58…57…the first thing I see is the cornucopia about 40 yards away filled with various items and weapons. I look around and see that a dense forest surrounds us with various paths leading into it. 56…55…54…53…52

Mike, my ally I spot a few tributes down from me, which is good because we’ll be able to find each other quick. 51…50…

Mason Nance’s POV

49…48…47…I look over to my right where McKenna is stationed. She gives me a flirty smile and I wave to her. I’m not actually in love with her or Addison, I mean yeah they are both pretty but this is the Hunger Games, only one person can win and it’s going to be me, but having them both believe I’m in love with them will work in my advantage. 46…45…44…43…I crack my fingers and prepare to run once the cong sounds 42…41…40…39…

Teddy Gerzy’s POV

38…37…I spot a blue backpack nearby my plate that I know I can reach because I’m quick. Once I get it I should try to get out of here…but where to run? Who knows what is waiting inside the forest, maybe I should get a weapon too…Oh, what should I do! 36…35…34…32…

Flick Rivers’ POV

31…30…I look at all the nearby tributes searching for Aquira. Last night I decided that I’m going to give up on my life and help Aquira win. My dad and Hillary should be able to manage without me. 29…28…27…26…It feels weird knowing I’m going to die within a week or two, but I have to do what I have to do…25…24…23…22…

Carmen Odalis’s POV

21…20…19…18…unlike everyone else I have no idea what the arena looks like. My plate could be surrounded by water or quicksand for all I know. Being blind is going to put me at a huge disadvantage. 17…16…15…”Hey you!” I call to whoever the tribute next to me is. “Me?” Ask a boy voice. “Yes you,” I reply. “What does the arena look like?” “It’s a desert.” He says A desert? I don’t like the sound of that. 14…13…12…11…

Rosevelt Goldernes’s POV

10…9…8…I laugh silently to myself. I just told that stupid blind girl that the arena was a desert and she believed me. 7…6…5...I stop laughing and prepare myself for the cong. This is serious now I need to get a spear or some throwing knifes and take out as much tributes as I can…4…3…2…1…CONG!

Jaren Moss’s POV

The cong sounds and mostly everyone takes off running towards the cornucopia. As I run I spot the blind girl from 6 already on the floor. She’s either dead or just tripped but it doesn’t matter which it is to me.

I reach the rack of spears outside the cornucopia the same time as the boy from 3 does. We both make a grab for the same spear but I manage to pull it away and knock the boy to the floor. Before I can spear him, he kicks me in the gut causing me to summersault backwards over a crate and cut my knee on something sharp. That’s going to hurt later but right now I don’t feel a thing.

I climb to my feet and see the boy running away into the woods, his district partner joins him. I throw my spear at them. It hits the girl in the back killing her, while the boy keeps running unaffected.

Mason Nance’s POV

I run into the cornucopia and quickly grab a sword that is hanging on the wall. I turn around to come face-to-face with the boy from 12. He has an axe, which he swings at me. I duck and he gets his axe stuck in a crate. As he tries to free it, I go to stab him in the back but he moves out of the way and run outs of the cornucopia.

I begin to pursue him but see an easier target in the boy from 11 who is going through a backpack nearby. You can see the surprise in his eyes when he sees my sword coming right at his head. Before it makes contact though his sister tackles me to the floor. His sister quickly gets to her feet and both her and her brother run away.

I scramble to my feet angry that I just lost an easy kill.

Aquira Watomjut’s POV

I stop running and pick up a knife up off the floor but when I do someone grabs me from behind, preventing from turning. I try to break free when whoever grabbed me suddenly lets go. I turn around to see the girl from 8 on the floor and Flick pulling his trident out of her body. “You have to be more careful.” He says.

“So do you.” I reply and tackle him to the floor as an axe goes flying past where he previously stood.

The boy from 12 who threw the axe yells out a curse before running away into the woods. “I guess were even.” I say to Flick.

Rosevelt Goldernes’s POV

I stand around and examine the carnage of the bloodbath. The boys from 9 and 10 are on the floor choking each other, McKenna is trying to smash the district 10 girls’ head into the cornucopia but she is putting up a heck of a fight, and the girl from 7 is sprinting away into the woods with a backpack.

The boy from 5 comes running past me carrying a backpack, spear, and sleeping bag. I reach out my arm and clothesline him to the floor. I quickly strip him of his back pack, which I throw back towards the cornucopia and then take his spear. I walk over to the two boys on the floor choking each other and try to spear them both at the same time. The boy from 9 rolls out of the way but I do hit the other boy in the chest killing him.

The boy from 9 scrambles to his feet and duck around the cornucopia so I return to finish off the boy from 5 when I suddenly spot the girl from 5 running in the distance. I throw my spear into the air and it strikes the girl in the back.

I look down to see the boy from 5 trying to crawl away so I kick him in the rear-end causing him to fall flat on his face. “Stay there,” I say. “I need to get another spear.”

McKenna Ecelenti’s POV

I grab the girl from 10 by the back of the hair and use all my strength to slam her face into the cornucopia. But she throws an elbow that catches me on the nose, causing me to release her and recoil in pain. I reach my hands up to my nose and can tell it is broken and also that it has begun to bleed.

The girl from 10 begins to run away but is stopped by the boy from 8 who slashes her across the chest with a machete. She drops to the floor and boy runs down a path into the woods. I make my way over to the girl’s body to make sure she is dead, which she is. And with the bloodbath has ended.

Addison Chrone’s POV

I look around the cornucopia and count six dead bodies. The only living tributes still here are us careers, Mason is in the cornucopia comparing his sword to the others hanging on the wall, Rosevelt is looking around as if he’s lost something or someone, McKenna is standing over the body of a girl wiping away the blood on her face, and Flick and Aquira are talking by themselves.

I walk over to Mason who discards the sword in his hands and pulls a new one off of the wall. “Six dead.” I tell him.

He nods. “We should clear out so they can collect the bodies.”

