This is my first Hungers Games so there won't be any reapings, training, or interviews only the actually games. You can have as many tributes as you want.

Tribute Form










Bloodbath Strategy:



The cornucopia is in the centre of the arena a top a plateau. On the left side is a swamp and on the right is a forest. The top half of the arena has the ruins of an old town and a dam that is connected to a river that runs all the way to the bottom of the arena to the lake. The area around the lake is completely baron and empty except for a small shack built on the edge of the lake.


For every tribute you have you get 1 gift to send during the games, you can send these gifts to your own tributes or somone else's.

Gifts Remaining

Robin040197: 2

HKTLovesGlimmer: 3

Wiki Contributor #1: 1

Wiki Contributor #2: 1

JWW: 1

Katelyn.danita: 2

IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769: 0

FinnickForever: 1

Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay: 1

Katniss Jane Mellark: 1

Brynn1999: 3

Thena.airice14: 2


District 1

Lion Scrapes (Robin040197)

Brooke Xena (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 2

Blade Wickheart (IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769)

Tarelia Anderson (Robin040197)

District 3

Gary Flennex (FinnickForever)

Aria Camelliston (Katelyn.danita)

District 4

James Will (JWW)

Katie Clark (Wiki Contributor)

District 5

Caleb Nucula (Brynn1999)

Alexa Grace (Brynn1999)

District 6

Brann Clatch (Robin040197)

Caroline Rae (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 7

Fraiser Daniels (HKTLovesGlimmer)

Elizabeth "Liz" Verinna (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 8

Quentin Pointe (Brynn1999)

Eyla Zafire (Thena.airice14)

District 9

Caleb Porter (HKTLovesGlimmer)

Evie Makenna Rae (Katelyn.danita)

District 10

Hunter Braydon (HKTLovesGlimmer)

Caitlyn Morgan (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 11

Ayaan Hlupe (Thena.airice14)

Kattie Periera (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 12

Chris Winkles (Wiki Contributor)

Jane Everdeen (Katniss Jane Mellark)


  • Careers: Lion (1), Brooke (1), Tarelia (2), Gary (3), Aria (3), James (4), Katie (4)
  • Hunter (10), Caitlyn (10) , & Brann (6)
  • Frasier (7) & Kattie (7)

Day 1

The Countdown

Hunter’s POV

My platform rises up from above the ground and I get my first look of the arena but all I can think about is Caitlyn. 60...59...58... Where could she be? I don’t see her on any of the plates near me...I then realize that her plate is on the other side of the cornucopia, which means I’m going to need to run straight through the bloodbath to get to her!

Brann’s POV

57...56...55... I see all the weapons and supplies in the cornucopia just sitting there for the taking, it’s tempting to make a run for them but I know better. My sister was in the games last year and she was killed in the bloodbath; I won’t make the same mistake she did that ended her life so quickly. 54...53...52... My plan is to grab of one the bag packs scattered on the outskirts of the plateau then escape to the city ruin’s I spotted early, which is located some distance behind my plate. 51...50...49...

Caroline’s POV

48...47...46.... As I survey the arena, I try to make a plan because with me being one of the youngest tributes in the games will be an easy target if I don’t get out of here quickly. 45...44...43... I spot a small pink backpack next a large knife nearby, what luck! I’m so small and quick that I’ll defiantly reach the backpack before most of the tributes even leave their plates, and then I’ll get the heck out of here. 42...41...40...

Lion’s POV

39...38...37...I rub my hands together anxious for the gong to sound starting the hunger games. I see all the scared faces of the other tributes who know they are about to die. I’m not afraid as I know me and the other careers will dominate the bloodbath and then have control of all the supplies. 36...35...34... James the boy from 4 is on the plate next to me. He’s only 12 but we allowed him in our alliance because he was pretty talented with the spear in training and he could be some use to us down the line...besides he’s so small what harm could he possibly do? 33...32...31...

Tarelia’s POV

30...29...28...I stand with my hands on my hips as I calmly wait for the countdown to finish. The boy from 7 on the plate next to me is staring at me so I wink at him. I can tell he wants me because...well every guy wants me! But that won’t stop me from killing them all and winning the Hunger Games, just like my dad. 27...26...25...

Kattie’s POV

24...23...22...I’m not going to lie, I was freaking out as there was only about 20 seconds left before the gong would sound and the terrible brutal deaths would begin. I was scared but at least I had an alliance to help me out once the bloodbath began. 21...20...19...Before the games I had became friends with some of the other tributes like Liz & Fraiser from District 7, Alexa from 5, Jane and Chris from 12; we agreed to team up and escape the bloodbath where we would then hide out till we figured out a plan. 18...17...16...

Blade’s POV

15...14...13...All the nearby career tributes glare at me as I stand on my plate, Brooke even makes a slashing motion across her neck. Unlike most tributes from my district I didn’t join the careers because I don’t trust them nor like them, however my refusal to join didn’t sit too well with them especially with my district 2 partner Tarelia. 12...11...

