Welcome to my 2nd Hunger Games,( In these I games I will do training and possibly reapings but no chariot rides.

Tribute Form










Bloodbath Strategy: Please inculde what tunnel they will use to escape the bloodbath


  • You can have as much tributes as you want


The corncupia is in a large cavern where there are 6 tunnels that lead out, all of them lead the tributes somewhere else in the arena. (Please say in your bloobath stratgey, which tunnel youre tribute will use)


You will be given an amount points you can spend on sponsoring your tributes after training. The number of points you get will be all your tributes training scores combined.

Points Remaining

CallamD97: 15

Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay: 33

Catonumber1: 0

Thena.airice14: 11

Wiki Contributor #1: 10

Wiki Contributor #2: 6

JWW: 6

2legit2quit: 12

Mysims: 13

Brynn1999: 17

Rue district11: 11


Bread $2

Water $2

Backpack: $3

Medicine: $6

Knives: $3

Spear: $3

Blowgun: $3

Sword: $5

Axe: $5

Bow: $5

Crossbow: $5

Trident: $6

Mace: $6


District 1

Callam Delaney (CallamD97)

Shimmer Dephila (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 2

Harve Screster (Thena.airice14)

Claira "Clar" Bustillos (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 3

Shady Mills (Catonumber1)

Marina Kingston (CallamD97)

District 4

James Will (JWW)

Searra "Sea" Starp (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 5

Gunner Pann (2legit2quit)

Makayla Perry (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 6

Navy Wonders (2legit2quit)

Ceritia Arrow (Brynn1999)

District 7

Mickey Mcalister (2legit2quit)

Renee Clark (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 8

Terrence Luck (Wiki Contributor)

Italie Johns (Thena.airice14)

District 9

Alex Donaque (Mysims)

Allianna "Allie" Whittle (Mysims)

District 10

Vlad Rockford (Wiki Contributor)

Demi Campbell (2legit2quit)

District 11

Lewis Rye (Rue district11)

Lauren Hill (Rue district11)

District 12

Rilios Madd (Brynn1999)

Araceli Tatum (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)


  • Careers: Shimmer (1), Harve (2), Clar (2), Shady (3), Searra (4), James (4), Rilios (12)
  • Callam (1), Marina (3), Renee (7), Alex (9), Lauren (11), Araceli (12)
  • Gunner (5) & Mickey (7)
  • Makayla (5) & Allie (9)


District 1

Callam Delaney: 8

Shimmer Dephila: 9

District 2

Harve Screster: 7

Claira "Clar" Bustillos: 7

District 3

Shady Mills: 6

Marina Kingston: 7

District 4

James Will: 6

Searra "Sea" Starp: 7

District 5

Gunner Pann: 2

Makayla Perry: 5

District 6

Navy Wonders: 7

Ceritia Arrow: 7

District 7

Mickey Mcalister: 7

Renee Clark: 4

District 8

Terrence Luck: 6

Italie Johns: 4

District 9

Alex Donaque: 7

Allianna "Allie" Whittle: 6

District 10

Vlad Rockford: 10

Demi Campbell: 5

District 11

Lewis Rye: 6

Lauren Hill: 5

District 12

Rilios Madd: 10

Araceli Tatum: 7

Day 1

The Countdown

Callam’s POVMy platform rises up from the ground and I get my first glimpse of the arena. 60...59...58... were in some cavern, I see the cornucopia sitting in the direct middle. There 6 different tunnels leading out of the cavern, each has a large number painted above it. 57...56... I spot Marina standing on her plate. She is holding up 4 fingers over her head signalling our alliance to head to tunnel 4. Our alliance is made up of me, her, Renee from 7, Alex from 9, Lauren from 11, and Araceli from 12. I am from District 1 but I’m not going to be joining the career alliance...something I kind of haven’t told them yet...55...54...

Searra’s POV 53...52...My hearts bounding and the games will begin soon. I’m a career but I don’t really want to be here...I don’t want to take part in these terrible games...I don’t want to kill all these kids...But once the games do begin I’m going to do anything it takes to win! 51...50...49...