We all make are way towards one of the paths in the forest except for Rosevelt who stands motionless. I’m about to call out to him when he holds his finger to shush me. Suddenly the blind girl from 6 who I thought was dead begins to crawl around blindly grabbing anything she can. She reaches out and grabs Roosevelt’s boot and realizes she isn’t alone. She screams then Rosevelt puts an end to her.

So that was the blind girls plan? Wait till we all left then try and grab anything she can before we got back. It would of worked if Rosevelt hadn’t been so observant. “Three kills,” Rosevelt says pulling his spear out of the girl’s body. “That means I’m leader.”

“What?” Mason asks.

“I got the most kills so that means I’m leader.” He says shrugging.

“We never agreed to that.” Mason argues.

“Yeah, I think Mason should be leader.” I say.

“Me too.” Adds McKenna and then makes a nasty face at me.

“Let’s settle this later.” Flick says.

He walks into the woods and we all follow, Mason and Rosevelt though continue to argue.

Rosie Galenti’s POV

As soon as the careers leave the area Max and me run out and begin grabbing anything we can carry. I get three throwing knives and a tent, while Max grabs two backpacks. We then both hurry away so the hovercrafts can retrieve the bodies before the careers return and suspect something is up.

We get a good distance away from the cornucopia go thought the stuff in the backpacks. There’s dried meat, crackers, matches, and a flashlight in one and in the other is a canteen of water, dried fruit, wire, and gasoline. This stuff should last us at least a few days after that we might be able to steal from the careers again.

Alex Serint’s POV

I stop running and catch my breath. That was close; the boy from 1 almost had me but I managed to get up and run down a path, while he was retrieving his spear. I should have listened to my mentors advice and not go in but I do still have a sleeping bag.

BOOM! I jump in shock but then realize it’s just the cannon shots signaling the deaths of the tributes at the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I count six canon shots in total, which means six tributes are already dead and 18 are left in play.

Suddenly I hear a sound from the woods. What could it be? A career? A mutt? I prepare to fight whatever it is when Mike bursts out of the woods.

I’m relived it’s just him but I notice his hands are empty, which means he either didn’t go into the bloodbath or lost what he got like me. “Good, you managed to get a sleeping bag,” He says.

“It could come in handy.” I say.

“There wasn’t anything good near me so I just ran.” He explains.

We both begin to walk down the path hoping to put much distance between us and the careers as possible.

Jeran Moss’s POV

I sit down on a boulder and examine the gash on my knee. It’s pretty nasty looking and if I don’t do something about it could get infected. I tear off a piece of my pants and tie it around it. Now I just have to figure out where I am.

I had followed after the pair from 11 but lost track of them in the woods, so I then tried to double back to the cornucopia to see if I could steal anything from the careers but I think I just went further into the woods. The only thing I got from the bloodbath is my spear and I see no water or anything to eat near me. I get up from my boulder and start walking in a random direction, hoping I will come upon a stream and not the career pack or an angry mutt.

Kira Nissel’s POV

Climbing up the small mountain at the edge of the arena, I look back at the forest where who knows how many tributes are right now. Opposite of the forest on the other side of the mountain is a deep drop-off into an ocean filled with pointy rocks. When I reach the top I discover a dark cave, so using my matches I enter and explore. Luckily there are no mutts in here but it is cold so I put on my parka and prepare to spend the night here, where the others shouldn’t be able to find me that easily.

Alana Reddal’s POV

I burst out of the trees and trip over a branch causing me to fall on my face. Ouch. I look up and notice that I’ve run right into a beautiful meadow with a pond and multiple berry bushes. I get to my feet and walk over to the pond. I scoop up some water with my hands and drink it. It’s the best water I’ve ever drunk, way better than the water at home and even the water in the capitol. I wonder why that is?

I walk over to one of the bushes and recognize the berries from the bushes that grow outside the fences in District 12. I know they are edible so I eat a few and put some in my pockets incase someone else shows up and I have to leave. I’m beginning to like my chances at winning these games.

Aleyen Meyer’s POV

As the sun sets I stop walking and look for a tree to spend the night in. The only thing I got from the bloodbath was a canteen, which I filled with water from the spring I found. I find a good tree, which I climb up and tie myself in for the night. I’m very hungry but I can’t do anything about that until tomorrow when I can go scavenging for food.

Right before I drift off to sleep, the anthem begins and the faces of those who died today appear, the girls from 3, 5 6, 8, and both tributes from District 10. So Cashew survived today? I can’t help but wonder though about how much longer I will survive these deadly games.

99th Hunger Games The Fallen Day 100:25

99th Hunger Games The Fallen Day 1


Day 2

Jaren Moss’s POV

When I wake up it’s just at the break of dawn. I discover that my mentor sent me Neosporin for my wound and bread to eat. After eating a few slices, I shove the rest of the bread into my pockets and set off to search for a source of water.

As I explore I try to think of who’s left. There’s me, Kara, six careers, that boy from 3, and then there are 9 others. I soon come to a fork in the woods that branch off in two different directions. After much deliberation it decide to take the right path, which turns out to be a great decision.

The path leads me out of the woods and towards a large lake. I quickly quench my thirst and then plan out my next move. I notice the lake turns into a river that leads back in the woods, so it could be a good idea to follow it so I always have a source of water and maybe I’ll run into some other tributes I can take out. But before I’m going to do anything I’m going to rest for a few hours as I didn’t get very much sleep last night.

Mason Nance’s POV

Rosevelt wakes us all up a little after dawn and we eat a quick breakfast. “We should go hunting for the other tributes.” I say.

Rosevelt nods. “Yes but we’ll need someone to stay behind and guard our supplies.”

I point Flick. “You’ll stay behind.” I say.

He quickly shakes his head. “No way, I’m coming with I need to…”

“Yeah we need Flick out there.” Rosevelt says.

I walk over to and Rosevelt and in a hush voice say, “What are you doing? You said we need to keep him and Aquira spilt up.”

“I changed my mind.” He replies and then turning to everyone else says. “McKenna or Addison will stay behind to guard.”