Caleb’s POV

There’s only 10 seconds left and I am totally prepared to kill anyone who gets in my way. My sole reason of being in the games is to make sure Alexa survives! 10...9...8....she saved my life when I was 5 years old so I must return the favour. I will do anything I can to make sure she makes it home! 7...6...

Eyla’s POV

5...4...3...As the last few seconds begin to tick away my palms become sweaty. My plan is to grab something nearby then get out of here, however I am not very fast nor am I in an alliance with anyone. Hopefully the others will ignore me and target the bigger faster tributes because if they don’t...I’m done for! 2...1...

Lion’s POV

The cong sounds and I take off running towards the cornucopia. Of course I’m the first one there but surprisingly the boy from 7 (Frasier) reaches it right after me. We grapple with each other for a few moments but I’m stronger so I throw him at the cornucopia. He hits his head and falls to the floor, I’m not certain if he is dead but I don’t have time to check as other tributes are arriving at the cornucopia. I pick up a sword just as Brooke and Tarelia arrive. “Let’s get killing!” I say with a grin.

Caroline’s POV

As I predicted I reach the backpack before most of the tributes began to move. I scoop up the backpack and knife then run towards the side of the plateau, which I dive off of landing in the swamp. The water is shallow so I continue trudging along. However soon the water is up to my waists and I feel something touch my leg. I am then suddenly pulled under by a crocodile mutt!

Chris’s POV

The bloodbath is way too much for me to handle! It’s only just started and I’ve lost all sense of direction...I feel disorientating as I stumble around the plateau, I spot the boy from 3 hacking away at my district partner Jane with a knife. I want to help her but I know I have to get out of here or I’ll end up in the same situation as her. I try running but trip over a large crate. As I fall to the floor I spot the rest of my alliance escaping the bloodbath towards the lake. I begin to climb to my feet but before I can follow them someone stabs me in the back and that’s the last thing I ever feel.

Aria’s POV

I pull my knife out of the back of the boy from 12 and wipe the blood off with my jacket. “Nice kill,” Katie from 4 says coming up to me. “Maybe you’re not as totally useless as I thought.” She begins laughing, while I just smile secretly thinking about how much I will enjoy killing her...but I can’t now since we are both apart of the careers. Both me and my district partner Gary were allowed to join after Blade the boy from 2 told them he didn’t want any part of them, which may be a smart move on his part as the careers have no idea what I have planned for them...

===Caitlyn’s POV ===

I try as hard as I can but I cannot spot Hunter! I haven’t even left my plate yet as Hunter had instructed me to do but I don’t think he expected our plates to be so far away. I can’t stay here forever so I begin moving towards the edge of plateau, when I reach it I look back hoping to catch a glimpse of Hunter. I finally spot him running straight towards me! He hurdles right over the boy from 8 who tries to tackle him to the floor, and then Hunter performs a forward roll just as Lion swings his sword at him. When he reaches me we quickly hug then climb down and heads towards the city ruins.

Evie’s POV

As soon as the gong sounded I took cover in the lone bush atop the plateau. I plan to stay here in till the bloodbath ends so I can then take anything that remains. I put my hands over my ears hoping to cut off the sound of the tributes being killed in these pointless meaningless games. How do the people of the capitol find these games exciting or fun to watch? The screams of my fallen tributes make me want to do something to calm myself down that I haven’t done since I was little...sing, which I do very quietly.

Blade’s POV

I grab an axe and backpack from the cornucopia and take off running before any of the careers notice me. I have a huge target on my back for not joining the careers but I don’t care. I’m almost to the edge of the plateau when I suddenly collide with Ayaan the boy from 11. I fall to the floor and my backpack rips open spilling all of my supplies on the floor. We both begin rapidly grabbing up anything we can carry in till the only thing left is my axe. I make a grab for it but Ayaan is able to pull it right out of my hands. He tries to swing at me but an arrow strikes him in the forehead midswing. Ayaan falls down dead and I quickly climb down from the plateau without a weapon.

Tarelia’s POV

I groan as I realize my arrow missed my had hit the boy from 11 but I wanted to kill that traitor Blade! I turn around and see Lion standing over a cowering 12-year old...I think he’s from district 9. “Please...” the boy whimpers. Lion smiles at him before driving his sword into his chest. The rest of the careers begin grouping around the cornucopia where under Lion’s direction we each fill one pack to carry with us everywhere. “How many did we get?” He asks Jake. “Umm...5.” Jake says counting the bodies. “That’s not good enough...” Lion says and kicks the cornucopia. “Maybe we should go check for any stragglers, while the capitol recovers the bodies.” Brooke suggests. Everyone agrees with her suggestion and all 7 of us leave the plateau.