Rilios’s POV 48...47...I’m ready.” I say to myself. Despite not being from a career district, I was allowed to join the careers something very rare for someone from District 12. But I did get the highest training score so I guess they need me. 46...45... But to tell you the truth I don’t trust them at all...44...43...42...

Shimmer’s POV 41...40...This is going to be the year I retake the glory of winning the Hunger Games back to District 1! Last year the careers were pathetic and soon be ashamed of themselves, none of them even made the final 3. They let a 12-year old girl beat them...I mean come on! But this is my year; the year where me, Shimmer Dephila will be forever know as the greatest Hunger Games victor of all time! 39...38...37...

Gunner’s POV 36...35...As I stand on my plate the only thought going through my mind is to kill the boy from district 1! Both of my brothers had been the Hunger games before and were both killed by the male tribute from district 1. But I won let it happen this year. I see the boy from district 1 standing on his platform and can’t wait to get my hands on him! 34...33...32...

Makayla’s POV 31...30...29...I can tell by the looks on the faces of the other tributes that they plan to run into the bloodbath and battle it out for all the supplies...but not me. I’m going to get out of here as soon as the gong sounds. I’ve already decided to take tunnel 5 because it’s the closes to me; hopefully there is some kind of source of food and water there. Otherwise I don’t know how long I’ll last 28...27...26...

Clar’s POV 25...24...This is it! The games I’ve been training my whole life for about to begin. None of the other tributes stand a chance against the strength of our career alliance. I can tell all the non-careers are afraid...afraid of their certain deaths! 23...22...21...

Marina’s POV20...19...18...With less than twenty seconds left I begin to worry about Callam, because if the careers figure out he’s not with them before we can get out of here, I don’t know what they will do to him. I like Callam and I think he likes me too...however because of these horrid Hunger Games there probably never can be anything special between us...17...16...15...

Shady’s POW14...13...The games are about to officially begin but I’m not worried because I’m smart. So smart that I know I will be able to reactivate the mines surrounding our plates, once me and the careers take over the cornucopia. I heard that it happened in a Hunger Games a while back, so I’m certain I’ll be able to do it, well at least that’s what I told the careers...12...11...

Mickey’s POV 10...9...I spot the trident in the mouth of the cornucopia and know that it’s meant for me. The only thing that matters is getting that trident. Because that trident could be the key to my survival in these games. 8...7...6...

Ceritia’s POV 5...4...3... I’m all by myself in these games. I don’t have any allies and I’m defiantly not one of the strongest tributes, so my best bet is to get out of here as quick as possible 2...1... So when that cong sounds I’m going to need to move as quick as possible and get away from the...CONG!

Mickey’s POV

I’m one of the first tributes to reach the cornucopia, so I’m certain I’ll be able to retrieve the trident. I quickly try to grab it but another boy, Terrence is his name grabs it at the same time as me. We both begin to try and pull it out of each other’s grasps. Luckily I’m stronger so I eventually manage to pull it free causing Terrence to stumble backwards into the boy from 2 who stabs him in the back with a sword. I also stumble back and trip over a large container causing me to lose my grip on my trident. It goes sailing into the sky landing a good 10 yards away from me.

Callam’s POV

I reach the cornucopia and grab an axe and a backpack that I strap on. The career tributes ignore me because they think I’m on their side so It’s really a clear path for me to the tunnel 4. However before I leave the cornucopia I hear Marina cry out. I look down and see Clar from 2 pinning her to the floor and about to slit her throat with a knife. I yell and swing my axe at Clar; decapitating her. I pull Marina to her feet and we run to tunnel 4 hand in hand along with the rest of our alliance.

Harve’s POV

I can’t believe it! Callam just killed Clar and is now running away with that girl from 3. What’s he playing at? I begin to follow after them to get revenge when I suddenly feel someone touch from behind and it’s the last thing I ever feel again.

James’ POV

Oh my god! What do I do now? I just witnessed Harve get his neck snapped by the 7 foot tall boy from district 10. We’ve lost 3 careers already and I don’t want to take my change with the district 10 boy. So I drop everything I’m holding and take off sprinting into one of the caves, most of the other careers follow after me also retreating from the bloodbath.