“Yes they are the ones with the best with the bow.” Aquira says.

McKenna and Addison both look at each other and then back at the rest of us. “SHE SHOULD STAY BEHIND!” They both say almost in union.

“Well how are we going to choose now Rosevelt?” I ask before adding. “Since you are the leader.”

Rosevelt ponders it for a second then tosses an apple to Flick. “Set that on a crate about…30 yards away.” I say. “We’re going to have a shooting contest.”

Addison Goldernes’s POV

I prepare an arrow to shoot as Flick sets up our makeshift target. I need to win this contest! I can’t let McKenna win and force me to stay behind by myself and guard the supplies.

When Flick finishes McKenna steps to shoot. She aims for a second before firing. Her arrow misses by about an inch. I cheer on the inside as I step up to shoot unfortunately I also miss.

Rosevelt groans. “COME ON! Someone hit the target!”

McKenna shoots again and once more misses by an inch. I realize now that if I don’t hit the apple this time then McKenna will defiantly hit on her next shot. I step up, while trying to be as calm as possible. I then aim my bow and fire.

The arrow hits the apple in the dead center. “YES!” I scream out excitedly.

“Addison wins…that means she gets to stay behind and guard the supplies.” Rosevelt says.

“WHAT?” I say turning to face him.

Rosevelt crosses his arms and smiles. “Best archer has to stay behind.” He says.

I begin to protest but no one bothers to listen to me. Soon Rosevelt is leading them all out into the forest. McKenna is in the back of the group and before they disappear from view she turns around and smiles at me.

Rosie Galenti’s POV

Today is going to be a big day! The previous night Max and me made a plan to burn down the forest and as soon as it was light we began to work on the plan. We spread the gasoline we got from the cornucopia all over the place and then positioned ourselves so we would be on the opposite side of where the fire will spread. Of course the fire won’t burn down the entire forest because it is way too big for that but it could burn a good portion of it and take out some tributes. Max lights a match, examines it for a moment and then throws it to the floor.

The fire spreads quicker then we anticipated and are forced to sprint away. Just being outside the fire makes me sweat so I can’t imagine what it will feel like to the tributes who get trapped in the forest fire.

Kira Nissel’s POV

As I come out of my cave to retrieve the throwing axes my mentor sent me, I immediately see the smoke coming from the forest. What is going on down there I wonder? Did the game makers start or did the careers? The fire makes me worried because I may be safe up here but the tributes fleeing the fire might make a run towards the mountain and discover my cave.

I go back into my cave and sit with my back to the wall. If anyone enters this cave they’re going to be met with an axe to the face.

Aleyen Meyer’s POV

When I wake up, I can’t see a thing because of the smoke. I quickly untie myself from the tree and jump down. I then see the wave of fire heading towards me burning everything in its path. I take off running for my life. As I run I conclude that this fire must be a work of the game makers but I wonder why they did this so early into the games.

I hurtle over a log and spot another tribute out of the corner of my eye running from the fire but I can’t tell who it is. I see a mountain to my right but it would be impossible for me to reach it before the fire overtook me so I continue running in the same direction.

Suddenly a burning tree falls down and blocks my path. I turn around and see that I’m completely surrounded by fire. This is the end…but wait I see an opening in the circle of fire. I run as fast as I can towards the patch of green grass not yet affected by the fire. When I’m close enough I dive forward. I land on the grass just as falling trees block off the opening. The fire doesn’t seem to be spreading any farther so I should be safe in this small clearing but anyone still in the part of the forest on fire will have no chance of escape now.

The smoke causes me to start coughing violently and when I finally stop that’s when I notice them. Two boys, both of they’re faces and clothes are covered with soot from the fire. Before I can react the bigger of the two boys jumps on me. He pins me to the floor, while the other boy watches on. “What are we going to do with her Mike?” The smaller boy asks.

“We’re going to have to kill her.” The boy pinning me replies.

“With what?”

Mike, the boy on me points to a large rock. “Bring me that.”

The smaller boy nods and begins to retrieve the rock. I look at Mike and begin to cry. “Please…you don’t have to do this!”

Mike shakes his head and only says, “Sorry.”

The smaller boy picks up the rock and begins to carry it back to Mike when an axe hits him the chest, instantly killing him. BOOM! Mike quickly gets off of me and runs away. I prepare to run from whoever just threw the axe when Cashew comes barreling out of the bushes. “Are you alright?” He asks me.

I nod and he pulls me to his feet. “We should stick together.” He says as he retrieves his axe out of the body of the boy he killed.

“Good idea.” I reply.

Jonathon’s POV

“What did you manage to save from the fire?” I ask as John as the two us stand around the edge of the burning forest.

“Just my machete.” John replies tapping his machete that hangs from his belt.

“I only got my knife and the useless wire.” I say throwing the wire to the floor.

When the fire started we had been hunting and it spread so quickly we didn’t have time to grab our stuff before we had to run. Both of us got burnt but we we’re near the edge of the forest so we managed to escape towards the mountain. “Too bad we don’t have any burn cream.” John says inspecting his burnt skin.

I point towards the mountain. “Let’s head to the mountain. We should we be able to reach it by nightfall.” John agrees and we both begin to slowly walk towards the mountain. If anyone is up there they better watch out because we’re not in a mood to be messed with.

Flick Rivers’ POV

“Did you hear that canon?” McKenna asks as we walk through the forest path.

“Of course I heard it!” Rosevelt snaps.

He’s angry because we’ve been walking all day and haven’t seen a single tribute. We have seen smoke but when we tried to head towards it we somehow ended up going in a totally different direction. “I think we’re going in circles.” Aquira says.

“We are not!” Rosevelt says.

“Yes we are,” Aquira argues. “We’ve past that rock three times!”

“That’s because all rocks look the same,” Rosevelt says. “Beside how could we possibly be going in circles if we’ve stayed on the path the entire time.”

“May be someone should go into the woods and look around.” I suggest.

“Good idea,” Rosevelt points to Mason. “Go take a look around.”