Frasier’s POV

When I come to, I’m slumped up against the cornucopia. I can see all the careers they must think I’m dead. Once they are out of sight I climb to my feet. My head really hurts and I just feel like lying down again but I know I have to get out of here. I quickly grab some throwing axes and a large backpack from the cornucopia; I have no idea where my alliance went so I begin to head off in a random direction. But I suddenly hear something so I take cover behind a large crate. The girl from 9 then appears out of the bushes and begins heading towards the cornucopia. She does not seem to have spotted me so I ready one of my axes and jump up throwing it at her head. She fails to react in time and the axe strikes her in the head killing her.

Kattie’s POV

“What do you think happened to Chris, Jane, and Frasier?” Liz asks as we reach the shack near the edge of the lake. “I saw Frasier get killed by the boy from 1.” Alexa replies. Well this is great! It’s only been an hour and of the 7 members our alliance started with there’s only 4 of us left. We enter the shack, which is completely empty except for a few bricks scattered on the floor. We all then search through the bags we got from the bloodbath...well everyone except Caleb who stands back and watches us. I don’t trust really him but we allowed him to join us anyways. “Any weapons?” he asks. “No just some bread, a few apples, some dried meat, a blanket and two bottles empty bottles.” I reply. He groans before we suddenly hear the cannon shots signalling the ones who died at the bloodbath. BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM! Six in total, which means that there are 18 tributes still left in the game. Liz leaves the shack to fill up our bottles with water from the lake, while Caleb paces around the room. “We need weapons otherwise how am I suppose to defend Al...I mean how are we going to defend ourselves against heavily armed careers?” “What are you planning on going back?” I ask him. “If I have to...” He replies, however Alexa shakes her head. “No it’s too risky we should stay here till we have to move.” “Fine...” Caleb grumbles and begins starring out the lone window of the shack. Soon it becomes night and the anthem begins playing followed by the faces of the girl from 6, both tributes from 9, the guy from 11, Chris, and finally Jane. I then realize that Frasier’s face was not in the sky, which means....he’s still alive!


  • -The careers have returned to the cornucopia and have gone to sleep.
  • -Brann is making his way to the city ruins with a small bag of supplies and no weapons
  • -Hunter & Caitlyn are making their way to the city ruins without any supplies or weapons
  • -Frasier is in the forest with some throwing axes and a big bag of supplies
  • - Eyla is in the forest with a small bag of supplies and no weapons
  • - Quentin is in the forest with a bag of supplies, a crossbow, and a machete
  • -Blade is in the swamp with some supplies and no weapons
  • -Liz, Alexa, Caleb, and Kattie reside in the shack near the lake

Day Two

Brann’s POV

I arrive at the city ruins, while it’s still dark. On my way here I spotted the tributes from 10 heading this way and since I don’t have weapons I need to find somewhere to hide. The tower in the middle of ruins looks like good place so I begin climbing up the ladder. Just as I reach the top I see the district 10 tributes arrive in the town, where I notice they don’t have any weapons either! Both of them enter a building that used to be a restaurant, just as a silver parachute lands next to me on the tower. It’s a katana! “Thank you sponsors!” I say to myself.

Blade’s POV

I spent the night on a small patch of land in the swamp; however I lost all of my remaining supplies. I don’t think of the other tributes went into the swamp but I did see a ripped pink backpack floating in the water. As I wake up I hear something moving in the’s a crocodile mutt! The mutt begins circling my small patch of land. I jump to my feet and position myself in the direct middle of the land. I have no weapon to fight the mutt and it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry so...I could be here awhile!

Aria’s POV

Once the sun rises I wake up all the others. We had spent the night switching guard duty among ourselves. “Hey someone cut me!” Katie says inspecting the small cut on her arm. “You probably just cut yourself in your sleep.” Gary replies. Katie seems accepts that explanation and we all eat a quick meal. As we eat I can’t not think about how clueless Katie is about what I have planned for her as I was the one that had cut her arm in her sleep...marking her as my fist victim. After we’ve finish eating Lion suggest we go hunt in the forest for tributes. “Shouldn’t we search the shack near the lake?” Brooke asks. “No one would be foolish enough to hide there. There’s no cover!” Lion says. We leave Katie to guard the cornucopia, while the rest of us enter the forest where we split into two groups me, Gary, and Tarelia in one and Lion, Brooke, and James in the other. As we search I notice that Tarelia is more interested in flirting with Gay then actually looking. Ugh...She really annoys me. Suddenly an arrow flies right over my head. I drop to the floor and take cover, while both Tarelia and Gary hid behind a tree. “Did you see where it came from?” I ask. “No.” Gary replies. Of course he didn’t! Another arrow is shot and it hits the tree. I begin slowly crawling through the bushes in till I spot our assailant. It’s the boy from 8, Quentin is his name. He’s crouching a few yards away atop a large boulder; he’s armed with a crossbow and has a machete on his belt. “Distract him.” I say to Gary. He then sticks his head out from behind the tree before quickly pulling back as Quentin shoots another arrow. While he reloads I jump to my feet and tackle him off the boulder. We struggle on the floor where I realize he’s stronger then he looks! He manages to pin me to the floor with one hand and pulls out his machete with the other. I expect the worst when Lion appears out of nowhere and decapitates the boy with his sword. BOOM!