Shimmer’s POV

“Come back you cowards!” I yell after my retreating allies. Those fools they got scared by just a few deaths. I look back over my shoulder to see the boy from 11 running at me, so I simply throw one of my knives at his head. It strikes him in the forehead killing him instantly. I then follow my cowardly allies into tunnel 2 and for the first time in the Hunger Games that I’m aware of the careers have lost the bloodbath.

Mickey’s POV

I begin to crawl towards the trident as the tributes around me fight. The trident is almost in my grasp when suddenly the boy from 10 picks it up and snaps it in two. I’m devastated, the one thing I absolutely needed is gone. I don’t know what to do now so I just grab a backpack and run off into tunnel 6.

Renee’s POV

Which tunnel was I suppose to go into again? I stand in front of two tunnels trying to remember, which tunnel Marina had signalled us to go into. I had lost track of my allies once the bloodbath began. I’m about to choose a tunnel when a spear hits me in the back.

Navy’s POV

I run up to the body of the girl from 7 and pull my spear out. Her body is laying in front of tunnel 3, which I had spotted another tribute run into earlier so I decide to head in ready to get another kill.

Ali’s POV

I grab a backpack from the cornucopia and begin to run. However a girl...I think from 10 chases after me. I reach tunnel 5 and run in. I look back over my shoulder to see the girl about to use her blow gun on me when she thrown to the floor by the 7-foot tall boy. I keep on running fortunate to have made it out of there alive.

Demi’s POV

I lay on the floor as my district partner stands over me with an axe. I give him a quick sharp kick to the kneecap and he drops his axe. When he bends over I kick him in the head and he stumbles backwards. I pick up my blowgun and try to shoot him but he manages to sidestep the shot. I begin to reload when he grabs me around the neck and begins to choke me. I try anything and everything to break free but he’s so strong. I slowly begin to lose conscious and the last thing I see is his emotionless face...

Vlad’s POV

I release the girl from my choke hold as I know she’s dead then I inspect the carnage from the bloodbath. I’m the last tribute here as the boy from 5 had just disappeared into one of the tunnels. I count 6 bodies lying around the cornucopia. Only 6? That’s not good enough! I pick up my axe then grab a sword, which I put in my belt and a spear. I then leave the cavern through tunnel 1 hoping to find more tributes to kill.

Rilios’s POV

I follow behind my careers allies through the tunnel 2. It’s dark and hard to see where we’re going but eventually James runs right into a wall knocking himself unconscious and the rest of us discover that this tunnel is just dead end. I groan as I realize this group of careers is probably one of the worst in years. Shimmer’s alright, but Sea doesn’t have the heart of a career, James is so small and weak, and then there’s Shady. He’s not from a career district like me but he’s not very big or strong, which makes me wonder why they allowed him to join. Harve kept saying he had a very special talent we could use but I was never informed of what it is. “Ok enough of this running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Let’s go back to the cornucopia and take it back.” Shimmer says. “What if it’s guarded by another alliance?” Sea asks. “Then we kill them!” Shimmer replies. “What about him?” I ask pointing at James. “Just drag him along.” Shimmer says. I pick James up and put him in a fireman carry as we head back to the cornucopia.

Ceritia’s POV

I stop running and catch my breath. I had only managed to get a few items before I ran into tunnel 3 but its good enough for me. After regaining my breath I decide to light one of my matches as this tunnel is pitch black. I then see to my horror that I’ve run right into a wolf mutt den! Around ten wolf-like mutations lay around sleeping in the tunnel. One of them is only a few away from me, I’m luckily I hadn’t stepped on it by mistake. I slowly begin to back away when I hear a voice echo throughout the tunnel. “HELLO!” It’s Navy’s voice I realize as all the mutts begin to wake. “That fool!” I hiss and turn to run dropping all of my supplies. But how far will I get? As I know four legs are faster then two.