Mason grumbles to himself and begins to head into the woods but before he does McKenna kisses him on the cheek. Once Mason leaves the path we can’t even see him because the forest is so dense. We wait in silence awaiting his return, when a loud roar causes us all to put our hands over our ears.

Mason burst out of the woods. We all stare at him, as he stands bent over trying to catch his breath. I peer out into the woods. “NO!” Mason yells and pulls me back.

“What’s out there?” I ask him.

“Tigers…everywhere…think…they’re mutts.” He says out of breath and then shows us a claw mark across his arm.

“Aren’t they going to attack us on the path?” McKenna asks taking an arrow out and notching it in her bow.

Mason shakes his head as I hand him the Neosporin. “They stopped…chasing me once…I got back on the path.”

“Then they must not want us to leave the path.” I say and we all look down the path wondering what could possible be at the end of it.

Addison Chrone’s POV

I sit with my back to the cornucopia cleaning my bow for the like the 10th time. It’s almost midnight, shouldn’t the others be back yet? I heard one canon today did they kill someone or we’re one of them killed? Hopefully it was McKenna.

Ugh the waiting around is killing me. The anthem begins and the face of the boy from 5 appears. That’s it. I wait a few more minutes then decide I’ve had enough of this waiting around and I’m going to look for the others. I light a lantern, pack my bag with anything that fits and then set off following the path the others took.

Day 3

Mason Nance's POV

As the sun rises, we all wake up and pack up the tent. I walk over to Rosevelt who is starring into the woods.“Listen Rosevelt, I think we should turn around go back the way we came.” I say.

“No,” he replies. “We’ll keep on our current path, we’re almost out of these woods”

“I’m sick of listening to you. I think it’s time for a change in leadership.”

He turns and glares at me. “What are you talking about?”

“I think I should be in charge.”

“If you want to be in charge then your going to have to kill me.” He says.

The others begin to gather around. “I’m not afraid of you Rosevelt.” I say.

He laughs and hands his spears to Flick. “Give your sword to Flick,” He says to me. “We’re going to settle this the old fashioned way.”

I compile and hand my sword to Flick and drop my backpack on the floor. Flick, Aquira, and McKenna back away as Rosevelt and me begin to circle each other. Daring each other to attack first. “Go Mason!” McKenna yells out.

I see Rosevelt’s eyes look over her and the others so I quickly punch him in the face. I follow up a cross punch and a hook. However the strikes don’t even make Rosevelt flinch. “You’re going to need to try harder then that.” He says and kicks me in the gut.

When I bend over he knees me in the head and I fall to the floor. He jumps onto me but I mange to hold him off. We grapple for position but eventually he manages to pin me to the floor. His hands go around my neck and he begins to choke me.

I try to pull his hands away but he’s too strong. I begin to lose air and know I’m seconds away from death so I reach my hand into my pants and pull out my knife. With my last ounce of strength I slash Rosevelt across the neck. BOOM!

Rosevelt’s blood drips all over my face. I push his lifeless body off of me and get to my feet. Aquira steps forward and glares at me. “You cheated!” She says.

I shrug. “I did what I had to do.” I say and take my sword away from Flick.

“What we do with his spears?” He asks.

“Ditch them.” I reply and Flick throws them into the woods.

Then we see it; a beautiful glow of light at the end of the path. It’s so beautiful and alluring we can’t help but run towards it leaving behind Rosevelt’s body.

Aleyen Meyer’s POV

“Nice shot.” Cashew says as I retrieve my arrow from the body of the rabbit I just shot with my brand new bow my sponsors sent me.


We take the rabbit back to our makeshift camp in the part of the woods not burnt down in the fire the previous day. Cashew starts a fire to cook the rabbit and I look around expecting someone to jump out at any second. “Are you sure building a fire is a good idea?”

“Of course eating raw rabbit is bad for you.” He replied. “Besides if anyone tries to attack us, we can hold them off.” He holds his axe that he used to kill Alex the previous day.

After the fire is ready we cook the rabbit and then have a nice meal of rabbit, soup, and crackers. “So your parents never said anything about the rebellion?” Cashew asks in a hushed voice so the cameras can’t hear.

I shake my head. “Never said a word to me.”

“And they never did anything to make you suspicious of them?”

“No. Why, did your parents talk about the rebellion a lot?” I ask eating a cracker.

He nods. “All the time. I just thought since your parents were at the head of the rebellion they would have told you something about it.”

Head of a rebellion? That doesn’t sound like my parents but then again a lot of things I’ve been hearing about them doesn’t sound like them.

Jonathon Magas’s POV

John and me sit on a rock on top of the mountain starring into the forest. I can spot the top of the cornucopia in the part of the forest that wasn’t burnt down. “I’m going to go check out the cornucopia.” I say to John. “What?” “You heard me. We need supplies and I have a spear and knife so if I run into anyone I can take them.” “Should I come with?” John asks. I shake my head. “No you stay here, I can move quicker by myself.” I get up and begin to set off down the mountain. “I’ll be back soon!” I yell back to John.

Mike Gratlin’s POV

These games have been a complete mess for me. I don’t have any food, water, or a weapon and my only ally Alex is dead. I walk through the forest uncertain on what to do. Hopefully I’ll stumble upon a stream or a pond or something because I’m really thirst…really really thirsty.

I walk over some leaves that are scattered on the floor and before I know it I’m entangled in some kind of net. Some tribute must have set this trap and I foolishly walked into it. “How could things possibly get any worse!” I yell out.

That’s when I hear laughter. I look and see the boy from 3 heading towards me with a spear in hand. He laughs once more and the last thing I ever see is him repeatedly stabbing his spear into my gut.

Addison Chrone’s POV

BOOM! I hear the canon and look into the sky to see crows begin to scatter. That is the 2nd cannon today and I’m certain one of them is for Mason. I just know it!