Blade’s POV

I’ve been trapped in the swamp for what seems like hours, the mutt has yet to attack but he could at any moment. I’m about to give up hope when a silver parachute lands next to my. The gift is an axe, which I pick up. I then hear a cannon shot, which spooks the mutt into attacking me. I swing away as the mutt knocks me down. Luckily I managed to hit the mutt right in the head killing it instantly. I jump to my feet and try to get out of this dreaded swamp as fast as possible!

Liz’s POV

Today I awoke to find that I had a received a gift from my sponsors, throwing knives. Caleb insisted on me giving them to him but I told him no, because it would very unwise to give up my only weapon. We then then discussed what to do next; there has been only one cannon today so there are still a lot of tributes left. Caleb said we should leave but we eventually agreed to stay at the shack for at least another night.

Brann’s POV

Once the sun sets, I descend from the tower and make my way to the building ruins where the 10 tributes have taken residence. Once I reach the building I peak through the window and see them both. But they are no longer unarmed the boy has a sword and the girl has some knives. I then decide to rethink my strategy and slowly open the door. As I enter they both jump and raise their weapons but I try to calm them down and yell “Allies!”

Hunter’s POV

I was surprised to see the boy from 6 waltz right up to us and requests to become allies. I don’t know much about him but he looks trustworthy enough. Me and Caitlyn both agree to ally with him; he then shows us his small bag of supplies, which we place with the bag we received from our sponsors. Unfortunately we found nothing of use in this old restaurant but the supplies we have should at least last us a few days.

Eyla’s POV

These games are the worst! It’s dark and I’ve lost all of my supplies. I had watched from afar as the careers killed Quentin my district partner, but they then spotted me forcing me to run so fast that I dropped my backpack. Luckily I lost them but now I’m just standing around with no idea of what to do. I try heading towards the river but spot the boy from 7 moving towards me carrying a torch to light his way. He has yet to see me so I decide it’s best to get away from here. However as I creep away I step on a branch alerting him of my presence. He spots me and tosses one his axes at me, which is the last thing I ever see...BOOM!

Frasier’s POV

I run up to the body of the girl I just killed and retrieve my axe. I’m unsure of whom the girl is or which district she is from but I know that she wasn’t in my alliance who I’ve still yet seen sight of; in fact this girl has been the only person I’ve seen all day. The anthem then begins playing and the faces of the boy and girl from 8 appear.


  • -Careers are returning to the cornucopia upset over only getting one kill
  • -Blade is heading towards the city ruins with an axe and no supplies
  • -Hunter, Caitlyn, and Brann are sleeping in the city ruins with weapons and supplies
  • -Fraiser is in the forest with throwing axes and a big bag of supplies
  • -Caleb, Alexa, Kattie, & Liz are still in the shack near the lake with throwing knifes and supplies

Day 3

Aria’s POV

It’s still dark and all the other careers are asleep so I realize it’s time to make my move. I’m currently on guard duty and I’m due to wake Jake up to take over, however first I have to take care of Katie. I slowly walk up over to her as he lays sleeping a good distance away from the others, which is lucky for me! I take my knife out and quickly slit her throat. BOOM! Dang it! I forgot about the cannon, I quickly check the others. None of them woke up but James did rollover still asleep. I let out a breath of relief before covering Katie’s face with her blanket. No one soon notice in till the morning. I’m about to go wake Gary whose sleeping on a crate when I remember I need to mark my next victim. I see Lion and Tarelia sleeping next to each other, but Lion’s too useful to get rid of now and even though I don’t like Tarelia it would be to obvious to take her out now after jus taking out Katie. My eyes then settle on Brooke...

James’s POV

In the morning all except for Katie got up and eat breakfast, while Lion told us the plan for today. I didn’t really listen because I don’t really care about his plans I’m just glad I’ve made it this far! After finishing speaking Lion looks over at Katie who’s still asleep. “Someone wake her up!” I jump to my feet and run over to her. “Wake up.” I say but she doesn’t so I give her a shack. I then finally pull the blanket off her face and realize...she’s dead! I scream and back away as the others run over. “How did this happen?” Lion asks. “I don’t know,” Jake replies. “We had someone on guard duty all night.” Lion looks at us all questionably. “That means one of you did it!” I begin to wonder, which one of us is doing it and if I could be next when Brooke suddenly shrieks. “I’ve been cut!” “So?” I ask her. “Katie was cut in her sleep last night then she was killed!” Brooke replies. Aria grabs Brooke’s arm and looks at it. “It’s the same as Katie’s.” She announces. “I think we’re jumping to conclusions.” Gary says. “Someone could just have snuck in when the guard’s back was turned and killed Katie.” I don’t accept his explanation neither do the others in fact some of them begin looking at Gary questionably but eventually we finally agree to forget about all of us for the moment and get hunting for tributes. Me, Lion, and Tarelia enter the forest, while the others head towards the shack near the lake.