Navy’s POW

I stand in the tunnel with my spear rasied, I can hear someone running towards me and I’m ready to fight. To my surprise the person turns out to be my district partner Ceritia who blazes right past me. I begin to follow her but I hear something else coming my way so I stay put. Then out of the darkness comes a pack of angry wolf mutts. They jump on top of me knocking away my spear and begin to devour me.

Lauren’s POV

The 5 of us walk silently through the tunnel as we hear the cannons signalling the deaths of those who died at the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! There are seven in all. As we walk I wonder which tributes have already been killed. “Hey where’s Renee?” Alex suddenly asks. I then realize that she is not here. “She must have fallen behind during the bloodbath.” Araceli says. “There’s nothing we can do now.” Callam sadly says and the rest of us agree so we continue walking in till we reach the end of the tunnel that leads out into the mountain top. From our position up here we see that one of the other tunnels leads to a lake on one side of the mountain and another tunnel leads to a meadow on the otherside. We then go through our supplies that we got from the bloodbath; I was only able to get a small dagger, Callam got a sword and backpack, Marina didn’t get anything, and Alex managed to snag a backpack of his own. Not much but better than nothing. “Let’s find somewhere to spend the night.” Callam says and we begin to move once again. But I can’t help but feel like we’re being someone other than every citizen of Panem.

Ceritia’s POV

When I return to the cornucopia it’s almost midnight, I’m surprised to discover no one is guarding it. So I quickly grab a backpack to replace the supplies I lost when running from the wolf mutts. However before I can leave I hear someone coming, so I do the only thing I can do...hide atop the cornucopia. Just as I pull myself up the careers appear out of one of the tunnels. The boy from 12 Rilios is carrying the small boy from 4 who seems to be unconscious. He drops him on the floor as the girl from 1 orders the boy from 3 to dig up the mines by our starting plates. “What’s he up to?” I wonder. After retrieving one, the boy goes to work experimenting on it while Rilios and the girl from 1 discuss who should keep guard. I guess I’ll find out what the boy from 3 is doing soon enough seeing as I could be here awhile. Soon the anthem begins and the faces begin to appear in the sky. Both from 2, Navy, the girl from 7, the boy from 8, the girl from 10, and the boy from 11.


  • -The careers have regrouped at the cornucopia
  • -Callam, Marina, Alex, Lauren, and Araceli are in the mountains
  • -Tunnel #1 has led Vlad to the lake
  • -Tunnel #6 has led Gunner to the meadow. He has a sword but no supplies
  • -Tunnel #6 has led Mickey to the meadow. He is unarmed but has a backpack
  • -Tunnel #5 has led Makayla to a 2nd cavern. She is unarmed and has no supplies
  • -Tunnel #5 has led Allie to the 2nd cavern. She is unarmed but has a backpack
  • -Italie is secretly following the alliance of Callam, Marina, Alex, Lauren, and Araceli. She has a knife but no supplies.
  • -Ceritia is hiding out atop the cornucopia. She has backpack of supplies.

Day 2

Mickey’s POV

I wake up to find a trident falling from the sky. It lands next to me and I realize it’s a gift from my sponsors. I climb to my feet and inspect the trident. It must have been expensive. Suddenly I see someone making their way towards me from the other side of the meadow. It’s the boy from District 5, Gunner. He is carrying a sword and a backpack. I prepare to fight but when he nears me he says. “Truce.” I nod and we both lower our weapons. “I’m looking for the district 1 boy.” Gunner says. “Why?” I ask. “Because both my brothers were killed by the tribute from district 1 in past games and I want my revenge!” Gunner replies. “Well you won’t find him with the careers.” I say. “Why not?” Gunner asks. “Because he made an alliance with the tributes from the lower districts. Including the girl from my district.” I explain. “What else do you know about him?” “Not much other than his name is Callam.” I reply. Gunner thinks it over for a second then says. “Ok we should team up. If you help me find Callam, then I won’t kill you.” “And If you don’t “try” to kill me, I won’t kill you.” I reply and we shake hands.