I’ve been walking down the forest path all day and have yet to see any sign of the other careers. I decide they must have left the path so I enter the forest. I walk for about two minutes when I see the mutt. It’s tiger but its eyes are blood red. It roars and charges me. I fire an arrow and hit it in-between the eyes killing it.

I’m about to lower my bow when another tiger mutt appears and another. I shoot two more arrows. I manage to kill one of the mutts but miss the other and am forced to climb a tree.

About eight other mutts soon join the mutt that trapped me in the tree and I know I won’t be able to kill them all with my bow. I try to think of ways to escape them; but the trees are too far apart for me to jump from tree to tree, I don’t think I could distract them with anything, and then I notice the trackerjacker nest hanging from a nearby branch.

I give the nest a sharp kick and it falls from the tree. It lands on the ground and the tiger mutts are swarmed by angry trackerjackers. Before I know it all the tiger mutts are gone, having run off with the trackerjackers in hot pursuit, leaving me safe and unscratched.

Jonathan Magas’s POV

I slowly walk up to the cornucopia expecting some kind of trap because the careers wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave all there supplies unprotected would they? Turns out they were.

I grab some burn cream, food, Neosporin, a sleeping bag, a club, and stuff it all inside a backpack. I sling the pack over my shoulder and run away hoping some didn’t see me. When I reach the forest, I hear a sound so I look back to see a girl heading towards the cornucopia with a vile in hand. I decide to ignore her and run back towards the mountains.

Kira's POV

I sit in the cave waiting and waiting. Somone is just outside but either they haven't discovered the cave yet or are waiting for me to come out, which might have to be soon as I've ran of food. I'm unsure on how many tributes are out there. I know there we're atleast two but I think one left and said something about going back to the cornucopia. I wonder how much longer can I hold up in here?

Aquira Watomjut’s POV

We all stumble out of the forest and fall to the floor in a heap. I look up and see the cornucopia sitting there in the moonlight. “What happened?” I ask.

“And how the heck did we get back to the cornucopia?” McKenna asks. Mason gets to his feet and walks towards the cornucopia. “The last thing I remember is following that light.” Flick says.

“It was day then but now its night. We’re we following it all day?” I ask.

Mason circles around the cornucopia and then walks back to us. “Addison isn’t here.”

I suddenly remember Addison and see that Mason is right about her being gone. “You think she’s dead?” McKenna asks.

“Impossible, we didn’t hear a canon.” Flick says.

“Well I don’t remember anything that happened after we followed that light.” I say. “So a canon could have been sounded and we just don’t remember.”

“Or she just went to look for us.” Mason says.

“Well then she’s trapped in those…strange woods.” Flick says.

We all walk over to our supplies and immediately notice that a lot of stuff is missing. “Someone’s been helping themselves to our supplies.” McKenna says.

Mason picks up an apple. “If I catch them then there going to wish they hadn’t been born.”

Mason bites into his apple, chews for a few seconds, swallows it and suddenly drops to the floor dead. BOOM! The apple rolls out of his hand and we’re all left in shock.

Alana Reddal’s POV

I watch from my position in the bush as the odds on favorite to win the Hunger Games drops dead from a poison apple planted by myself. The remaining careers at the cornucopia gather up all the food and burn it. Too bad more of them didn’t eat the poisoned food, but at least the biggest threat in the games is dead and it appears so is the 2nd biggest threat the boy from 1 as he is not with the group. “Addison is behind this!” I hear the girl from 2 yell out. “We need to find her and make her pay!”

Good they don’t even suspect little old me. The anthem soon begins and the face of the boy from 1 appears. He is followed by the boy from 2 and the boy from 6. And with that there are only 14 tributes left.

Day 4

Alana Reddal’s PO

I hear whispering in the distance and walk towards the sounds. I come upon the tributes from District 11 pouring gasoline all over the forest; I begin to back away when the girl spins around with a knife in hand. “Wait don’t kill me!” I yell raising my hands in the air.

“Why not?” The girl asks.

“I could help you?” I say.

“How could you help us?”

“Hey I am the one who killed the boy from district 2,” I say. “And you’re outnumbered by the careers 4 to 2.”

The girl looks at her brother who nods then she looks back to me. “Your in.”

“Great…so what are you doing?” I ask.

“We have a plan to take care of the careers.” She says smiling.

Kira Nissel’s POV

It’s still dark when I decide to make my move. I quietly creep out of the cave and look for any signs of the other tributes. I hear snoring but don’t see anyone so I begin to make my down the mountain. As I do I accidently step on a branch.

I hear a shout from behind me so begin to run. Suddenly a knife comes flying past my head missing me by inches. I reach the bottom of the mountain and look back to see a boy standing on top of the mountain watching me.

Jonathan Magas’s POV

I watch as the girl from 7 disappears into the woods. John wakes up and asks me what’s going on. “There was someone hiding in that cave,” I say. “But they got away.”

We both go and search the cave for any other tributes but we find the cave empty. When we leave the cave we’re greeted by a large amount of gifts from our sponsors. John whistles in amazement. “All this stuff should keep us going for days.” He says.

I nod in agreement and then we go to work setting up defenses; we dig holes around the mountain, set up trip wire, and then stack logs around our new camp. When we’re finished it’s now about midday John taps me on the shoulder and points towards the woods. I look and see for the 2nd time the forest is on fire.

Aleyen Meyer’s POV

Cashew shakes me awake. “What is it?” I ask.

Before he can answer the boy from 3 comes running right past us screaming. “RUN! RUN AWAY!”

I look and see that the forest is fire again. Cashew pulls me to my feet and we both run after the boy from 3.

“Why did they set the forest on fire again?” I ask as we run.

“I don’t think it’s the game makers.” He replies.

“What?” I ask then suddenly a tree falls in-between us.

I stop for a second to search for Cashew but can’t see him through the smoke so I continue running. I see the boy from 3 up ahead reaching the edge of the forest. Right before he escapes the forest though another burning tree falls and crushes the boy. BOOM!