Alexa’s POV

I’m awoken by strong hands shaking me as I open my eyes I see Caleb standing over me. “What is it?” I ask. “Just follow me.” He replies. Caleb leaves the shack and I begin to follow him, Kattie and Liz are both still asleep. Outside I see that it’s early in the morning as the sun must not have been up that long. “There was a cannon during the night.” Caleb says. “Oh...wait were you up all night?” I ask him as I realize no one ever woke me up for guard duty. “Yes I had to make sure you were safe.” I’m confused about what he’s talking about but before I say anything he pulls out a necklace. “Is that your token?” I ask. “He nods “Today is my birthday...I was going to give it to you on your birthday but since neither of us may live to see it...” Caleb hands me his necklace “Why are you giving it to me?” I ask. “Because I love you!” Caleb replies. I don’t know what to say all I can think of is that innocent 5-year old who I saved from being killed...the boy that then turned into a ruthless teenager...before I can say anything I see three figures running towards us. Caleb sees them too and grabs my hand. “We need to get out o here!” He says. “What about Kattie and Liz?” I ask knowing they are still asleep in the shack. “Forget about them!” Caleb pulls me with him towards the forest as the figures near the shack.

Kattie’s POV

I wake up to the sound of someone running. Liz is already awake and looking out the window. “Careers!” She says. I reach for me knifes but realize they are missing! I also notice that Caleb who was supposed to be on guard duty is gone and so is Alexa. “How close are they?” I ask Liz. “REALLY CLOSE! Where are your knives?” I tell her that I think Caleb took them so she quickly grabs one of our backpacks and runs out the door of the shack. I follow her and we begin running towards the lake hoping that the careers can’t swim. However as we run one of the careers shoots Liz in the back of the head with an arrow. I stop running to help but then realize she is already dead BOOM! I jump into the lake and begin swimming down river as two of the careers reach the edge and watch me swim away.

Aria’s POV

I lay on the ground as Gary and Brooke watch the girl from 11 swim away. During the chase I had tripped over the body of the girl that Brooke killed with her arrows. “Are you alright?” Gary asks as he and Brooke walk over to me. Neither of them can swim so they did not even bother to try and catch the other girl. “No I think I broke my foot.” I lie. My foot is actually fine but this will help keep suspicion off of me. Gary helps me to my feet and I limp around on one foot. “Let’s find the others and tell them what happened.” Brooke says.

Hunter’s POV

We decide today was the day that we would leave the city ruins. We’ve been lucky so far as we haven’t seen any tributes other then Brann but we know that won’t be the case forever so we gather up all our supplies and began to head out. However before we even got out of the ruins our path is blocked by the boy from 2. He is holding a large axe, his clothes we’re ripped, and he look very hungry. He charges at us so I steps in front of Caitlyn to defend her. He swings his axe at me but I duck and roll out of the way. Brann then attempts to stab him with his katana but the boy blocks the attack with his axe. He then kicks Brann in the groin knocking him to the floor. The boy turns to Caitlyn and he rips her backpack out of her hands. He then tries to swing his axe at her but she stabs him in the shoulder with one of her knifes. The boy yells in pain dropping his axe. He bolts away out of the city ruins taking Caitlyn’s bag of supplies with him. I jump to my feet and run over to Caitlyn. “Are you ok?” I ask her. “I’m fine.” She replies and then we kiss. “Hey did you guys forget about me?” Brann asks still on the floor.

Frasier’s POV

I climb atop the plateau and head towards to the cornucopia, which to my surprise is unguarded. Well this is going to make executing my plan much simpler. First I quickly stuff anything that will be of any use to me into my bag, and then pour some gasoline I found over everything else. Once all that is done I use a match to set everything ablaze. In a matter of seconds everything is on fire so I grab my bag and begin to run as the smoke will alert every tribute in the arena of the fire.

Lion’s POV

When me, James, and Tarelia meet up the other after failing to find any tributes in the forest they tell me they had found two girls at the shack and had killed one. They also say that Aria injured her foot. This has not been a very good day for us as we’ve lose Katie, Aria is now injured, and we only got 1 kill today. What could possible make this day any worse? Then I see the smoke coming from the cornucopia. I break into a run leaving the rest behind. After climbing up the plateau, I see all of our supplies burning! I’m so furious all I can think of is revenge! The rest soon reach the cornucopia and try to put the fire out but everything is too burnt to be of any use now. “We need find who did this!” I say. However everyone else disagrees and says since the sun is about to set we should rest.