Shimmer’s POV

First thing in the morning I wake up all the other careers to tell them our plan for the day. “How are you coming with those mines?” I ask Shady who spent the entire night fiddling with one. “Reactivating them is easy, but it could take awhile to dig up and then rebury them all.” He replies. “Ok Sea you help him with that.” I say then make two lines in the dirt with my sword. “Don’t burry any mines between these lines.” I say. Shady nods and he and Sea got to work digging the rest of the mines. “What are we going to do?” James asks. “We’re going hunting.” I reply.

Makayla’s POV

After escaping the bloodbath the tunnel I took led me to this 2nd cavern. I had no supplies so the first thing I had done was search for some water, luckily I found this small stream, where I spent the entire night next to. Then this morning I received a spear and backpack from my sponsors. After eating a small breakfast of dried fruit and bread, I hear something and turn around to see Allie from district 9 standing behind me with a large rock! My spear is too far away to grab so I fall back and cower in fear, however Allie does not strike me instead she uses the rock to crush a deadly looking snake behind me. “I thought you were going to kill me.” I say. “Why would I kill my new ally?” She asks.

Ceritia’s POV

I watch from my position on the cornucopia as the boy from 3 and the girl from 7 dig up the mines, reactivated them, and then burry them around the area. While watching I think of a great plan to take care of some of the careers. Once the two tributes on the opposite side of the cornucopia, I climb down and walk over to the line that the girl from 1 had drawn in the dirt this morning. With great care I erase one of the lines and make another on the opposite side. Now a mine is buried directly in the middle of the path the careers will use when they return. Laughing to myself I return to my position on top of the cornucopia waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Rilios’s POV

When we exit the tunnel we come upon huge stretch of land. There’s a lake little distance off but we don’t see any tributes. “Let’s look around. There could be someone around here.” Shimmer says pointing to a small area of trees. But suddenly the 7-foot tall boy from District 10 emerges from the lake. He has a sword and a axe on his belt, and has a spear in his hands. He is a good 20 yards away but he throws his spear at us. Shimmer and I both move out of the way but James doesn’t and he is hit in the chest with it. BOOM! I pull out my sword and charge the boy who does the same. We become locked in an even matched sword fight. Neither of us can land a blow as we take turns blocking each other’s strikes. I think of retreating when I notice Shimmer sneaking behind him with her mace at the ready. Suddenly the boy knocks the sword out of my hands, does a complete spin, while pulling out his axe. He swings it at Shimmer’s neck taking her down BOOM! “I’ve had enough of this.” I think to myself and take off running back to the tunnel entrance trying to get as far as possible from this giant killing machine.

Vlad’s POV

I watch as the last of the 3 careers runs away into the tunnel. I don’t follow him because I have no idea what’s waiting in there for me. Instead I recover my spear from the body of the boy I killed. Then I spot the figure watching me from the mountain top. Deciding the best course of action is to get to the top of the mountain, I begin to climb hoping there are a lot of tributes up there for me to kill.

Callam’s POV

I stand on the edge of the mountain looking down into the area around the lake. I had seen some figures down there fighting but now they were all gone and two cannons had sounded. I then head back to our makeshift camp bringing along the rabbit I killed. We had found a nice flat are concealed by a ring of rocks where we put up the tent I found in my backpack. There was no food in my pack but there was plenty in Alex’s but I still go hunting to make sure we don’t run out. We also found a small river running down the side of the river where we get our water from. When I enter the camp Lauren spins around holding up her knife but when she sees it’s me she lowers it. “There’s only 15 of us left now.” I say. “I wonder if any of the ones that just died were careers.” Lauren says. “I doubt it, they probably the ones doing the killing.” I reply. I hand the rabbit over to Marina who is setting up a fire in the centre of the camp. “We’ll eat well tonight.” She says. I nod then she looks over at Alex who is sleeping with his back to the rocks. “What’s wrong?” I ask her. “Alex’s backpack it’s...gone.” She replies and I also realize that his backpack is nowhere to be seen. Araceli who is listening to us talk wakes Alex up. “What?” He asks rubbing his eyes. “Where’s your backpack?” She asks him. He reaches out to grab for it but finds nothing. “IT WAS RIGHT HERE!” He says jumping to his feet. “So someone stole your backpack with all our food without you noticing?” Lauren asks. “I was sleeping.” Alex says glancing over at Araceli. “Don’t look at me!” She says. “Everyone calm down.” Marina says. “Yeah listen to Marina. This is probably just some kind of trick of the gamemakers or something to get us to turn on each other.” I say. This seems to put the others at ease a little. We then decide that there is nothing else to be down today so we cook and eat the rabbit, planning to do a lot of hunting tomorrow to make up for the lost supplies.