I hurtle over the tree that ended the boy from 3’s life and the tail of my jacket catches on fire. I land face first in a swamp and roll around trying to put out the fire. Eventually I’m forced to take off my jacket and toss it away. I’m safe from the fire in this swamp but I discover another problem. Something bites my toe and I look down to see some kind of fish mutt with rows of sharp teeth latching onto me. I shake the fish off and dash over to a small patch of land. I then use my bow to shoot the fish with an arrow killing it.

I look towards the forest that is still on fire and wonder where Cashew is, hopefully he’s not dead.

Flick River’s POV

Aquira, McKenna, and me stand outside the cornucopia watching the forest burn. We hear a canon and know at least one tribute is dead. “Who do you think died?” Aquira asks.

I shrug. “Impossible to tell.”

We then hear a noise from behind us and out stumbles Addison. She aims her bow at McKenna and screams, “Who killed Mason?”

McKenna raises her own bow and aims it at Addison. “Don’t act like you don’t know!”

I push Aquira behind me to sheild her as the two girls begin to circle each other. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Addison asks.

“You poisoned our supplies.” McKenna replies.

“I did not!”

“You totally did!”

The girls stare each other down when suddenly a arrow comes flying out of the forest and hits Addison in the throat. BOOM! We all turn in direction of the archer but when we do a knife hits me in the back of the knee and I fall to the floor.

Aquira bends down to help me but I push her away. “Run!” I scream pointing towards the only part of the forest not on fire.

She shakes her head. “GO NOW!” I scream

McKenna shoots a arrow at our attackers but is then hit with a knife in the back BOOM! Aquira sprints away into the forest and then I see the girl from 12 walking up to me with an axe in hand. I look up at the sky for the last time in my life and then it’s all over…

Rosie Galenti’s POV

BOOM! I see Alana pulling her axe out of the body of the boy from 4. One of the careers escaped but the other three lay dead on the ground. “Nice shooting Max.” I say.

He does not reply and turn towards him and see an arrow sticking out of his chest. He falls to the floor and rush over to him. “I need medicine.” I scream to Alana.

She nods and begins to search the careers bags. I pull the arrow out of Max and try to put pressure on the wound. Max begins to spit up blood and hold his head in my arms. “You can’t die on me Max.” I say with tears in my eyes.

He opens his mouth and says. “Goodbye…Rosie.”

BOOM! Max is dead…

Jaren Moss’s POV

From my position at the lake I survey the now open fields of the arena. All of the of the forest has been burnt down except for a small bit near the cornucopia so I can now see basically the entire arena. I spot a figure walking through the open towards the wood and see some figures at the cornucopia.

I make my way over to the only tree near the lake and climb it. I’ll spend the night here and then make a plan tomorrow on what to do. The anthem soon begins. In the sky are the faces of the girl from 1, the girl from 2, the boy from 3, the boy from 4, and the boy from 11. Wow all of the careers except for one are dead!

That leaves 9 tributes left: me, the girl from 4, Kira, the boy from 8, both from 9, the girl from 11, and both from 12.

Day 5

Aquira Watomjut’s POV

I slowly walk through the woods. I’m all alone now. Flick is dead and so are all the other careers; Mason, Rosevelt, Addison, and McKenna. I wasn’t really fond of any of them except for Flick but it’s eye opening being the last career left at only day 5.

When I walk past a huge oak tree I come face-to-face with the girl from 7. We both stumble backwards and stare eat each other. For some reason we can’t bring ourselves to attack each other. “Are…are you all alone?” I ask her.

“Yes I’ve been alone the entire games.” She replies.

“All my allies died yesterday…including my brother.” I say.

“Maybe we should team up.” She says.

“Good idea.”

We both climb to our feet, shake hands, and then begin devising a plan.

Rosie Galenti’s POV

Alana and me sit on the ground and watch the woods in silence. It’s been almost a day now but I still can’t really believe that Max is gone. I push away my thoughts of Max and begin to think about the games. There are 9 tributes left, I know that one of the careers escaped the fight the other day and is probably still in the woods somewhere, and then there are six others still out there.

I hear footsteps from behind us and spin around to see the boy from 7 running towards the cornucopia with a spear in hand. I go to tell Alana but see her running away in the opposite direction. “Where are you going!” I call to her but she doesn’t respond.

Suddenly a trail of fire appears and blocks off her path forcing her to change directions. I look back to the boy from 7 who is standing a few feet away with an axe. He swings at me but I duck and begin to crawl away. “Alana help me!” I scream.

Another trail of fire blocks Alana’s new route forcing her to turn towards me but when she does, Jaren picks up his spear and throws it at her. The spear hits her in the chest killing her BOOM!

I scramble to my and sprint around the cornucopia with the boy from 7 in hot pursuit. I look to my right and see the girls from 4 and 7 joining in on the fight. Jaren stops following me and faces the two girls. One of them throws an axe at boy who deflects it with his axe. The girl throws another axe but this time the target is not boy from 7…it’s me!

The axe hits me in the arm and I begin to bleed. I clutch my arm and try to flee the battle but the fire blocks every path trapping me. I’m about to give up hope when it begins to rain. The rain puts out the fire allowing me to escape into the swamp.

Kira Nissel’s POV

Oh, why did it have to rain now! Our plan was working great until the rain put out the fires trapping everyone at the cornucopia but now the girl from 12 is gone and Jaren is running away into the woods. I throw my last axe and it misses by an inch. Damn it!

Aquira sighs and begin to strip the dead girl from 12 of her supplies as I recollect my axes. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Aleyen Meyer’s POV

I trek through the swamp for about an hour taking out any mutt fish that attacks with my bow. I’m getting very thirsty so I hopefully I can get out of his swamp and find some fresh water. I sense someone behind but before I can react I’m tackled to the floor.

I look up and see my attacker is only Cashew. At first I’m relived but then after a few seconds Cashew doesn’t release from his grip instead he holds out his axe to my throat. “What are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m tired of messing around,” He says. “Tell me everything you know!”

“Tell you everything I know about what?”

“THE REBELLION,” He roars.