Alexa’s POV

After leaving Kattie and Liz to the careers Caleb and me hide out in the forest for the rest of the day. “We shouldn’t have left them.” I say for the 10th time as we wait for the end of the day to see if they had been killed or somehow survived. We had only heard 1 cannon so at least one of them is still alive. I look over at Caleb and see him scrapping the bark off of a tree with a knife. “Where did you get that?” I ask. Caleb looks up and waits a few seconds before responding. “The sponsors sent me it.” He says. I see through his lie and realize that it is one of Kattie’s knifes. “YOU STOLE HER KNIVES!” I yell at him. Caleb shrugs. “So what? Only person is going to survive and I’m making sure it’s you!” He replies. The anthem then begins and the face of the girl from 4 appears, this gives me hope as maybe they both survived and managed to kill one of the careers. However the next face is Liz’s. “Her blood is on your hands.” I say and smack him across the face before storming away into the darkness.


  • -The careers are at the cornucopia fully armed but with only a small amount of supplies
  • -Alexa is in the forest unarmed and without any supplies
  • -Caleb is in the forest armed with knives but does not have any supplies
  • -Blade is at the dam unarmed with some supplies
  • -Hunter, Caitlyn, and Brann have arrived at the forest armed and also have some supplies.
  • -Kattie is drying off at the edge of the river without any weapons or supplies
  • -Frasier is in the forest armed with throwing axes and has enough supplies to last him weeks

Day 4

Aria’s POV

Due to Katie’s death, Lion decided that two of us must be awake at all times, which put a little wrinkle in plans. However I decided to only pretend to sleep in case the opportunity presented itself to let me make my move, which it did later in the night. Both Brooke and James were on guard duty but James wandered away to go to the bathroom leaving Brooke by herself. As she sat on a crate looking out into the forest with her back turned to me, I quietly climbed out of my sleeping bag and snuck up behind her. She didn’t have any idea that I going to kill her in till right before I slit her throat with my knife. BOOM! The cannon is defiantly going to bring James back fast so I throw my knife as far as I can and bury myself in my sleeping bag. “BROOKE’S DEAD!” I hear James yell after returning to the cornucopia. Lion quickly wakes up, jumps to his feet and checks her body. Gary and Tarelia also get up, while I stay on the floor still faking my foot injury. “How did this happen?” Lion roars at James. “I...I...I left to go to the bathroom....and when I came back she was....dead!” James says shaking in fright. Lion quickly glances at Gary and Tarelia before he’s eyes settle on me. He grins and begins to walk towards me. He must have figured it out somehow...but how? Right before Lion reaches he spins around and grabs James in a headlock snapping his neck. BOOM!

Brann’s POV

That was the 2nd cannon I’ve heard in the last few minutes so there must be some kind of fight going on. Both Hunter and Caitlyn are asleep as I had volunteered to keep watch. I then suddenly hear something moving. I grab my katana and begin to head towards the sound but I stop to look back at the others. I compliant waking them but I decide I can handle this on my own. After few minutes of trekking through the forest I come upon a girl, who I’m unsure on what district she is from. She is unarmed and has her back turned to me. I raise my katana and charge her.

Caleb’s POV

I was so furious that Alexa had left but it didn’t change how I felt about her. I still love her and need to make sure she wins...but I can’t do that if I can’t find her. She had run off so quick that I hadn’t been able to follow her and me being in such so angry didn’t help tracking her down either. Suddenly my heart practically stops as I hear Alexa scream. BOOM! I take off running to where the scream came from, which leads me to a clearing where a boy with a sword stands over her body. He sees me and tries to run but I throw one of my knives into his back. BOOM! I drop down next to Alexa’s body and hug her. She can’t die...She just can’t! I’m unsure on how long I stay there but soon I realize that she is gone forever. All feeling in my body drains away and the only thing I can think of is killing. I want to everyone! The tributes, the gamemakers, and everyone watching from the capitol!

Caitlyn’s POV

“Odds are one of them was for Brann.” I say after hearing the 2nd cannon. Hunter and me had woken up to find Brann missing and then heard a cannon, which was then followed by another. “We should get moving.” Hunter sadly says. I nod and we gather our supplies and head off deeper into the forest.

Kattie’s POV

This morning I received a bag of foot and water along with a note from my mentor. It said that Alexa and Frasier were in the forest and I should find them. I set off right away to find them but I had heard multiple cannons, which any one of them could belong to Frasier and Alexa. After a few hours of wandering the forest I almost give up hope, when I trip over a log and land at some tributes feet. I jump back and try to crawl away but the tribute follows me. “Where are you going Kattie?” the tribute asks and I realize the it’s Frasier. He helps me to my feet and tells me that he couldn’t find me and the rest of the alliance after the bloodbath so he’s been hiding out in the forest. He also tells me that he managed to burn all the careers supplies at the cornucopia. I then recap my story including Caleb stealing my knives, Liz’s death, and the letter I received this morning. “Well we should go look for Alexa then.” He says and we spend the rest of the day doing so. However when night falls and the anthem begins we sees Alexa’s face in the sky along with the girl from 2, the boy from 4, and the boy from 6. “Who do you think got her?” Frasier asks me. “Caleb...” I reply.