Rilios’s POV

I keep on running through the tunnel even though I’m pretty sure the boy from 10 isn’t following me. But I don’t want to take any chances. When I exit the tunnel and spot the cornucopia, I almost run right up to it but I hear Shady and Sea yelling at me not to. I then remember the land mines and make my way to the lines in the dirt. As I make my way across I begin to tell them what happened when suddenly BOOM!

Shady’s POV

WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED! I know I didn’t put any mines in-between those lines but Rilios was still blown sky-high. After the first mine goes all the others also begin to go off as well. I realize that I may have placed them a little too close together. Being inside the cavern begins to feel like being in a sandstorm as the mines have blown the dirt all over the place. I can barely a see two feet in front of me as more mines continue to go off. I try to escape but trip over something. I spot a figure...I thinks’ it’s Sea running towards one of the tunnels. A mine goes off near me and sends a crate flying at me. It hits me in the head and I begin to lose consciousness...but before I do I spot a 2nd tribute running into a tunnel.

Gunner’s POV

Mickey and I decided not to go into the tunnels to avoid an encounter with the careers. Instead we made our way around the entire mountain hoping find Callam or some other tributes. But by the end of the day we did an entire lap around the mountain but see no tributes. We suddenly hear rumbling from inside the mountain. “What do you thinks going on in there?” Mickey asks. I shrug and look up at the sky as the faces of those who died today appear; the girl from 1, the boy from 4, and the boy from 12. “Good Callam’s still alive,” I think. “Because I need to be the one that kills him!


  • - Callam, Marina, Alex, Lauren, and Araceli are in the mountains
  • - Italie is spying on the alliance of Callam, Marina, Alex, Lauren, and Araceli and has stolen their food.
  • -Shady is lying unconscious next to the cornucopia
  • -Sea is making her way to the meadow armed with knives
  • -Ceritia is making her way to the lake with her bag of supplies.
  • -Makayla and Allie are in the 2nd cavern. They have supplies and Makayla has a spear.
  • -Mickey and Gunner are in the meadow; both are armed and have supplies
  • -Vlad is climbing up the side of the mountain

Day 3

Araceli’s POV

I stand guard over the camp as the others sleep inside the tent. I have Lauren’s knife tucked in my belt encase someone attacks. The sun has just risen and I am very thirsty. All our containers of water is empty are but I can’t leave to refill them, while on guard. But soon my thirst gives in and I creep away towards the river. I haven’t seen or heard anything so they should be fine for the few minutes I’m away. When I reach the river I bend down and begin to fill up one of the containers when suddenly something hits me hard on the back of the head. I fall face first into the water and soon everything goes black...

Marina’s POV

BOOM! I wake up and look around. I begin to wonder who died when I look outside of the tent and notice that Araceli is nowhere to been seen. I crawl over to Callam and wake him. “What?” He asks sleepily. “Araceli’s gone and I heard a cannon.” I tell him and he gets up. We both exit the tent and he grabs his sword. We don’t get far before we see a hovercraft appear and take away a body. It’s Araceli! We rush back to camp and tell Alex and Lauren what has just happened. “Someone must be nearby.” Alex says. “Unless a mutt killed her.” Laurens says. “No her body was fully intact; I didn’t see a wound on her.” Callam says. “Maybe she ate something poisonous.” Alex says. “Oh why did she leave camp?” I say. Soon we realize that Lauren’s knife and our water containers our gone. We decide the knife could have been taken in the hovercraft with her body but missing water containers lead us to expect someone has stolen them. “We’ll have to move camp,” Callam says. “We can’t take any chances.”