“I told you I don’t know anything.”


“Why…why do you want to know anyways?”

He laughs. “My parents aren’t really apart of the rebellion in fact they’re loyal Panem citizens.”

“Then why are you here?”

“The Capitol paid my parents to allow them to send me into the games. My job was to question you, while under the guise of being just another innocent kid but that’s been proven useless. So why don’t you just spill the beans already?”

I can’t believe it! This whole time Cashew has been playing me; Romero beating him, him saving me from those two boys a few days ago, his speeches about how unfair the Capitol is was all a trick and I fell for it. “You know even if I told you, your still trapped here with 7 tributes who want to kill you.” I say trying to buy time till I can think of someway of escape.

“That’s where you wrong. Once you speak up…or die, whichever comes first really, they’re going to fake my death and take me out of the games.” He replies.

“Do you really believe they’ll keep their word?” I ask.

He pauses for a second allowing me to push him off and knee him in the groin. As he rolls on the floor in pain, I get up and run away. When I’m far enough away I try to shoot him with my bow but he has the sense to hide behind a tree. So instead I continue running trying to get as far as possible from Cashew.

John Madrick’s POV

Jonathan and me take shelter in the cave as it begins to rain even harder. Earlier today we watched from the mountains as we saw some tributes duke it out at the cornucopia unfortunately judging off the canons only one of them died.

I chew on some dried meat, I'm bored out of my mind but atleast I'm safe. It soon becomes dark and the anthem begins; the face of Jonathan’s district partner Alana appears. Then suddenly we hear a loud trumpet.

“Congratulations on making to the final 8!” booms Edger Templesmith’s voice. “At sunrise there will be a feast! Where you ask? Well the lake of course, I hope you all like water. There will be three platforms in the middle of the lake each will have backpack placed on it containing something very valuable, you could try to grab one bag or all three if you like. But please no fighting until the feast begins, I repeat no fighting till the feast begins!”

Day 6

Aleyen Meyer’s POV

I stand on the outskirts of the lake waiting for the feast to begin. I don’t see any other tribute but it is still dark. Slowly the sun begins to rise and when it does out of the ocean comes three platforms each with a backpack tied to a post in the middle.

I dive into the ocean and swim towards the platforms, unfortunately I’m a bad swimmer. When I finally reach the platforms I pull myself up and untie the backpack, I prepare to swim back when I’m knocked to the floor from behind. I look up and see Cashew standing over me. He kicks the backpack across the platform and into the ocean.

He then bends down, grabs me by the hair, and holds my head under the water. After a few seconds he pulls my head back out and I gasp for air. “Tell me what you know!” He says.

“I told you I don’t know anything!” I say.

He holds my head under the water again. When he pulls me back up I spit water into his eyes allowing me to push him away. I climb to my feet and jump to the next platform. I frantically reach into the bag and prey whatever is inside will help me get rid of Cashew.

I pull the item out and discover it’s a musket! I turn around to aim it at Cashew but don’t see him anywhere. Where could he have gone?

I walk to the edge of the platform and suddenly hands shoot out of the water and pull me into the lake. Cashew wraps his body around my legs and drags me down to the bottom with him.

I try to shake him off as I’m quickly running out of air but I’m not strong enough. My only hope is he let’s go to get air but then I look down at him and see a look of determination and realize he’s not letting go until I’m dead.

Jaren Moss’s POV

I stand at the outskirts of the lake watching when BOOM! One of the tributes from 9 who went under the water must have died. I soon see Cashew coming out of the lake soaking wet and clutching a musket. He runs into the swamp and I quietly follow after him. I have to be careful because if he has any idea that I’m following him, he’ll just turn around and shoot me.

I’m about to throw my spear into his back when he veers off to the left. I go to follow him and am suddenly entangled by a net. The girl from 11 appears from behind a tree with a knife in hand. “KARA! AQUIRA!” I scream for my new allies.

A then knife comes flying out of nowhere and hits the girl from 11 in the hip. She stumbles away to take cover behind a tree as Kara and Aquira appear. “Get me out of this net!” I say to them.

Kara bends down and at first I think she’s going to cut me free with her axe but instead she begins to hack away at me!

Rosie Galenti’s POV

BOOM! I pull the knife out of my hip and begin to bleed but I can’t worry about my wound now because there are two or three tributes on the other side of the tree I hide behind trying to kill me. Suddenly I hear moaning and spot multiple figures watching me from the distance in the swamp. One of them looks similar; just like…Max!

At first I think that I have already died but then realize that the figure is not Max as it has glowing red eyes and is in fact a mutt! I’m so distracted with the figures I don’t notice the girl from 4 come around the tree and charge me with her trident until it’s too late.

She stabs me in the chest and I fall to the floor. I know I’m about to die so I take one last look back towards the figures but they have all vanished…

Aquira Watomjut’s POV

BOOM! I pull my trident out of the dead girl from 11’s body. Before she died she was starring off into the woods, I wonder what she looking at?

Kira and me return to the lake and as we walk she tells me she killed Jaren because he was too big of a threat. I agree with that but seeing her being so quick to turn on an ally makes me a little worried. When we arrive we discover that there is still one backpack on the platforms, so I swim out and retrieve it. Inside we find a stick of dynamite and a single match.

Jonathan Magas’s POV

Before I know it it’s near the end of another day. Three tributes died today and I’m wondering who they are as the anthem begins. The faces of the boy from 7, the girl from 9 and the girl from 11 appear.

I turn to John. “Only five left.” I say.

He nods. “Me, you, the girl from 4, girl from 7, and the boy from 9.”

“Do you think any of them are in alliances?” I ask.

He shrugs. “Well whatever the case we’re ready for anyone who tries to attack us.” I say.

Day 7

Jonathan Magas’s POV

As soon as the sun raises I wake John and tell him I’m going to hunting for some tributes in the woods. He agrees to stay back here and guard on our camp so with that I leave the mountain armed with a spear and axe.

I make my way across the open plains of the arena towards the swamp. I don’t see anyone on my way but I know they can be anywhere so I stay vigilante.