  • The careers are at the corncupia
  • Hunter and Caitlyn are in the forest
  • Frasier and Kattie are in the forest
  • Caleb is in the forest hunting for tributes with Brann's katana
  • Blade is at the dam still recovering from his wound

Day 5

Aria’s POV

Lion and the others were so sure that James was the one that killed Katie and Brooke that they agreed to go back to only having one of us on guard at a time. It was currently my watch and decided it was time to finally take out Lion. He snapping James’ neck so easily made me realize that he’s too big of a threat to stay in the games any longer. I looked over Gary and Tarelia to make sure they are asleep before heading over to Lion. I pull out my knife to slit his throat when Lion suddenly opens his eyes and grabs my hands. “Gotcha!” He says throwing my away. I land hard on my back as he gets to his feet.

Lion’s POV

I pull out my sword and stand over Aria. “I have to admit I wasn’t expecting you.” I say. “In fact I was sure it was Gary” I had never believed James was behind it all but I had to kill him to make the real killer feel safe and too my surprise it turned out to be Aria. I slash at her with my sword but she manages to roll out of the way and run into the forest. “After her!” I yell to the others and we dash off after her.

Hunter’s POV

I shake Caitlyn awake. “Do you hear that?” I ask. She listens for a moment and she also hears the multiple tributes yelling and running through the forest. I help Caitlyn to her feet and we begin to move when suddenly the girl from 3 rushes right past us, the other careers appear moments later but unlike the first girl they do not ignore us, instead they begin to circle us. “Run Caitlyn!” I say pushing her away and pulling out my sword. She lingers for a moment but I give her another shove. “Go!” She runs away and luckily the careers take no notices of her instead begin moving in on me. I inspect my opponents, the biggest of them has a sword, the other guy has an axe, and the girl has a knife. The one with the axe swings at me but I duck and he gets his axe stuck in a tree. As he struggles to free it, the girl attacks but I block her attack with my sword and cut her down. BOOM! The biggest career, Lion then engages me in a sword fight. He’s stronger and bigger than me but I fight am able to hold him off. As we fight I see the other career out of the corner of my eye free his axe and begin to stalk towards us. Lion slashes hit sword at me so I duck, causing him too accidently slash the other career across the neck. BOOM! I pop back up and stab Lion in the abdomen. However the blow is not fatale as he is able to flea back the way he came clutching his wound. I don’t give chase though because I need to find Caitlyn. Which way did she go? Suddenly I hear something behind me so I turn around to come face to face with the boy from 5. Before I can defend myself he stabs me in the heart with his katana.

Caitlyn’s POV

BOOM! Another canon? When I heard the first one I was sure it Hunter but then there was another and then another. Maybe he managed to kill all the careers, I return the way I came and reach the clearing where the careers attacked. However to my horror I see Hunter’s body lying on the floor along with two of the carers, as the boy from 5 strips there bodies of their supplies. Seeing Hunter’s body clouds my thinking with anger and sadness. I yell out and run at the boy with my knife. “THIS IS FOR HUNTER!” I cry. However the boy dodges the attack easily and stabs me with his katana. I fall to the floor right next to Hunter’s lifeless body and as my life slips away I reach out and grab his hand.

Blade’s POV

BOOM! That makes 4 cannons! Wow at this rate everyone’s going to be dead without me having to really do anything. After being wounded by those tributes in the city ruins, I’ve spent the next two days sitting here near the large dam. My supplies are almost gone and I don’t have any weapons but for the moment I’m content with how the games are progressing.

Frasier’s POV

“There’s only 6 of us left.” I say to Kattie as the anthem begins and the faces of the girl from 2, the boy from 3, and both tributes from 10 appear in the sky. Luckily for us we did not see any other tributes and had spent the whole day scavenging for food. “Who’s left?” She asks. I rack my brains trying to remember whose faces haven’t appeared in the sky yet. “Us, Caleb, the boy from 1...the girl from 3...and I can’t remember the last one.” “Well tomorrow they’ll probably think of something to draw us all together.” Katie says. “Your right so we better get as much rest as we can,” I reply. “Because who knows what will happen tomorrow...”


Day 6

Kattie’s POV

After waking up me and Frasier wandered around the forest for a few hours before suddenly a voice boomed throughout the arena. “Hello tributes! Congratulations on making to the final 6, as a reward will be holding a feast at the cornucopia! It will begin in exactly 1 hour!” I turn to Frasier and ask him “What do you think?” He shakes his head. “We have enough supplies so we should just wait here and the let the others kill themselves.” He says.

Caleb’s POV

A feast! Excellent...hopefully all the other tributes will be there so I can finish them off. ALEXA’S DEATH WILL NOT GO UNAVENGED! I grab my spear that Alexa's dad sent me ready to put it to some use, and head off to the cornucopia.

Aria’s POV

After hearing the announcement of the feast all I could think was “Perfect timing!” I had all of my supplies at the cornucopia yesterday when I made that quick escape so the only thing I have is my knife...but that will be enough. An hour later I’m atop the plateau waiting for the feast to begin. The only tribute I could see is the boy from 5 who stands on the other side of the plateau. We stare each other down as a silver parachute begins plummeting landing right in the middle of us.