Searra’s POV

I stumble out of the tunnel and trip over a rock causing me to drop my knives. I land on my chest in a meadow but to my horror standing above is the boy from 7. He has a trident, which he points down at me. I wait for him to kill me but he doesn’t instead he just stands there starring at me. “What are you waiting for?” I ask. He bends down and picks up knives, which he hands to me. “Get out of here!” He orders. I nod and get to my feet. I then sprint away wondering why he didn’t kill me.

Mickey’s POV

I stand motionless watching the girl from 4 run out of my sight. I didn’t have the heart to kill such a pretty girl...She is just out of my sight when Gunner returns from scouting ahead. “I didn’t see anyone over there so our best bet is go into the tunnels and take our chances with the careers.” He says. He then notices me starring off into the distances and asks. “What?” I turn towards him and just shake my head. “It’s nothing...nothing.” I say.

Shady’s POV

I wake up lying in the dirt next to the cornucopia. “What happened?” I wonder when all the memories of the explosions. I have no idea who died last night but I did see two figures running away so maybe both Sea and Rilios survived. But what does it matter now? They left me for dead and if I did catch up with them they would probably blame me for the mines going off and kill me.

Ceritia’s POV

I stand in front of the lake and can’t help but think about how much better this spot is then where I was yesterday on top of the cornucopia. I drop my bag and jump into the lake to wash off as my clothes are covered in dirt. I splash around for a few minutes before climbing out and drying off in the sun. I missed who died last night because I was in the tunnel so I’m unsure of many careers I killed by moving those mines...hopefully all of them.

Callam’s POV

It’s almost midnight as me and Marina sit on the edge of the cliff looking at the stars. Only 1 person died today and that was Araceli. We had found a new place to set up camp where Alex and Lauren were right now. “The views might be getting bored soon so they will probably try and shake things up.” I say to Marina putting my arm around her shoulder. She turns to look at me and we stare into each other’s eyes. My mind goes blank and then we kiss. I don’t know how long we kiss but I hear the anthem begin and then Alex scream from nearby “LOOK OUT!”


- Callam, Marina, Alex, and Lauren are in the mountains

- Italie is spying on the alliance of Callam, Marina, Alex, and Lauren

-Shady is at the lake; he has received a blowgun and backpack from his sponsors

-Sea is in the meadow armed with knives

-Ceritia is at the lake with her bag of supplies.

-Makayla and Allie are in the 2nd cavern. They are running out of supplies but Makayla has a spear.

  • -Mickey and Gunner are camped out at the cornucopia; both are armed and have supplies

-Vlad has reached the top of the mountain

Day 4

Vlad attacks the alliance on the mountain. He kills Callam, Marina, and Alex. Lauren escapes.

Shady and Ceritia meet and team up.

Mickey and Gunner find and attack Makayla and Allie.The cave collapses during the fight only Mickey escapes.

Death Chart

# Tributes Killed how? Day
24th Terrence (8) Stabbed in the back by Harve (2) 1
23rd Clar (2) Decapitated by Callam (1) 1
22nd Harve (2) Neck snapped by Vlad (10) 1
21st Lewis (11) Hit by in the head by Shimmer's (1) knife 1
20th Renee (7) Speared in the back by Navy (6) 1
19th Demi (10) Strangled by Vlad (10) 1
18th Navy (6) Mauled by wolf mutts 1
17th James (4) Speared by Vlad (10) 2
16th Shimmer (1) Throat slashed by Vlad (10) 2
15th Rilios (12) Blown up by landmine 2
14th Araceli (12) Drowned by Italie (8) 3
13th Alex (9) Stabbed by Vlad (10) 4
12th Callam (1) Thrown off mountain by Vlad (10) 4
11th Marina (3) Neck snapped by Vlad (10) 4
10th Gunner (5) Killed in Cave Collapse 4
9th Makayla (11) Killed in Cave Collapse 4
8th Allie (9) Killed in Cave Collapse 4

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