Kira Nissel’s POV

Aquira and me watch the boy from 12 leave his camp on the mountain and head towards the swamp from our hiding position. “Let’s follow him.” I say.

Aquira nods and we head towards the swamp. “What should we do with the dynamite?” She asks. I just shrug. When we reach the swamp the boy from 12 picks up the pace and we’re forced to run to keep up with him. We follow him for a few more minutes but then right after he passes a tree he is gone. “Where’d he go?” I ask Aquira.

She does not reply. We both look around for a second expecting him to reappear somewhere. When he doesn’t we decide to walk over the spot he disappeared. “I don’t understand where he could have…”Aquira says before the boy pops out from underneath the water.

He swings his axe at me and strikes me across the throat. I fall down into the swampy water and then everything goes black.

John Madrick’s POV

BOOM! I sit up and look out into the arena. Someone’s just died and hopefully it wasn’t Jonathan. Whatever the case there are only 4 tributes left in the games and I’m one of them.

I hear a moaning from behind me and quickly spin around expecting to see some tribute stand behind me but instead I find no one. I then notice the sound is coming from the cave. Suddenly I see figures coming out of the darkness of the cave and before I know it I’m sprint away towards the cornucopia.

Aquira’s Watomjut’s POV

I can’t believe it…KIRA’S DEAD! But I don’t have time to grieve now because I now have to deal with the boy from 12. He takes a swing at me with his axe but I block the attack with my trident. I then stab him in the leg with my trident but before I follow up, he tackles me to the floor knocking my trident out of my hands.

He tries to pin me to the floor but I bite his hand. He swears and I manage to roll him over and pin him. But he’s too strong and throws me off. I hit my head on a tree and lay dazed on the floor.

He gets to his feet and checks where I stabbed him on the leg. He then picks up my trident and prepares to stab me when suddenly he’s tackled by FLICK! I rub my eyes not believing it but it really is Flick! He’s come to my rescue and is now taking care of the boy from 12. BOOM!

I get to my feet ready to hug Flick but then he turns around and I see his blood red eyes. He’s a mutt! I then see more of these tribute mutts moving on in on me. There’s Mason and Addison and that girl from 12 who killed Flick.

I run for me life from these terrible things. As I run I can hear them moaning and chasing after me. I try running to the mountain but more mutts including those of Rosevelt and McKenna block off my path. I’m then forced to run to the cornucopia, which I climb on top and survey the arena.

Twenty of the fallen tributes now surround the arena moaning and trying to climb up but are unable to. I turn around see I’m not alone on top of the cornucopia. Both the boy from 8, John and the boy from 9 Cashew are up here and brawling over the musket from the feast.

The musket falls from they’re hands and lands in the center of all three of us. We stare at the musket and then at each other. I make a dive for it but John snatches it away and aims it at me then at Cashew. Cashew laughs and then yells towards the sky. “WE HADE A DEAL!”

John pulls the trigger and…nothing happens. He pulls the trigger again but the gun just makes a clicking sound. “No ammo?” John says. “STUPID CAPITOL!”

Cashew jumps at John and tackles him off the cornucopia. They fall into the group of mutts who dive onto the boys. I watch from on top of the cornucopia as they tear away at the boys. BOOM! Is it over? Did I win? Nope. I turn around to see Cashew pulling himself back onto the cornucopia. His clothes are torn and he’s scratched up but otherwise unharmed. I pull my knife out of my belt and charge him. He moves out of the way and grabs my from behind and begins to choke me.

As he chokes me I remember the dynamite in my pocket. I stab Cashew with my knife and he releases me, then I pull the stick of dynamite and match out. “NO!” He screams.

I light the stick and throw it at him…BOOM!

I’m blown off the cornucopia and land hard on my back. I lay on the floor expecting the mutts to attack me but instead I’m greeted with the sound of trumpets, which I can barely hear as my ears are ringing from the explosion. “THE WINNER OF THE 99TH HUNGER GAMES AQUIRA WATOMJUT!” Edger Templesmith voice yells.

It’s unbelievable…me winning the Hunger Games after only volunteering to save my sister from these terrible games. As a hovercraft appears to take me away I think about my brother Flick who I didn’t know existed until two weeks ago, I think of Kara who just died today, I think of all the other careers Mason, Addison, Rosevelt, and McKenna who were all bigger, stronger, and tougher then me but now are all dead leaving me the only survivor.

Death Chart

# Tribute Day Killed by Killed how
24th Bethunia (3) 1 Jaren (7) Speared in the back
23rd Teddy (8) 1 Flick (4) Stabbed in the back
22nd Eli (10) 1 Rosevelt (1) Speared in the chest
21st Hattie (5) 1 Rosevelt (1) Speared in the back
20th Kiona (10) 1 John (8) Slashed with sword
19th Carmen (6) 1 Rosevelt (1) Speared in the chest
18th Alex (5) 2 Cashew (9) Axed in the chest
17th Rosevelt (1) 3 Mason (2) Throat slit
16th Mike (6) 3 Compton (3) Speared in the gut
15th Mason (2) 3 Alana (12) Poisoned
14th Compton (3) 4 - Crushed by tree
13th Addison (1) 4 Max (11) Shot with arrow
12th McKenna (2) 4 Rosie (11) Knifed in the back
11th Flick (4) 4 Alana (12) Slashed with axe
10th Max (11) 4 McKenna (2) Shot with arrow
9th Alana (12) 5 Jaren (7) Speared in the cheat
8th Aleyen (9) 6 Cashew (9) Drowned
7th Jaren (7) 6 Kira (7) Hacked up
6th Rosie (11) 6 Aquira (4) Speared in the gut
5th Kira (7) 7 Jonathan (12) Slashed with axe
4th Jonathan (12) 7 Mutts Ripped apart
3rd John (8) 7 Mutts Ripped apart
2nd Cashew (9) 7 Aquira (4) Blown up
1st Aquira (4) - WINNER WINNER

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