Blade’s POV

“The feast should start soon.” I think as I chew on some bread that I received from my sponsors this morning. With all this food now there was no need for me to go to the feast so instead I decided to spend another day here at the dam. Hopefully there will be a big fight and with only tribute coming out alive, who I’ll easily be able to kill with me being so well rested. However all my plans are all soon dead in the water as I hear an explosion behind me and see that the dam has exploded! A giant wave of water rushes out and slams into me...

Frasier’s POV

BOOM! “The feast must have began.” I say to Kattie. She then begins frantically tapping me on the back and I turn around to see a wave of water coming straight towards us. “To the plateau,” I yell and we both take off running. So this was the gamemakers plan? Get everyone to the cornucopia for a final fight and whoever didn’t show would drown. Luckily were close by the plateau as we reach it in seconds. We both climb as quick as possible as we have no idea when the wave will reach us. I pull myself up first and look back to see Kattie has gotten her foot snagged on a branch. I reach down and try to pull her up but wave is almost here. I give one last tug just as the wave is about to hit and manage to pull her up. We both plop down on the side of the plateau out of breath as we see the entire arena is flooded. The waves were so strong that it knocked down most of the trees leaving the only places leaving the plateau and some of the taller buildings in the city ruins. I then remember the other tributes and quickly turn around to see Hunter chasing Aria around the cornucopia with a spear; neither takes any notice of us. “Look a lifejacket!” Kattie says pointing to what must have been the prize of the feast. We both run over to it and grab it but when we do Lion suddenly jumps off the top of the cornucopia and lands in front of us.

Lion’s POV

I push the little girl to the ground and sucker punch the boy causing him to drop his axes. “These are my games!” I roar and begin to strangle the guy. He tries to fight back but I’m stronger and soon his face begins to turn blue. However suddenly I feel pain shoot up through my leg and look down to see the little girl stab me in the ankle with her knife.

Kattie’s POV

Lion yells out in pain and releases Frasier. He then begins hopping around trying the pull my knife out. BOOM! Oh no Frasier! I look down at him but realize he’s still alive so I turn around to see Caleb pulling his spear out of the body of the girl from 3. He throws it at me but I duck and the spear sails over my head hitting Lion in the chest. BOOM!

Caleb’s POV

“Two down...two to go!” I say to myself as I move in on Kattie. She frantically picks up Frasier’s axe and tries to defend herself. However I simply rip them out of her hands and push her aside, I then finish off Frasier with his own weapons. BOOM! “It’s only you and me now!” I say turning around to see Kattie missing.

Kattie’s POV

“Keep on swimming,” I tell myself. As Caleb was finishing off Frasier I jumped off the plateau into the water. I’m good a swimmer so I won’t drown, but I’m unsure about Caleb. I look back over my shoulder to see Caleb standing on the edge of the plateau watching me swim away. He’s holding one of Frasier’s axes and to my surprise he jumps in after me! He’s wearing the lifejacket I realize as he begins swimming towards me. I’m frozen in fear as I stop swimming and just float in the water waiting for my demise...when suddenly Caleb is pulled under! It then spot a crocodile mutt under the water mauling him. He tries to fight back but he is unable to and BOOM! “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the Hunger Games, Kattie Periera!” The loud voice booms as the crocodile mutt vanishes. I’ve won...I can’t believe it I’ve won the hunger games without even killing anyone...but I’m in no mood for celebrating...


Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed how? Day
24th Caroline (6) Eaten by crocodile mutts 1
23rd Jane (12) Hacked up by Gary (3) 1
22nd Chris (12) Stabbed in back by Aria (3) 1
21st Ayaan (11) Shot with an arrow by Tarelia (2) 1
20th Caleb (9) Stabbed in the chest by Lion (1) 1
19th Evie (9) Hit in the head by Frasier's (7) axe 1
18th Quentin (8) Decapitated by Lion (1) 2
17th Eyla (8) Hit in the neck by Frasier's (7) axe 2
16th Katie (4) Throat slit by Aria (3) 3
15th Liz (7) Shot with an arrow by Brooke (1) 3
14th Brooke (1) Throat slit by Aria (3) 4
13th James (4) Neck snapped by Lion (1) 4
12th Alexa (5) Impailed by Brann (6) 4
11th Brann (6) Hit in the back with Caleb's (5) knife 4
10th Tarelia (2) Stabbed by Hunter (10) 5
9th Gary (3) Throat slashed accidently by Lion (1) 5
8th Hunter (10) Stabbed in the heart by Caleb (5) 5
7th Caitlyn (10) Stabbed in the chest by Caleb (5) 5
6th Blade (2) Drowned 6
5th Aria (3) Speared by Caleb (5) 6
4th Lion (1) Speared by Caleb (5) 6
3rd Frasier (7) Strangled by Lion,finished off by Caleb (5) 6
2nd Caleb (5) Eaten by crocodile mutts 6


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